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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 08:14 AM
Number of posts: 3,864

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gosh I'm so sad - anti-trump repubs are so upset

that +trump delegates did dirty tricks with them.

i'm weeping....

did anyone see that Alex Jones spoke at the RNC?

LOL, he is the wackiest among all the wackies.
If you don't know him, he runs "Inforwars", and he thinks the lizard people are taking over the world.

I have a question on Amazon Fire tablet

based on recs a long time ago, probably on this group, I sought out an Amazon Fire today at staples.
well, the person "working" there was too uninterested in my questions so I'd like to put them to anyone here who might have an opinion...
The guy told me that this was a demo model so it didn't have an operating system.
But that I could get an app to install one.
and it uses amazon's own operating system.

so is this true?
and what do you think about the OS?


oh the model is the one that is $50.00. apparently that is a good bargain.

Chicago: Protesters shut down the Dan Ryan

Protesters are marched in Chicago and across the country Thursday in response to the recent police involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Big crowds gathered in Times Square in New York and protesters stormed the capitol in Washington.

In Chicago, demonstrators caused big disruptions in traffic. Two college students organized the protest on social media.
Police say there were no arrests here, but at one point, the crowd stopped traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Several more protests are in the works including one planned for Saturday at the Taste of Chicago and another economic boycott on Michigan Ave later this month.


Philando Castile Was a Role Model to Hundreds of Kids

Colleagues and parents on Thursday remembered Philando Castile as an ambitious man who served as a role model for hundreds of children before he was fatally shot by a police officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota.

Castile, who was known by friends as Phil, was a cafeteria supervisor at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School in Saint Paul, Minn., where he memorized the names of the 500 children he served every day — along with their food allergies, his former coworker said.

“He remembered their names. He remembered who couldn’t have milk. He knew what they could have to eat and what they couldn’t,” Joan Edman, a recently retired paraprofessional at the school, told TIME. “This was a real guy. He made a real contribution. Yes, black lives matter. But this man mattered.”


Awesome Texas Abortion Testimony Poetry: ‘If My Vagina Was a Gun’

Hundreds of women and men have testified at the Texas Capitol both for and against SB 1, which would restrict most abortions after 20 weeks and close all but five abortion clinics in the state. But only one woman performed an epic poem, entitled "If My Vagina Was a Gun."

Here's the transcript of the work of art, performed by Katie Helm:
If my vagina was a gun, you would stand for its rights,

You would ride on buses and fight all the fights.

If my vagina was a gun, you would treat it with care,

You wouldn’t spill all its secrets because, well, why go there.


(ex-) Working-class Rust Belt could put trump in White house

--- and if they do, they'll wake up the next day and be like 'oh my god, what did I do?
Can we have another election?'

They make a "protest vote" against government, and against the conditions of their lives, which is true they are getting the shaft--

but people gotta realize a vote is forever, an election is forever.

(until the next one, if we survive that long.)

"Uprising in the Rust Belt
They used to be Democrats. Now they really could hand Donald Trump the White House."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/06/coal-country-democrats-donald-trump-2016-213988#ixzz4CmkXiMW2

Sanders Delegate: Climate Change and the Israeli Occupation Must be Raised at the Convention

"We're at the People's Summit in Chicago, and we're continuing our interview with Carlos Ramirez-Rosa. He's the alderman for Chicago's 35th Ward. Prior to his election to Chicago City Council, he worked as a community organizer. And he's also a Bernie delegate at the coming convention."


Looks like Brexit could impact the Spanish election (negatively imo)

Britain’s decision to exit the European Union offered Spain’s acting prime minister an opportunity to warn voters against opting for a radical overhaul under Podemos, an upstart leftist party competing in elections on Sunday.

Mariano Rajoy, the acting prime minister, said on Friday that his government was sad to see Britain leave the European Union, and told Spaniards that they should confront the future with “serenity,” as the British referendum result sent Spain’s financial markets tumbling.


Pls inform this ignorant American (me)

(I just posted this on GD - did not know there was a UK group)
this is my question:

Why was there this referendum--
did some group bring it up, did the government, how did it come to be?
And why now?

Is it the first time there has been a referendum since Britain has been in the EU?

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