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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 12:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,013

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As I've said before

Rick Perry and all his minions need to be audited constantly. Sued. And then jailed.

What happens if BP just changes its name?

That seems to be standard operating procedure in cases such as this. Corporations are not people because you cannot hang them by the neck until dead,

The message

is that Wealthy Republicans don't support the troops, and hate those less fortunate than themselves. Pass it on.

I cannot Rec this one enough

It's old news to me, but everybody should be aware of how the way things really work. We need to remove money from politics, like, the day before yesterday. I know it won't happen, but we need to take steps to protect the regular folks.

Don't negotiate with terrorists,

and certainly don't go in to a meeting with your hat in hand ready to compromise, when you have a mandate from not only voters, but A LARGE MAJORiTY OF Americans.

Make the wealthiest PAY for their endless WAR.

How much did he pay in taxes?

He is an enemy of the people. It's time for the wealthy to pay for their WARS and Infrastructure.
It is time for corporations to pay their slaves a living wage.

no problem at all signing this

be sure to sign the "tell Macy's to dump Trump" also. I always felt like an outsider in their stupid store anyway.
I guess that I am. That makes me feel good.

so true...

most of the crap that Bain/Romney does is legal as well, including hiding money on islands and in churches. We need to be changing some rules if we want to change the possibilities for many.

It's odd, in the previous administration,

all they had to say was "for reasons of National Security", and anyone asking questions about ANYTHING would have nothing else to say.

Where was our discounted rate for their Rich Guy Tax Cut??

That tax cut is still in effect, remember, to CREATE JOBS. Right??? And every time the CEO gives himself a raise, the prices on the menu are reduced. Right??
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