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Member since: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 10:48 PM
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Democrats Eat Their Own

This is not an original thought, but we Democrats seem to have a proclivity for eating our own. So, President Obama did not give a supporter every single thing they wanted by now. So that is a reason to turn on him? And to what? Whoever comes out on top of the circus the GOP has been running? A third party candidate? Stay uninvolved...do not even vote. That will do what?

If Obama was a Republican, they would be touting what a successful three years he has had. He got Bin Laden in a perfect mission. He saved the auto industry. He prevented us from slipping into a Depression. He got rid of Don't Ask, Don'Tell. He got thru the Affordable Care Act...better known as Obamacare. That name has so stuck, we should just give in and and say, yes, Obamacares.

Even President Clinton could not get that done. So my disillusionment is not with President Obama, but with those who helped elect him in 2008, and now are turning on him. The result could very well be President Romney or President Gingrich. How easily do you go to sleep in your home, assuming you still have a place to call home, with that thought running thru your head?
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