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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,092

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Ms. Liuzzo gave Tony Bennett a ride to the airport the day before she was murdered.


tRump's entire legal strategy, in a nutshell:

He says he thinks he did everything completely legally.

He'd never lie, not about something like that.

Also, ignorance of the law is a completely valid legal defense.

Rump's hero, Putin, wants his political opponents in prison.

And Rump thinks Putin's powerful, wonderful, and super strong because of it.

Repug meeting goes off the rails as ex-candidate pulls gun.

A meeting went off the rails after Eric Casteel, a former GOP Allegheny County Council candidate, reportedly pulled out a gun and threatened three members of the Plum Borough Republican Committee (PBRC) in Pennsylvania on Thursday night.

Casteel, who ran for a seat on the council in 2021, began yelling at some point during the meeting, which was held at the Plum Community Center and then walked out saying that he would come back, according to the criminal complaint cited by TribLIVE on Friday.

Members of the committee told police that Casteel, 62, walked out of the meeting upset, however no details were provided about whether or not he argued with his fellow Republicans before pulling out the gun. Three committee members followed him out and noticed what appeared to be a gun in his waistband, CBS News reported. They told police that Casteel allegedly followed them with the gun when they turned around and allegedly pointed it at them, threatening to shoot. But, he left after members said they would call the police.

(more at link)


On edit, from Betty Bowers:

If Republicans think thoughts and prayers are the answer to stopping mass shootings, not laws, why do they think laws, not thoughts and prayers, are the answer to stopping abortions?

The Senate should open an investigation into Laudermilk's investigation

of the investigation.

'I'm a victim!', tRump blubbered.

Yep. I had the same thought, too.

tRump rages, tRump lashes out, tRump blubbers.

Also, crazier and more evil. And fatter and uglier.

Balder, greasier, and more funny colored. Scuzzier.

He's the tops at being the bottom of the barrel. The world's biggest, oldest, and fattest garbage pail kid.

Kochs are Birchers. Birchers took over the GOP.

US Libertarians are a Bircher front.
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