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Afrocat's Journal
Afrocat's Journal
March 27, 2020

I already hate the people that did this to us.

But by not letting this happen in real time and not stepping up to stop "their" president........ I sincerely hate all that support him from the bottom of my heart. They may be relatives of some of the fantastic folks that frequent this board. Sorry, not sorry, but I hate your friends, I hate your family and I hate your co workers. Why do I hate them so much? Glad you asked, because they are "perfectly ok" with this motherfucker killing me and mine here in NY, over in CA, over in WA and anywhere else this tit for tat with holding of medical assistance is going to happen.

I just want ya'll to understand that before you start making any posts from here on out about how we need to work together with these people. That we need to have a big tent and blah fucking blah. I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT THEIR UNDERLYING SOUL CALLS FOR OTHERS TO BE HURT AND THEY ARE OK WITH IT. They are not misguided but generally the sweetest person. Just think that they are aiding and abetting a willing murderer. We'll never know just how many people will die directly and indirectly from the shit he's been pulling.

November 26, 2018


Don't have double standards for us (ex. black 15yr old boy is a "man" while a nearly 30yr white man is a "boy/young man" )

Don't seek to impoverish the areas we live in

Don't seek to disenfranchise the areas we predominantly live in

Don't choose to allow the areas we predominantly live to be poisoned

Don't create special reasons to imprison us

Don't deny us equal, and unfettered, access to means of educational and economic advancement

Don't assume our successes somehow comes at your expense

Don't brutalize us

Don't rationalize our brutalization by others

Don't denigrate our culture and use it against us while simultaneously "borrowing" as much as possible from it

Don't make policy on the surface to "protect us" while simultaneously thinking up new ways to exploit us below it

Don't expect less of us

Don't expect more of us

Don't ignore us

Don't denigrate us and expect us to gloss it over

Don't gloss over the negative history of this country in relation to us

Don't play with statistics to create special "facts" to rationalize your hatred of us

Don't attempt to turn our anger at endemic and imperialistically proven racism into rational for your mistreatment of us

Don't create special reasons to imprison us

Don't make us into your personal boogie men

Don't try to blame us for the reasons why you choose to mistreat us

Don't condone/ignore/let slide any of the above because it's done by people "that wouldn't hurt a fly"

Don't ask us to "get over it"

Imagine, if you will a group of people that endured centuries of slavery followed by another century of systematic denial to the baseline economic and educational opportunities given to white folks, including those "fresh off the boat".

We as a people have only been "free" for perhaps 65-70 years, and that freedom as it stands comes with a number of caveats. A number of special unwritten rules that we must abide by to ensure we are granted the illusion of unfettered freedom.

Imagine if you will reparations took the form of us simply being left alone to grow without any of the don't s I listed happening every single day. The best part is that it would be absolutely free and the country would be better off for it. A win-win situation if there ever was one.

It's too bad that the mindset of certain folks in this country will ensure that it never happens. Instead we'll keep wasting time, money and effort spinning wheels while they stoke hate and fear within their ranks to win elections and explain away their own self created disenfranchisement.

March 18, 2018

Because they got punched in the face enough during Bush's 8 years and decided that another 4 years

of his policy wasn't a great idea. They may have voted for Obama but the voters in question also did what they always do and continued voting straight republican in every other election. During his 8 years in office Obama fulfilled his duties as president with intelligence, with a style and grace that republican presidents never seem to bring to the table.

Obama brought us, and the world, back from the brink of economic collapse. He made it look easy, too easy. So, that particular segment came to the conclusion that if a N***** could do it, anybody could. Then they decided to test their little theory by placing the most ridiculous fleaball momo they could find into office.

If these voters didn't find any change it's because they didn't want to. During his time Obama had a number of different jobs acts and programs put in place to close the "skills gap". I guess the "Obama-trump voters" decided to forget how THEY rejected it all out of hand. The tax breaks we were given for returning to college and programs initiated for retraining to other careers. Things were put in place to help them succeed and they turned it all down.

They didn't, and still don't want any sort of real change. They want to exist in a world where they have no competition, and requires one to put forth zero effort to maintain marketable job skills. Ever the consummate con-men trump and the GOP know their marks quite well.

March 16, 2018

If you voted for trump...

I now, and always will, suspect you. From here on out, all of your arguments and supporting motivations are suspect and most likely tinged with something ugly. If you still "support" trump "today". You are hands down, rock bottom, a hateful ass person with bigoted tendencies heading towards, if not already, outright racist based opinions.

That's it, there is no inbetween or I was duped arguments for you anymore. This dude and his collection of riff-raff has done nothing but show their natural born asses to the entire world for an entire year. First and foremost, has been their unmitigated use of brown skin policies as meat for his base of crazies. How can you still support this guy if you don't believe in the brand of dirt he's shoveling?

The trump "supporter/worshiper" doesn't even pretend there is going to be a pivot anymore. They never really believed it, they just didn't want decent people calling them out on it. They don't care that rather than "draining the swamp". trump has instead filled that fucker with flammable substances provided to him personally by Putin. Then like a complete pyro, trump goes about setting the swamp, come gas ridden cesspool, on fire EVERY FRIGGING DAY; twice on Fridays. On Friday's trump sets fire to the fires followed by dropping weapons grade explosives on things just for the hell of it. Meanwhile, his "supporter/worshipers" are still trying to beat the ghost of Hillary Clinton's presidential run and telling us not to believe our lying eyes.

It's been said before, but it begs repeating. If we are going to win its going to be with a voting block of minorities and white people didn't decide voting for a completely racist, uncouth, mysoginistic, unqualified madman was a completely reasonable and rational idea. The only thing you'll get courting trump "supporter/worshiper" is the eventual betrayal. If anything, the Democratic ideals should be doubled down on, and offered out loud for everybody to hear. Nevermind this centrist wishy-washy appease the republicans nonsense.

We need to court the voter that believes their vote doesn't really count because everything always ends up in the exact same space. We need to court the younger voter that for some reason can't "relate" to our candidates.. We need to go to war for the people who are the backbone of this party rather than tip toeing around the feelings of people who want theirs and only theirs at the expense of everyone else. There are more of us than there are of them and we don't "need" their votes.

Eventually, maybe, even those trump "voters" will come to understand their vote for trump was utterly wrong and damaged this country in ways they couldn't have even imagined. Maybe, they'll see the the light and apologize. Hopefully, they'll be more considerate of who they vote for in the future. As for those that are still in lockstep with trump's brand of insanity, i.e. his current "supporter/worshipers". Well, I'm seriously tired of hearing that noise about reaching out to them. They need to reach out to us, but I'm pretty sure the only reaching out we'd get from any of them, if given a chance, would be a kick to the head.

EDIT:Moved from the Lounge by request. Didn't mean to place it there.

September 30, 2017

When will enough be enough for the Republicans to impeach trump?

When will this experiment in lunacy end? The answer, is that it isn't going to. It's not going to because the republican House and Senate are greedy and cowardly. They have decided to let this man continue to do things a Democratic president would been impeached for even thinking about. THEY. ARE. LETTING. THIS. MAN. DO. THIS. It's not the fault of his voters anymore, or the electoral college, or Democratic voters, or anybody else. THEY, the Republicans in D.C., have become defacto co-conspirators. Every single thing he does while in office falls back on them. While they may not give a flying hell about any of it because they're getting theirs. History will not reflect kindly on them, any of them, because the only conclusions to be made as to why is that the sold the American public out for 30 pieces of Silver.

They are traitors to this country and should be judged accordingly. As they sit on their hands anything and everything that once made, yes once made as in the past tense, this country great is has been cast aside. Because right now, today, this country is mediocre as hell. Of course they don't care because they thrive on this mediocrity. They keep their voters misinformed and out of the loop in order to have them vote against themselves. These fuckers are happy as long as the guys at the top push a few pieces of their thoroughly chewed and digesting leavings to the floor for them to lick up.

The disposition and attitudes they display screams out, to me at least, that we all, the entire American populace, don't matter one damn bit. No matter how things shake out they will have a soft landing while the rest of us are left to sift through the wreckage of this country. That's all that matters in the long run to them. As long as you guys have a bolt hole in the storm right? As long as you have that fuck the rest of us, right? right? of course it's right, it's the Republican way.

So, guess I answered my own question about when will enough be enough for Republicans in Washington to make a move on ending this insanity. Sadly, I'm thinking the answer is now, and always has been, probably never.

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