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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 5,065

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He's sending a message to his right wing repug congresscritter 'allies'.

He'll crush anyone who gets out of line, thwarts or disagrees with him in the smallest way.

And telling them that 'official reality' is that he attacked their colleague, and they loved and approved it. Telling them he can decree what reality is.

In his head, he figured his 'joke' would be a great laugh and applause line. It bombed, so he tells congress's repugs that he's officially changing the record. He remembers the true reality that everyone said 'you're great, doing great things'.

He's always lied about reality, for his entire life, for a living, for fun.

Good. Everybody should nut punch that mutt everywhere they can.

While Ratzinger squats in the Vatican, ready to become anti-pope.

Don't worry Bill Donohue will be along to condemn Bannon, presently.

Burke is a swine put in by JPII and Ratzinger. Knights of Malta.

So again, Mercer is probably a Bircher. The question is whether Bannon and Conway are birchers or opus dei.

True, but it's odd that simultaneously he's shameless.

He looks like a freak and clown all the time. Every stupid face he makes, every fonky honky thing he does in public.

He is completely self aware of his public image, and dresses like a clown in bad fitting suits to hide his fat, in ridiculous ties to hide his fat, with fake tan make up, with that ridiculous shock wig hairdo that takes hours to sculpt.

He knows he's tan, svelt, with a full head of hair, knows he's the most desireable specimen. And spends all his time covering up evidence to the contrary.

He shows no self awareness when he's sniffling, strutting like Mussolini, bing-binging verbally, he comes off really goofy and spastic all the time in public appearances. But he's focused like a laser on 'how he looks.'

I knew Hans Von S would be in there. Forgot Jesse Richman's name.

He was the guy who had 'proof' that 5 mil illegals voted, so dRumpf actually 'won the popular vote'. Then he disappeared after getting all kinds of attention on big media outfits, where he said he had no proof, but was gonna come up with it.

I just did a search online for him, his lying claim lives on, in a zillion 'news' stories on the daily caller, judicial watch, spectator, redstate, etc. sites. All the proof the nazis need, their 'news' sites say it's true.

WaPo published an excellent debunk, but that's just one search result in a sea of bircher bullshit:


Nothing more pathetic than a whiny nazi.

And, although 'tRump rages' and 'tRump lashes out' are excellent all purpose phrases that can be constantly used in reporting on our current situation, I suggest that media switch over, universally, to 'tRump blubbers'.

It's much more all encompassing. Also, he's kind of fat.

The rogue NY field office, again. Kallstrom, Sweizer, Mercer, Ghouliani.

Inneresting, the pro dRump armed violent nazi teabags are taking up arms

to support the policy that their hero said the Dems forced on the country.

They often have difficulty synching their messaging, on the nutcase nazi right.

Stone: 'I JUST remembered that I TRIED to conspire with Russians one time, and

I couldn't get him to accept that cheap broke hemorrhoid's offer of $0 dollars for the info he got from Putin's intel agents.

So it's all legal.'

Perfect market for dRUmpf brand condos.

The population is used to inferior construction, tiny, decaying, state-built tenements.
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