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vlyons's Journal
vlyons's Journal
November 6, 2020

Stacey Abrams for DNC chair

She deserves it!

November 4, 2020

Want gto know why so many people voted for Trump?

Google how many high school students in your town and state graduated. In Dallas 2018, 76.5% graduated. Statewide 22% of students dropped out last year. That is disgusting.

November 4, 2020

Why don't we have a leftist talk radio network?

Why don't we have radio talk shows broadcasting to all those truckers, housewives, farmers and ranchers across America.

November 4, 2020

Time to contemplate the perfections of a Boddhisattva

For those of you, who are unfamiliar, a Boddhisattva is a highly realized person, who altruistically works for the benefit and liberation from suffering of others. Many of us are shaking our heads in disbelief at the election results. Maybe even depressed and discouraged. One of the perfections of a Boddhisattva is to joyously and enthusiastically persevere. A Boddhisattva doesn't care about obstacles and set-backs. They are all temporary and ultimately impermanent. A Boddhisattva just endures and enthusiastically perseveres, engaged in enlightened activity for the benefit of others. There will be a next election.

November 3, 2020

Post some election day songs here!

This train is bound for glory

October 25, 2020

Can Barrett be impeached, assuming Dems take the senate?

I'm not asking if we should do it, or if we have the will to do it. It seems like grounds for impeaching Kavanaugh are that he lied to congress during his hearing. I'm not certain what would be the grounds for removing Barrett. Your thoughts please.

October 13, 2020

I voted this morning! Yeah yeah and yeah!

Yeah I voted this morning in Dallas. My vote is banked! I got there about 6:45am at the Martin Luther King Rec Center. The only snafu was that I was sent an absentee ballot that I didn't ask for. I had asked for one for the primary, but decided to vote in person for the general, because of all the post office untrustworthiness. I was the poll workers first problem. Did I bring my mail in ballot? No. I threw it away. Many consultations among themselves about what to do? What to do? So they had to call into the registrar to cancel my mail in ballot. They were put on hold for 1 hour. I had to sit there (fortunately they gave me a chair) for an hour. Needless to say, I became annoyed with the wait. Take some deep breaths. Practice patience. See the poll worker as trying to do her best to do a good job and faithfully follow the rules. All in all, all the poll workers did a bang up great job. Facility was clean. Hand sanitizer out on the tables. Everyone wearing a mask. Poll workers all wore surgical gloves. Always someone wiping surfaces somewhere. Everyone very courteous. The ballot went on for pages and pages. Lots and lots of judgeships on the ballot. We had touch screen voting machines into which I inserted a paper ballot that got printed and recorded in another machine. So there is a hard copy paper trail. Looking forward to hearing about your voting experience.
October 12, 2020

Assuming the worst and Barrett gets on the Court and destroys

a woman's right to an abortion and kills the ACA, can we, If we take the WH and Senate legislate that abortions are legal and reinstate the ACA? Your thoughts please

October 12, 2020

I muted GOP senators during the confirmation

I just can't listen to their bullpuckie lies any more. Thank god, some of those bums will surely be voted out. Klobuchar was quite wonderful today.

October 4, 2020

How to question Judge Barrett -- it's brilliant

This appeared on my FB feed --

"Don’t know who this came from, but it’s bloody brilliant! (Reported to have come from Bill Svelmoe on FB.)
If Democrats do attend the hearings, they should not focus on Barrett's views on any future cases. She'll just dodge those questions anyway. They're hypothetical. She should dodge them. Don't even mention her religion. Instead Democrats should focus on the past four years of the Trump administration. This has been the most corrupt administration in American history. No need for hypotheticals. The questions are all right there.

“Judge Barrett, would you please explain the emoluments clause in the Constitution. [She does.] Judge Barrett, if a president were to refuse to divest himself of his properties and, in fact, continue to steer millions of dollars of tax payer money to his properties, would this violate the emoluments clause?” Then simply go down the list of specific cases in which Trump and his family of grifters have used the presidency to enrich themselves. Ask her repeatedly if this violates the emoluments clause. Include of course using the American ambassador to Britain to try to get the British Open golf tournament at a Trump property. “Judge Barrett, does this violate the emoluments clause?”

Then turn to the Hatch Act. “Judge Barrett, would you please explain the Hatch Act to the American people. [She does.] Judge Barrett, did Kellyanne Conway violate the Hatch Act on these 60 occasions? [List them. Then after Barrett's response, and just fyi, the Office of the Special Council already convicted her, ask Barrett this.] When Kellyanne Conway, one of the president's top advisors openly mocked the Hatch Act after violating it over 60 times, should she have been removed from office?”
Then turn to all the other violations of the Hatch Act during the Republican Convention. Get Barrett's opinion on those.

Then turn to Congressional Oversight.
“Judge Barrett, would you please explain to the American people the duties of Congress, according to the Constitution, to oversee the executive branch. [She does so.] Judge Barrett, when the Trump administration refuses time and again [list them] to respond to a subpoena from Congress, is this an obstruction of the constitutional duty of Congress for oversight? Is this an obstruction of justice?”

Then turn to Trump's impeachment.
Read the transcript of Trump's phone call. “Judge Barrett, would you describe this as a ‘perfect phone call’? Is there anything about this call that troubles you, as a judge, or as an American?”

“Judge Barrett, would you please define for the American people the technical definition of collusion.” [She does.] Then go through all of the contacts between the Trump administration and Russians during the election and get her opinion on whether these amount to collusion. Doesn't matter how she answers. It gets Trump's perfidy back in front of Americans right before the election.
Such questions could go on for days. Get her opinion on the evidence for election fraud. Go through all the Trump "laws" that have been thrown out by the courts. Ask her about the separation of children from their parents at the border. And on and on and on through the worst and most corrupt administration in our history. Don't forget to ask her opinion on the evidence presented by the 26 Trump accusers. “Judge Barrett, do you think this is enough evidence of sexual assault to bring the perpetrator before a court of law? Do you think a sitting president should be able to postpone such cases until after his term? Judge Barrett, let's listen again, shall we, to Trump's "Access Hollywood" tape. I don't have a question. I just want to hear it again. Or maybe, as a woman, how do you feel listening to this recording? Let's listen to it again, shall we. Take your time.”

And finally: "Judge, why did you bring your seven unmasked children to a superspreader event in the Rose Garden?”

Taking this approach does a number of things:
1. Even if Barrett bobs and weaves and dodges all of this, it reminds Americans right before the election of just how awful this administration has been.

2. None of these questions are hypothetical. They are all real documented incidents. The vast majority are pretty obvious examples of breaking one law or the other. If Barrett refuses to answer honestly, she demonstrates that she is willing to simply be another Trump toady. Any claims to high moral Christian character are shown to be as empty as the claims made by the 80% of white evangelicals who continue to support Trump.

3. If she answers honestly, as I rather suspect she would, then Americans get to watch Trump and his lawless administration convicted by Trump's own chosen justice.
Any of these outcomes would go much further toward delegitimizing the entire Republican project than if Democrats go down the typical road of asking hypothetical questions or trying to undermine her character.
Use her supposed good character and keen legal mind against the administration that has nominated her. Let her either convict Trump or embarrass herself by trying to weasel out of convicting Trump. Either way, it'll be great television.

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