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If you have a better suggestion, let's hear it.

While recognizing the common argument that Republicans are worse, Cenk Uygur is asking Democrats who will particpate in the Iowa caucuses to do something for the rest of the country which those in states which have primaries cannot. He is asking for something other than having a Democratic candidate run in opposition to President Obama. He believes that Obama will be re-elected and he points out that Obama is a politician who can be influenced by actions.

He is asking that the Democrats in the Iowa caucuses re-send the message that was sent in the 2010 by voting for "uncommitted."

His words: "And civil liberties abuses are the tip of the iceberg in disappointment with this president.
Then there is the comedy of financial reform which doesn't reform a damn thing. There are
the zero prosecutions of the top bankers who destroyed our economy through their fraud,
took our money and now spit in our face with it. There is the extension of the Bush tax cuts.
There is the cave in on nearly every negotiation (the payroll tax cut being the exception
that proves the rule (by the way, he "won" on more tax cuts, a profoundly Republican idea).
His crowning achievement of healthcare reform was a proposal originally written by the
Heritage Foundation. There isn't a Republican idea that President Obama didn't want to cuddle
with and adopt as his own."

"The guy who appointed Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley
(and a list of hundreds of others, including two new Fed appointments, one of which is a Republican
who worked for the Carlyle Group) is not a guy who is interested in changing the system at all.
Change was a cutesy slogan he used to trick us into thinking he was on our side.

"But there is one thing we can do right now that doesn't really hurt the chances of the president
getting re-elected and doesn't help Republicans one bit. *** If "uncommitted" beat President
Obama on the Democratic side in Iowa, that would make some news. That might even get the
attention of The Establishment. So far, he has only responded to right-wing pressure. He is the
consummate politician, so if there was actually a little bit of pressure on his left he might have to
respond to it, especially during an election season. Wouldn't it be amazing if President Obama
acted like a progressive on some issue because he was worried about the voters?"

Of course, some will respond criticism to anyone who would participate in a democratic way instead of marching in lock-step with those who say that they want to re-elect Obama because he is not Gingrich, not Perry, etc. Some may even engage in name calling and call others "purists," etc. But it is unknown how many are sincere and how many are simply Rovian plants.

If you have a recommendation that is better than Cenk Uygur's, what is it?

Posted by AnotherMcIntosh | Thu Dec 29, 2011, 11:19 AM (59 replies)
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