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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 04:50 PM
Number of posts: 4,276

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I remember D Rump, Sergey and Sergei laughing their asses off in the Oval Office.

There's pics of it and everything. Only Russian media could get into the event, though, so those pics came from Russia's 'news' service.

President Bone Spurs needs a military parade

coz he's trying to get promoted to Commandante.

Reminiscent of dRump fanboy Joel Arends and his Veterans For a Strong America:


"There is no point to dissecting Donald Trumpís speech on the deck of the U.S.S. Iowa for the nonexistent specifics of his plans for improving services for American military veterans. The host of the event was an organization called Veterans for a Strong America. Ever heard of them? No? Youíre not alone. ..."

D rump wound up getting shamed into giving the money his Arends event raised to a military charity, after WaPo caught him stealing and lying. He gave it to wacky NY nazi Fed James Kallstrom's Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation.

The repugs are always supporting our troops.

Your 'assessment' of my assessment isn't laughable, it's pitiful.

It's all a matter of perspective, I suppose, and yours is way over there, on the far right.

You mean nothing to me, Mr. 7962, so laugh away. And you dismissing my theory, from on high your lofty authoritative perch, means as much to me as the rest of your balderdash.

Stick your macroeconomic 'expertise' back up from where it came. Ditto for your strawman where I blamed Prez O for anything.

Very sincerely,
Mc Mike

Never call a fucking Sith Lord a 'rancid penis', Tony boy.

Important safety tip.

Fronting on being a wiseguy can't stop a lightsaber.

Boy the cartoons are really playing non-stop up in that mob flunky's head.

So mean to him. Poor prez candy ass.

I really think he should call them all into the Oval Office, onto the carpet. The FBI head and his top 2 aides. The Deputy head, and his top two aides, top Justice Dept people, Mueller and his top aides. Top counter intel people, and top Homeland Security and Secret Service, and Joint Chiefs.

He should call them all in, at the same time. They should be armed, and bring cuffs. Then he can tell them how he's really pissed off at them and they're a bunch of traitors who are trying to overthrow him in a coup.

I was just thinking how quiet it seemed to be, in the media, about Latin America.

Thank goodness the dRump admin is attempting to ramrod a coup through, just what was needed.

If we can destabilize that oil producing nation, whose production only kicks into viability when Standard Oil OPEC prices get high, Rex's buddies can really rape us at the pumps.

Price of gas just took a big jump, already, before this coup thing appeared.

He just doesn't care

if the West's intel services get blown and compromised. Doesn't care about Capitalism and Democracy, or if evil commies or radical jihadis know all about our side's sources or methods. But he doesn't care while screaming that he represents the West, Capitalism, Democracy, and Christianity.

Everybody knows that he cares about nothing but dRump.

Everybody always has known that.

Yeah. They make me wanna wretch.

The biggest crooks on the planet, with the lowest possible score in terms of a record for being law-abiding -- are attacking all top law enforcement, Dept of Justice, and the Courts. Right out in the open.

And keep telling us they're the 'law and order' party.

A "District Attorney Roy Moore as Moses handing down the 10 Commandments while he's strutting around like a hill-billy wise-guy committing felonies" style of law enforcement. Arpiehole, Christie, Giuliani, that kind of law enfocement. Mussolini style -- he 'wiped out the mob' with his best buddy Vito Genovese.

I'm too much of a luddite to be of any service to her, except to read the tweets

if and when they get posted on a site like this.

I don't have twitter or facebook, or a cell phone, or a youtube account. This computer I use is extremely old and part broken.

But I have a good memory and a lot of hard copy anti nazi stuff. I have a decent anti-nazi long view, historically, and have been in the game since the early '80's.

I'll tip off people about NEMESIS, that I know and who are hightech and have online presences. Thanks again. I've been a big booster about 'little bird' and the people who monitored the nazi 'echoes' garbage. I promote the Kristi Winters Kevin Logan anti-nazi group from youtube, too.
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