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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
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Not just the cities: 'The suburbs dream of violence...

Asleep in their drowsy villas, sheltered by benevolent shopping malls, they wait patiently for the nightmares that will wake them into a more passionate world.'


Tears soften hard hearts. Thanks, Devonte! May you be surrounded by love, always!

I made it through, despite the gales all week long. Snow tomorrow, so I must go out in it again.

Have a great weekend, steve.

And I appreciate you giving us a heads up as to what is going on in this group...

We won't get anything like that, I hope, but east of here the ski resorts are opening up.

ETA: It's snowing now, not waiting for the weekend after all...

Like the lyrics:

A lot of people don't have much food on their table

But they got a lot of forks n' knives

And they gotta cut somethin'.

~ Bob Dylan

And these, too:

As through this world you travel,

you'll meet some funny men;

Some will rob you with a six-gun,

and some with a fountain pen.

~ Woodie Guthrie

It's better to deal with an out and out villain than a quiet liar. And as a small time rural banker told me when I asked why they fussed so much over a small loan, he said people steal a thousand times more with a fountain pen than with a gun. Ain't people clever...

Cultural Christian. Otherwise...

I belong to no one. I will not dance to anyone else's tune. I say this without malice.

Finally a president says the truth and ends the lying. Thanks, Obama!

And uh, they are calling him a lame duck?

This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

~ President Obama

Obama Pardons Turkey In Stunning Abuse of Executive Power (XP)

^^^This is how it begins^^^

This week, President Obama will pardon a turkey in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The Office of Legal Counsel has released a 4,000-page memorandum setting forth the constitutional and statutory justifications for this controversial executive action, rooted largely in the authority granted to him under Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the Eighth Amendment and also the Perdue Family Farms Charter. Moreover, as the OLC memo notes, presidents have been pardoning turkeys for decades. As the OLC opinion further indicates, the president’s constitutional authority to pardon turkeys may well date back all the way to the Lincoln administration, pursuant to President Lincoln’s son Tad pleading with his father to let the turkey destined for the family’s Christmas dinner live. Lincoln cheerily allowed the turkey to roam the White House, and the family feasted on a Tofurky in its stead.

Obama’s Republican critics were quick to denounce presidential claims that the turkey pardon authority rests squarely within the enumerated powers of the executive branch. Sen. Ted Cruz published an op-ed in Politico titled “Obama Is Not a Monarch” in which he excoriated Obama’s plan to pardon the turkey as “lawless.” In it, Cruz posited that despite widespread popular resistance to turkey amnesty, “President Obama appears to be going forward. It is lawless. It is unconstitutional. He is defiant and angry at the American people. If he acts by executive diktat, President Obama will not be acting as a president, he will be acting as a monarch...”

House Speaker John Boehner tweeted, “The president has said before that ‘he's not a king’ & he’s ‘not an emperor,’ but he sure is acting like one.” Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum called the turkey pardon “just another in a long line of power grabs by this administration.”

And Michele Bachmann, in a Nov. 20 email fundraising appeal for her PAC, charged President Obama with going far beyond giving lawless turkeys amnesty, affording them the actual rights and privileges of full citizenship: “What could more fundamentally transform our nation than making our precious American citizenship—and the rule of law—merely commodities to be dispensed with as our Imperial President sees fit, flooding our land with illegal turkeys which will forever alter our way of life?” Bachmann also added that the newly pardoned turkeys would soon be able to vote: “The Democrats are licking their wounds after their terrible defeats this month, and are viewing these millions of illegal turkeys as the delicious shock troops for their leftist agenda...”


VIDEO of the scandalous event:

to Derek V:


Go by and give one of our new members a Rec!

Will be posting more pictures and videos this afternoon. The turkey's name is Cheese and his alternatve Mac was also pardoned.

Can anyone tell if Cheese is smiling? Will this be investigated as by the new Senate as TurkeyGate in 2015?

BOG POST: You know the drill!

TRIGGER WARNING: A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

By Sabrina Rubin Erdely - November 19, 2014

Jackie was just starting her freshman year at the University of Virginia when she was brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party. When she tried to hold them accountable, a whole new kind of abuse began...

On second thought, this is so graphic it'll get hidden at DU. If not by those who think it's too sexual. Or by those who want to defend their state, region, alma mater or the fraternity system.

Or this will get replies that blame the young woman. A fair read of this shows she wasn't willing in any way, but NO ONE disapproved during the rape, they cheered and encouraged it to prove their manhood. And NO ONE wanted her to come forward

Victims should NOT read this, most likely. Those who think rape is like regular sex or that it is consensual, need a lesson in what this is. She was with her boyfriend, was drinking and new and wanted to fit in. He set her up for physical injuries, the rape using both the male organ and with objects. She was forced, bleeding and beaten.

I want to remind those who read this article at the link, that these are the future leaders of this country. And those who have participated in these things in the past are in positions of power. They've been given every advantage, but this is what they do with their 'liberty' which cost others a great deal and for which they have never been called to account. This is not 'sowing your wild oats.' It's a crime and should never be allowed.


I am going to post another reply here on the leaders of today in the state legislature. They have not done a good job of representing the people of Virginia and there are many people being hurt by their actions. We will never know how many, IF ANY of those legislators, indulged themselves this way in college.

VA Senate Minority Leader Rips UVA "Crap" on Campus Sexual Assault (XP from Politics)

Virginia Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw Rips UVA and Its "Crap" on Sexual Assault (11/24/14)

Published Nov 26, 2014 by lowkell

At the Falls Church City Council meeting on Monday, 11/24/14.

A few more points by Virginia Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw (D) regarding the Rolling Stone article on a vicious gang rape at UVA, and more broadly on the culture of UVA in general:

*"The reason these kids don't come forward is they know the university's total dedication is to sweeping everything under the rug"
*"Had that same kid been off campus and not a student at UVA, he'd be pulling 40 years in prison in Virginia, not walking across the stage with a diploma..."
*"What parent in their right mind would send a daughter to UVA when she's got...a 20 percent chance, a 20 percent chance of being sexually assaulted?"
*"And they've essentially told every male, particularly those on fraternity row, it always has been and still is open season on females"

More details at source:


to lowkell:


Please rec the thread and post to get some attention there, and we can discuss it within our context here. This is a move in the right direction and what Obama has been calling for that the GOP has resisted.

My neighborhood and apartment building are an affront to the media.

It's half black and mixed, and the the half white and mixed, and there wasn't even a word said in anger. Was I supposed to hide under the bed from my neighbors?

Sorry, Goebbels media, your attempt to have us arm up and kill each other in an orgy of hate did not happen. I know you are heartbroken.

Here is the local response:

Protesters take to streets of Seattle following Ferguson decision

BY Josh Kerns - November 24, 2014

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Seattle Monday evening after a grand jury in Missouri declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting that left 18-year-old Michael Brown dead and sparked weeks of unrest in August.

A group staged a "die-in" in Seattle's Westlake Park, laying down in the street before marching to Capitol Hill and then onto the Central District.

KIRO Radio's Brandi Kruse is with the demonstrators and reports while there is anger, there has been no violence...

Mayor Ed Murray urged calm in a speech following the decision.

"My message to the young African American men in Seattle today is this:
While we do not have the answers today, we in this city are listening to you.
Your city hears you. And your city loves you.
In this hour of pain, your city is absolutely committed to moving forward with you, together, towards greater peace and greater justice.
My message today to all Seattle residents is to ask that we all reach out to our neighbors - across racial and cultural lines in particular - commit to a promise of making our city a better place."

Seattle is located in King County, and was named after William Rufus King and its flag and logo was a royal crown. But a motion was passed to change it to the image below of Martin Luther King, Jr.:

It may sound crazy, but it just makes me feel better seeing that image of MLK, Jr. almost everywhere I go here. Thinking of his legacy and the higher spiritual plane he lived upon, and an example to all Americans.

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