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Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 05:33 PM
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The end of the U.S. and Canada...

I'm too disgusted to go into detail.
Posted by lilithsrevenge12 | Tue Dec 20, 2011, 03:43 PM (0 replies)

Comparing violence in OWS to the Arab Springs...

You know, I do truly believe the protestors in the Middle East are braver than the protestors in America, but every time there is a comparison to the violence going on there vs. here really bothers me. Being killed for your freedom will always trump being arrested, but comparing the US protests to the Arab Springs doesn't make any sense when it comes to the violence. Protests, where the people have no freedom or control, will always be bloodier, but the fact that we live in a country considered to be a "super power" and the government still oppresses people the way they do is wrong. The cops may not put a gun to your head, but it's alright for them to step on your throat?

The protestors overseas never had any rights to begin with. Our forefathers fought and shed blood for our rights so we wouldn't have to and that's what the Middle East is doing now. Just because we've become comfortable doesn't mean we have any less of a right to look around us and say 'wow, things here are fucked up. We should change it.'

If Iíve learned one thing from shrinks, it's that they constantly tell you to not compare your problems with others. Donít compare your failing grades with people who don't have the option to go to school, don't feel guilty about crying when there are people in Africa starving, don't compare yourself to the world, because you will always lose. There is a serious problem when we are supposed to be the definition of freedom and people still think it's alright for government to shut people up. To be a patriot is not to blindly follow your leaders, it's to question leadership to better your country.

If we block out the rest of the world (which we love to do so much anyway) everyone would see exactly how the government constantly rapes the constitution. But for some reason holding a sign automatically stereotypes you as a hippie (which I am proud to be) and lazy. We are not lazy; we are using the rights that you are so excited to give up. You cower, we will fight for you and everyone else who won't stand up for themselves, because without you this country can't survive and because of you it can fall.
Posted by lilithsrevenge12 | Thu Dec 15, 2011, 09:14 AM (0 replies)
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