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freshwest's Journal
freshwest's Journal
December 1, 2013

It's always they. Or them. I know all about this stuff:

No one can prove this isn't true:

Makes sense to me!

That and They Live.

My mind is open!

Now where did my horse go?

December 1, 2013

Agree 'in theory' that the American people are being bombarded with bullshit; but you omitted this:

One thing is, that the pain and loss of the actions described, and how they affected the minds of millions. JFK, MLK, RFK and the desire of people to change the nation for the better. Moral, eloquent, intelligent, determined men cut down in their prime.

History shows that the death of some people means the death of a movement. In these cases, the result was not as peaceful to make change as it could have been, but perhaps it never would have been peaceful, anyway. And the movements survived through the seventies, and then regressives acted with more boldness, some say, because of the assassinations of these men.

But is that true? There is a saying that 'Good comes to those who wait... But the evil things are always in a hurry.' That's the philosophy and strategy of the regressives, and it works. Strike fast, hard, ruthlessly, like any marauder or wild animal, make off with the spoils quickly and leave nothing but disarray.

That's just unbearable for many, a loss that cannot be overcome. They will nurse that grudge through generations, just as the South has, just as some on our part of the aisle have. It's true, many people will never get to parity with what they had before the attacks, which was not an unintended consequence, either. The American consciousness has been a battleground for years, and now we have taken sides that are irreversible, perhaps.

Some people want to liken these times to those, but they really cannot do so. A generation was united with a belief in justice and equality and those ideas came not from media trends, but from a document that had real legal power, the Constitution. Now we have many who have no knowledge of how that works and so they have lost that power. They lhave no idea how to make it work, so they flail about.

Was it all planned? Were the lone gunmen stochastic terrorists or where they flunkies for those with the most to gain? In a way, I want it to be about the people I despise, since they do not see me as a human being. I want to pull all the threads together to make a devil. Team spirit, yeah!

Grief goes through a series of stages. Among them are shock, anger, denial, bargaining and then acceptance that things will never be the same. In those days, JFK, MLK and RFK were beloved by millions of people, whose hearts soared as they saw them walk among them, and saw men who were human beings with power who cared. Now, the American people can no longer fathom that such a person truly exists, they think it's all an act like a movie. Yes, Hollywood has done its part to make the world look like a fantasy, and yet it is real and suffering, but we are too preoccupied to face it. We love that reality more than the world.

Some romanticize the sixties and those men and refuse to let them go, will not quit their desire for the way things were then. They want a justice served that will never come, as the world is not necessarily built on that.

Was it just to create the USA over the bodies of the natives? Did the clearing of the land by slaves from Africa just because it was expedient to create wealth the right thing to do because the ends justify the means? Our side of the aisle gives a strong NO. The other sees it as inevitable.

A lot of incredibly evil things were going on in the sixties. A lot of festering wounds were being opened and put in the light. Some are still in denial about those, too. I'd say our side of the aisle wants those wounds cleaned out and the infection excised. The right wants to put a bandage on it and would allow the patient to die of gangrene.

But now, due to technical and social engineering, we live in a disjointed and disconnected society. Our public education system that, for good or bad, taught people basic things that created our reality, and gave them tools to make a living has been under attack since Nixon, in order to reduce the number of people able to comprehend how we got here and make effective changes in a way that will last. And that was intentional. Is it a conspiracy or simply the nature of the regressives, with the time and money to do such things?

There were only a few networks to give the same message and in comparison to now, it was that 'liberal media' the right keeps whining about to shut down any discussion. It is now reduced solely to the propaganda of a few billionaires who are conservative libertarians. For them, laissez faire capitalism with no regard for the poor or equality and have destroyed WORLDS, human, natural and mental, is ideal. They can loot and leave like pirates.

Was that a conspiracy? Or was it the xcorpion following its true nature? Do we have any control over these things? These are the things that fuel CT. It just can't be that simple, it must be super natural or global or some ancient plan and not our fault.

Another thing that fuels the disagreements on the matter of the assassinations, is what we have been taught is the nature of the American mind. In comic book style, it is like this:

We are taught to rebel against all authority, to be free thinkers, to resist and be argumentative. Just like the Warren Commission is suspect because it is part of the evil gubbermint. Just like the 9/11 report because Bush was there. Is it all a cover up?

We may want to believe so, as we have NOT been satisfied by the explanations given. Our grief and loss has not been healed. We suspect, but cannot prove. That is the power of a great CT. We cannot bring these great men of our youth back to life, nor can we go back to what some see as a more honest, noble time.

So perhaps we are dealing with a part of ourselves that is hurting and irrational. And we are dealing with the great building up era being torn down. We can deny this is happening, but it will happen. All that we believed in at one time will come to an end. I leave you with perhaps not a very well thought out response as I am in a hurry, but is from a story using a quote that to me is both painful and liberating:

A man named Charles Sanders Pierce once said:

'If man were immortal he could be perfectly sure of seeing the day when every thing in which he had trusted should betray his trust, and, in short, of coming eventually to hopeless misery. He would break down, at last, as every good fortune, as every dynasty, as every civilization does. In place of this we have death.'

Put that way, death can be seen as a blessing. A way to hold on to some of your ideals and beliefs, to not get completely embittered by life.

Have a good week, PC Intern.

December 1, 2013

Well, you could give 'em that. Me, not so much.

You are a classy person. PBO is way beyond my league, too. I get exasperated faster than before. So many times, I just want to say:

But see, I didn't say it to anyone. The cat did it!!!

December 1, 2013

VIDEO: Raw: Obama Visits Immigration Activists on Mall

AssociatedPress - Nov 29, 2013

On the day after Thanksgiving, President Barack Obama stopped by a white tent on the National Mall where some activists have been fasting to protest House inaction on immigration legislation for the past 18 days. (Nov. 29)

to Richard D.

Please visit his thread:

Just the President chilling with protestors.


December 1, 2013

A Large PIcture of a Healthy Pacific Northwest Elk Herd:

But they, the deer and bears are terribly stressed by suburbia. At one time there was enough farmland and timber land for them to co-exist. Now the folks moving in from out of state don't want any native plants that wildlife feeds upon. They clear cut the land and plant grass and nothing else. They never go out, they live inside.

The elk and deer used to walk right up to you, or be relaxed and unworried if you took a picture of them in a stream by the roads. But the last time I saw any, they were terrified, thin, dehydrated, chased out of the last slivers wooded acreage by coyotes.

It was refreshing to the soul my first few years, but now when one walks the woods, instead of people treating these areas with respect as they used to do, they dump household garbage and junk cars out there.

Sad stuff, being separated from nature. I notice too that yards are no longer kept up for the lovely native plants, ferns, etc. but are being trimmed to look like poodle trees or whatever in a video game. People seem to have no idea what makes anything grow. Makes me sick.

Just thought you guys would enjoy that picture, too. Are they not amazingly beautiful?

December 1, 2013

There are so many excellent rebuttals originating from DU. Two that I've used successfully:

1) Why would anyone want a JUNK insurance policy?

The ACA got rid of denial of care of pre-existing conditions. We'll all get sick and die, it's a pre-existing condition. Why gamble with a JUNK policy that denies the obvious?

2) So what if the ACA website doesn't work fast?

Social Security didn't have a website for 60 years. It worked all those years without it!

I flummoxed a teabagger using 1) and 2), a person who had created some simple websites, said it shouldn't be hard.

I asked, did your website cover 50 states and territories all with different laws, for 300+ million people?

Did it take into account each and every one of people's different needs and financial ability and find companies to accept them?

Did Social Security survive 60 years without a website?

And it was game, set and match.

Easy, thanks to DU.

November 30, 2013

YW. Here's the website with the sign in front of the stores I see here:


And other link from another great website:


A website with information on AIDS and the ACA:


None of this will be reported in the media, it will be just as invisible to the shills as the voters in 2012:


Fox News Resorts to Race-Baiting, and White Boards, on Election Night

Election night, before the results come in, is awfully dull on cable news. Anchors desperate to fill the air resort to factoids about where, for instance, the most pickup trucks in the country are sold and What It Means. (Virginia, for the record, per MSNBC. What it means remains to be seen.) On Fox, the factoids were less automotively focused. “Independents are breaking for Romney in most states,” Michael Barone told Megyn Kelly at 7:24 p.m., before anyone had broken for much of anything, really. There, as everywhere, it was mostly a waiting game. “We have to wait and see how many white men turn out," Kristen Powers said.

Results began to come in that were unfavorable to Romney. Powers revised her urgency. “They need more white people voting, basically.” Suffragettes, even...

“It’s not a traditional America anymore. There are fifty percent of the voting public who want stuff. They want things. Who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it and he ran on it. ... Twenty years ago, President Obama would have been roundly defeated by an establishment candidate like Mitt Romney. The white establishment is now the minority. And the voters, many of them, feel that economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff. You are going to see Hispanics vote for President Obama, overwhelming for President Obama, and women will probably break President Obama’s way.”

“Stuff.” Those welfare mothers in their Cadillacs sure have been driving around for a long time looking for stuff...


The country is moving forward, just out of sight of media. They seek to put blinders on the people watching and listening to them, and not for good. Those who are buying the media kool-aid will miss out.
November 30, 2013

WALGREENS and CVS are helping ACA information get out as well:

Pharmacies Plan to Promote Benefits of Affordable Care Act

Daniel Weiss, Senior Editor -
August 1, 2013

Go to see the help they are both offering, how and why, and other links for information. Both companies service many millions of people and expect the ACA to grow their business a great deal. I've seen the signs at all of the Walgreens here. This will be the success of the ACA, not denial of care, but volume. It will lower the total cost of healthcare, no more gouging and terrorizing people with JUNK policies as it serves more citizens. See at link:


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