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British Numberphile: - 23 and Football Birthdays


What’s the probability that two people on the football/soccer pitch share a birthday? That’s only 23 people (22 players and the ref, as long as there have been no red cards or injuries!!!) and there are 365 days in a normal year.

Dr James Grime explains. Our thanks to Nottingham Forest Football Club.

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ANSWER: Slightly greater than a 50% chance that any random 23 people share a birthday.

Another way of thinking about it is that an average public school classroom in America might have 23 people in it. Who shares a birthday there, obviously the same chance of sharing one, unless, of course, two of the people in that classroom are twins, then the odds are already met, but the odds of a third sharing any one birthday with the twins or with another person go down considerably.


"What Bible is Santorum Reading?"

When conservative Congressman Todd Akin a few months back suggested that liberalism was a “hatred of God,” I postulated that given the overwhelming support for liberal and progressive values in the Judeo-Christian Bible, perhaps he had never bothered to actually read the Bible. With Rick Santorum's recent comment that Obama's agenda is "Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology,” I am now beginning to wonder if Santorum, Akin, and other conservatives are just reading a different Bible entirely than the one I read.

In fact, as I noted in my piece about Todd Akin, Jesus talks about mercy to those in trouble in 24 verses of the Gospels, tells people not to judge in 34 verses, tells people to love and forgive even their enemies in 53 verses, tells people to love their neighbors as themselves and treat others as they would want to be treated in 19 verses, and specifically tells people to help the poor and/or spurn riches and the wealthy in 128 verses.

That is a lot of verses, 258 by my count, where Rick Santorum's savior and George W. Bush's favorite philosopher sounds like a tried and true, solid to the core, far-out, lefty liberal. And all those where Jesus sounds like a conservative? I couldn't find a single one. He never once condemns abortion, even though it was very common in ancient times. He never speaks against homosexuality, even though the ancient Greeks before him and the Romans living in those times openly practiced and celebrated it. He called on the Romans and the Jewish establishment to treat the poor better, not condemn an adulteress to death, and to take the moneychangers out of the temple, but he never once asked the Romans to lower their taxes or lessen their regulations on over-burdened businesses. He never celebrated the greatness of the invisible hand of the market, and never discussed the virtues of selfishness, as conservatives today are so fond of doing.

More and a video we can all pass up, (Santorum lecturing) at:

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