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marble falls

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Hand dyer mainly to the quilters market, doll maker, oil painter and teacher, anti-fas, cat owner, anti nuke, ex navy, reasonably good cook, father of three happy successful kids and three happy grand kids. Life is good.

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The new national motto

cheetolini May Toss "McCarthyism" Charges Around, But He Loved Roy Cohn.

‘He Brutalized For You’

How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trump’s mentor.


April 08, 2016



It was the fall of 1984, Trump Tower was new, and this was unusual territory for the 38-year-old real estate developer. He was three years away from his first semi-serious dalliance with presidential politics, more than 30 years before the beginning of his current campaign—but he had gotten the idea to bring this up, he said, from his attorney, his good friend and his closest adviser, Roy Cohn.

That Roy Cohn.

Roy Cohn, the lurking legal hit man for red-baiting Sen. Joe McCarthy, whose reign of televised intimidation in the 1950s has become synonymous with demagoguery, fear-mongering and character assassination. In the formative years of Donald Trump’s career, when he went from a rich kid working for his real estate-developing father to a top-line dealmaker in his own right, Cohn was one of the most powerful influences and helpful contacts in Trump’s life.


By the 1970s, when Trump was looking to establish his reputation in Manhattan, the elder Cohn had long before remade himself as the ultimate New York power lawyer, whose clientele included politicians, financiers and mob bosses. Cohn engineered the combative response to the Department of Justice’s suit alleging racial discrimination at the Trumps’ many rental properties in Brooklyn and Queens. He brokered the gargantuan tax abatements and the mob-tied concrete work that made the Grand Hyatt hotel and Trump Tower projects. He wrote the cold-hearted prenuptial agreement before the first of his three marriages and filed the headline-generating antitrust suit against the National Football League. To all of these deals, Cohn brought his political connections, his public posturing and a simple credo: Always attack, never apologize.


It was a long, formidable list that included the executives of media empires, the Archbishop of New York and mafia kingpin Fat Tony Salerno, and there, too, near the top, was budding, grasping Donald John Trump.

“He considered Cohn a mentor,” Mike Gentile, the lead prosecutor who got Cohn disbarred for fraud and deceit not long before he died, said in a recent interview.

A year later, pressed by a reporter from New York magazine to justify his association with Cohn, he was characteristically blunt: “All I can tell you is he’s been vicious to others in his protection of me.”

He elaborated in an interview in 2005. “Roy was brutal, but he was a very loyal guy,” Trump told author Tim O’Brien. “He brutalized for you.”

Trump, in the end, turned some of that cold calculation on his teacher, severing his professional ties to Cohn when he learned his lawyer was dying of AIDS.


Cohn didn’t want to hear it.

“They will say what they want,” he told the judge, and everybody else in the courtroom, “and we will say what we want.”

The government called the consent decree “one of the most far reaching ever negotiated.”

Cohn and Trump? They called it a victory.

Case 73 C 1529 was over. The relationship between Cohn and Trump had just begun.

This is a small part of a long article that is really well worth the read!

There's where you don't get it. When I was in Turkey I visited a Mosque. I asked about ...

the separation of men and women at worship. I was told that men and women were equal in Turkey and in front of Allah. I asked if that were so why was women's section behind the men in an inferior position. I was told that with Muslim worship and it bows, kneels, standing up getting back down there was too much temptation and distractions with women in front for all men to keep a clean mind and soul without temptations.

Turning this little thing into a serious affront to women - ALL women yet - trivializes the struggle women have made to still not have any sort of real equality.

Ask a single mother of three with a broken car, spotty child care, dead beat ex, crap job, customers and a boss with wandering hands at the Sports Bar how she would feel if because of religious reasons a man will absolutely not lay his hands on her or talk to her. I don't think she'll feel demeaned.

This is some trivial shit one on side of a balance with the lives of two ethical and moral people on the other. Give them their freaking citizenship for Pete's sake. Are they criminal? Do they pay taxes? Do legally care for themselves? Do they return the cart to the rack? Are they kind, do they rewind?

You'd like to start punishing these guys for crimes they have't been charged with ...

sounds awfully lynch-y to me. But I will forever appreciate the lunch mob in your title line!

If they are presumed innocent until proven guilty why can't they have a signature bond?

You do know that the dead child was an extremely ill child that was held by this sect as the Messiah, that he would be revealed as Messiah as soon as the demons that gave some extremely grave conditions were driven from him. This was not intentional though it may have been the result of religious fervor. It most certainly was not capitol murder.

There are different levels of child abuse, also. Sometimes its used just to allow the state to take control of unintentionally abused children from adults who for whatever reason haven't been giving good care to the children with no emotional abuse as an element. They love their children, they lost their way.

Please wait for all the elements to come out and the authorities to get their cases in order. Then we can have a trial and maybe come to a justice for all. Trials are not about the person, they're about trying the facts of a charge against a person. Justice is absolutely is not about any individual. Its about society.

No matter what happened to that poor child, he will never get justice in any degree whether these defendants get a medal or get hung. The question is what exactly happened to this child and who or what caused it and how society decides to react to it.

How our society reacts is to rely on due process: trial first with a presumption of innocence and then the hanging.

One thing (among others) the nation owes gatitude to FBI agent Peter Strzok for, is ...

We haven't seen hide nor hair of Trey Gowdy since Strzok sliced and diced him.

Black women become most educated group in US

Black women become most educated group in US

The percentage of black students attending college has increased over the last 30 years

Samuel Osborne
Friday 3 June 2016 08:37


Black women are now the most educated group in US, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Between 2009 and 2010, black women earned 68 per cent of associate's degrees, 66 per cent of bachelor's degrees, 71 per cent of master's degrees and 65 per cent of all doctorate degrees awarded to black students.

The percentage of black students attending college has increased from 10 per cent to 15 per cent from 1976 to 2012, while the percentage of white students fell from 84 to 60 per cent.

By both race and gender, a higher percentage of black women (9.7 per cent) is enrolled in college than any other group, including Asian women (8.7 per cent), white women (7.1 per cent) and white men (6.1 per cent).

'Unite the Right' Rally: Low Attendance and an Early Exit by White Nationalists in D.C.

‘Unite the Right’ Rally: Low Attendance and an Early Exit by White Nationalists in D.C.
Video at link


By Noah Weiland and Andy Parsons

Aug. 12, 2018

WASHINGTON — A year after the race-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Va., a small group of white nationalists marched through downtown Washington on Sunday on their way to a rally in front of the White House.

It was over almost as soon as it began.

The white supremacists were met along their march route and at the rally site by thousands of counterdemonstrators denouncing racism and white supremacy. The white nationalists, who numbered about two dozen, stayed in Lafayette Square, a park just north of the White House, for a short time and left before 6 p.m.

They had been scheduled to hold a two-hour rally in the square beginning at 5:30. A spokesman for the National Park Service confirmed that the white nationalists had ended their event by that time.

Counterprotesters who had been shouting “Go home, Nazis, go home!” suddenly started booing when the white nationalists did just that.


A new song then broke out, “Na na na na, na na na na! Hey, hey, goodbye!”

With the white nationalists gone, the mood among the counterprotestors grew mildly celebratory, although rain led many to leave. Waves of counterprotesters walked east down H Street, with one chanting, “I believe that we just won.”


After marching from a neighborhood just west of the White House, the handful of supremacists settled in a pocket of Lafayette Square, tucked underneath trees. Many of them carried American flags, and several wore President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign hats.

The group’s organizer, Jason Kessler, stood on a platform with a microphone, addressing attendees who arrived before the event was scheduled to begin. He blamed a harsh law enforcement response after last year’s Charlottesville rally for his group’s meager showing.


Counterprotesters in Lafayette Square stood against fencing, shouting and booing in the direction of the white supremacists.


“Riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning. “We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!”

Mr. Trump’s words were reminiscent of his reluctance a year ago after the deadly Charlottesville rally to single out white nationalists, instead blaming “both sides” for the violence, and appearing to draw a moral equivalence between hate groups and counterprotests.

The rally in Washington on Sunday, called Unite the Right II, was scheduled to take over Lafayette Square for two hours in the evening. The Unite the Right group planned to have up to 400 people at the rally, according to the permit it received from the National Park Service, though the group was considerably smaller.


Protesters near Lafayette Square on Saturday, a day before the Unite the Right rally.CreditHilary Swift for The New York Times

The Park Service, which permits around 750 First Amendment demonstrations annually in the national capital region, granted one last week to Mr. Kessler. “In anyone’s recollection, there has never been a First Amendment permit that’s been denied,” said Mike Litterst, a Park Service spokesman. “There wasn’t much discussion or question of whether or not it would be issued.”


James Murray, an assistant director in the Secret Service’s Office of Protective Operations, had warned in a letter on Monday to the Park Service that it was possible that tension between groups could lead to the same kind of violence that occurred in Portland, Ore., last weekend, where a right-wing rally turned violent after, the police said, a group began throwing rocks and bottles at officers.

Mr. Murray wrote that some of the same counterprotesters who seized downtown streets at the presidential inauguration in January 2017 were also interested in Sunday’s demonstrations, and were “known to have engaged in violent and destructive activity.” Members of the sometimes violent movement known as antifa were expected to be among the counterprotesters on Sunday.


“Very few of our visitors share the views that will be expressed in Lafayette Square this weekend,” she said.

Reporting was contributed by Hawes Spencer and Michael Wines from Charlottesville, Va., and Catie Edmondson and Gardiner Harris from Washington.

Eric Trump: "The Sun-probe will burn up!"

For the pure mindless goofey fun of it: Ladies and Gentlemen - the Nairobi Trio...

So the Dude, Walter, and the Beaver watch cheetolini's rally speech .....

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