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Member since: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,016

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I think the "lick the anus of Comcast/GE crowd" ....

over at MSNBC have been told to keep the masses slothering at the human pit of depravity, {oh yea, George, I said depravity} ....

so they spew this ridiculous "it could be worse" lockup reality crapola at the liberalies ....

so to make sure we understand that if we get tooooo far outahand that ===

look, see them lockup fellers, well they are really screwed up and we do not wanna be one of them suckers ....

These corporate 1% got to keep them liberalies down on the farm, washing those pigs and feedin them chickens,,,,,,

and slavin away for those paycheck to paycheck starvation wages ./..

and ya betta consider youself lucke to stay outa those lookup reels ...

so hoist another jack and wish yo momma knew madiba

cause won day they could come for u

to put yu in them lookup to lockup reelies ...

ya stinkin "want everythin for nothin" liberalie .....


On a serious note ... one out of every 15 people in the USA will be incarcerated and one out of every 3 African Americans will be incarcerated ... enough with the police state already ... does anyone else agree with Carlin, that if Americans could watch executions on there tellie, that it would have the highest rating of any show ........

How Tesla Batteries Are Powering an Energy Revolution

Those Tesla Motors lithium-ion battery packs aren’t just powering electric luxury sports sedans for the 1 percent any more.

They’ve started appearing in a small number of California homes to store electricity generated by rooftop solar panels, and beginning today SolarCity, the Silicon Valley solar installer, will start providing Tesla batteries for businesses that want to cut their utility bills. A big box retailer like Walmart could charge up a Tesla battery pack with cheap energy produced by its SolarCity rooftop photovoltaic array and then tap that power when demand—and electricity rates—spike.

That would let them minimize paying their local utility high “demand charges” for electricity when they need it most. And the cost of the SolarCity’s system, called DemandLogic? Effectively zero, according to SolarCity, since the monthly payments for energy storage would be less than the money saved by not forking over cash to the utility.


This Bamboo Scooter Runs On Nothing But Air ... NO Kidding

Forget gas, now a scooter exists that is designed to run on nothing but air. Specifically, compressed air, the same stuff that’s used to clean computer keyboards, fill scuba tanks, fire paintball guns, and more recently, to power cars.

Like an electric scooter, the Ecomoto is quiet, doesn’t pump pollution into the atmosphere, and if the air compressor used to fill its tank runs on renewable electricity, doesn’t have much of a carbon footprint.

Darby Bicheno, an Australian design student who created the conceptual scooter for a class, says that an air engine runs directly on the air inside, rather than converting energy from a battery. The whole thing is extremely efficient and lightweight.

Though the scooter is just a concept at this point, the air-powered engine is already in use. EngineAir, an Australian company, invented the engine, and has placed it in small pieces of equipment like forklifts.


Who’s Really King Of The World Today

Well, if you thought you’d seen all the madness and absurdity that could possibly come out of the financial system by now, you are definitely being caught on the wrong flat foot as we speak. And there can be no doubt that much more of this will be revealed as we go along. Jamie Dimon renting Buckingham Palace to celebrate his $13 billion settlement with US regulators is just the beginning, though it’s a pretty clear statement of just how untouchable too big to fail policies have made Wall Street and the City feel. And they don’t feel that way for nothing, in every sense of the word, count on it.

A Labour spokesman said this about the party at the Palace, which included appearances by the Royal Philharmonic and the English National Ballet: ““There is also the fact that this should be a special place. This is the home of the Queen. Where is it all going to end?“ Well, sir, maybe it’s time to wake up, because the new kings and queens of the world have taken over. And they intend to be loud and proud about it, like any group of conquerors throughout history ever did.

Fine dining for Dimon at the Palace raises concerns of commercialisation

It must have been a welcome spot of light relief for Jamie Dimon. Only days after he finally agreed to a $13 billion settlement with US mortgage regulators, the boss of JPMorgan – and dozens of his corporate clients – were sitting back amid the splendour of Buckingham Palace, enjoying a fine dinner and performances by the Royal Philharmonic and the English National Ballet.

The event, hosted by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, reflects growing enthusiasm by the Royal Family to use its premises to promote business interests. But it also risks stoking criticism over its apparent commercialisation and its intimacy with business.

The JPMorgan event on October 30, had a guestlist that included up to 100 corporate and political heavyweights, ranging from Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general, to Indian industrialist Ratan Tata. Also present was Tony Blair, the former prime minister who chairs JPMorgan’s “international council” of senior advisers.


The Facts Are in: Austerity Politics Doesn't Work

From England's double-dip recession to Portugal's spiking unemployment, there is now conclusive evidence of the complete failure of austerity.

The idea that rational thinking should govern political decision making in America dates back to our very founding. “Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams said, “and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Oh, John Adams, where are you when we need you? Facts have been buried in a political era in which partisan ideology overrides reason. And while the Republican Party has embraced fact-free governance as its personal brand, Democrats are not entirely innocent either.

Take the case of “austerity politics.” Persistent, despite the facts. There is now conclusive evidence, both practical and theoretical, of the complete failure of austerity politics.

First was the United Kingdom, the practical test case for austerity. In 2010, faced with a recession similar to those gripping most other industrialized nations, Britain’s conservative government instituted a series of austerity measures to dramatically cut spending and taxes. Parts of the U.K. government were slashed by upwards of 30 percent.


And we wonder why a certain segment of Texas wants to secede ....

How green bonds could unleash the Kraken of energy transition

The London-based Climate Bonds Initiative, a non-governmental organization (NGO) facilitating the growth of the green bond market, defines a green bond as "one for which the issuer declares that the proceeds will be applied (either by ring-fencing, direct project exposure or securitization) towards climate and/or environmental sustainability purposes."

As CEO and co-founder Sean Kidney wrote in a Nov. 1 post, "green bonds are about the 'green' qualities of the underlying asset, not whether a company is relatively green or not."

I asked Kidney why green bonds are necessary. "We have to rapidly speed up and scale up the capital that's flowing toward climate change solutions -- both mitigation and adaptation," he explains. "Climate scientists tell us we need a low-climate world by 2050, and we have to move quickly to get there. We have to be moving capital now."

"A big chunk of our work is explaining to government how they can finance a rapid transition. There's definitely not enough government money to do it all, as well as deal with the disasters we're going to have, especially if you look at the scale of what's just happened in the Philippines. We need to make everything we possibly can a private sector investment to free up public money for the more urgent tasks."


And the Dr. who witnessed Kennedy's lifeless body ...


Which fossil fuel companies are most responsible for climate change? – interactive

All but seven of the 90 companies found to have caused the climate crisis deal in oil, gas and coal – and half of the estimated emissions were produced just in the past 25 years. Some of the top companies are also funding climate change denial campaigns.

Which companies caused global warming?

A new paper shows which companies extracted the carbon-based fuels that have caused climate change.




ChevronTexaco was the leading emitter among investor-owned companies, causing 3.5% of greenhouse gas emissions to date, with Exxon not far behind at 3.2%. In third place, BP caused 2.5% of global emissions to date.


A must read ....

Can anyone say carbon tax loudly enough to be heard around the world .... ?

McCain: "For the last 2 weeks, I have reached out to the Democrats,

I have reached out till my arm is sore" ...

Yea, its a whole two weeks I have reached out since I heard about this crazy nuclear option idea ....


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