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Watch Brother's Keeper VIDEO here:

I thought you were...

Sheltering in place, Comrade!

Blue kindred also alerted!

FOAD is their only solution. See where they would want to install a state Death Panel:

[NC] Senate budget would cut elderly, blind and disabled from Medicaid rolls

The Senate budget proposal upends the state Department of Health and Human Services by moving to take away its biggest responsibility, Medicaid. At the same time it would cut thousands of elderly and disabled people, and other beneficiaries with high medical bills, from the government insurance plan.

This appears to be a first step Senate Republicans are proposing to cut Medicaid services and shrink the number of beneficiaries.

The budget includes a provision that would have the state health agency develop proposals by next year for cutting optional Medicaid services for elderly and disabled beneficiaries, limiting coverage to only that required by federal regulations or laws.

North Carolina’s Medicaid program is considered “rich” because it goes far beyond the basics. “Optional” services under Medicaid include prescription drugs, mental health and dental care.

Read more:


to alp227:


They know that will kill people. Folks need to quit kidding themselves about the GOP agenda. The party of Pro-life? Really?

BWAHAHA! Gotta love the Wonkette. They really know how to express things:

Oh hai, Glenn Greenwald, how are you being an atrocious monstrous hellbeast today?

That's gonna have me all day long. Even got the LOLspeak in there.

Gotta go.

Abuse of C&T may not not happen, despite the NYT article saying:

People familiar with the rule say that it will set a national limit on carbon pollution from coal plants, but that it will allow each state to come up with its own plan to cut emissions based on a menu of options that include adding wind and solar power, energy-efficiency technology and creating or joining state cap-and-trade programs.

This may overcome that:

Supreme Court Says Clean Air Trumps State’s Rights in Upholding EPA Rule

In a victory for environmentalists and the Obama administration, the Supreme Court today ruled to uphold the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule set by Obama’s EPA in 2011. The rule requires 28 states to reduce power plant emissions that can negatively affect the air quality in neighboring states. Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion in the case. The Court ruled 6-2 in favor of the rule with Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagen, Roberts and Kennedy joining Ginsburg in supporting the EPA mandate. Justices Anton Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented from the majority, arguing that the court’s decision ”feeds the uncontrolled growth of the administrative state at the expense of government by the people.”

While Thomas and Scalia may support the right of one state’s power plants to pollute downwind states with pollutants that cause respiratory illnesses and increase the risk of heart attacks for the downwind residents, the courts other justices disagreed. The Court majority determined that the EPA rule was a reasonable mandate consistent with the EPA’s mission, and that upholding the rule would improve the air quality for the American people.

The states of Texas, Ohio, and Michigan opposed the ruling. Some companies that operate coal-fired power plants including Xcel Energy and American Electric Power Company, also opposed the court’s decision. Environmentalists and proponents of clean air on the other hand were pleased with the outcome. Fred Krupp, speaking on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund, applauded the ruling, stating:

The Supreme Court’s decision means that our nation can take the necessary steps to ensure healthier and longer lives for the 240 million Americans at risk from power plant smokestack pollution near and far.

While this particular Supreme Court has not been friendly to proponents of the environment, today’s ruling is not only a victory for environmentalists, but it is a win for all Americans who want better health and cleaner air.


to Babylonsister:


I'm guardedly optimistic.

WTG Elizabeth and thanks for visiting!

Don't forget, Infowars says it's *false flag* already. Yes, Obama killed them all to get the guns.

Public Enraged At Media's Call To Ban Guns From Santa Barbara Stabbings

That's the youtube title. I won't post it. A musician is going on the road in CA venues with the same thing:

Punk icon Exene Cervenka claims Santa Barbara shooting a ‘false flag’ government hoax

Punk singer Exene Cervenka posted a series of tweets Wednesday questioning whether the government staged last week’s mass shootings in Isla Vista, California, to enact stricter gun control laws.

Cervenka, who performed with the bands X and the Knitters, posted links to videos questioning how quickly replacement panes were delivered for glass damaged during the shooting at a convenience store where Christopher Martinez was killed...

Another video promoted by Cervenka claims the University of California, Santa Barbara, shootings were staged by the same agents who staged mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and a Georgia FedEx facility...

Cervanka will perform X’s first four albums in their entirety in July with the other three original members of the band at the Roxy in West Hollywood.


I guess the crowd at Roxy's in West Hollywood will all find that an ultimate truth. But enough groups trash the families of the victims as they have done for all of these events, and say the government did it as usual.

Santa Barbara shooting was a anti-MRA gun grabbing false flag because, of course, why not?


That deserves a full read. The media induced hate has inspired going after all the groups asking for gun control with full malice:

Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women


That article much worse than the video. A gunshot victim is being terrorized for asking for reasonable control after her fiance was killed and she was left paralyzed. She is not safe in public or even at home from their attacks.

It is worth the time to read and it shows how media has created an atmosphere of depraved indifference to the suffering of others and the death of discourse. Add to that the continual bash of all government agencies and budget slashing and you get what was reported going on in North Dakota:

Lakota Country Times: Firsthand Account Of Man Camp In North Dakota From Local Tribal Cop


Worth going to the link if one wants to see where American culture is going.

to Algernon Moncrieff:


More lawlessness coming:


After 20 years of misogyny and division in mainstream media by Rush, the GOP and media, some expected a better outcome but it's time for the blinders to come off now.

Feline ripostes:

YAY! We're doing it here, too:

Seattle City Light

Formed 1905: The first municipally owned hydro facility, Cedar Falls, begins generating power for Seattle.

Seattle City Light is the public utility providing electrical power to Seattle, Washington, US, and parts of its metropolitan area, including all of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park and parts of unincorporated King County, Burien, Normandy Park, Seatac, Renton, and Tukwila.[1] Seattle City Light is the 10th largest public utility in the United States and the first municipal utility in the US to own and operate a hydroelectric facility.

Seattle City Light is a department of the City of Seattle and is governed by Seattle City Council. Socialist Council Member Kshama Sawant heads the committee that oversees Seattle City Light...

Seattle City Light was the first electric utility in the nation to become greenhouse gas neutral (2005)[3] and has the longest running energy conservation program in the country. The utility owns a large portion of its generation, which is predominately hydro, so is able to offer some of the country's lowest rates to its customers (of utilities in urban areas)...

Seattle City Light residential customers currently pay about 8 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity. Seattle has the lowest residential and commercial electrical rates among comparably-sized cities in the United States.


It also has a discount of 60% for lower income, which is higher than most state programs nationally, based on the average wage of $48K+ annually, or so they say.

And they promote solar energy:



Other city agencies are giving information for solar hot water heating and cooking, encouraging the use of rain water to save water, recycling, composting, etc.

Of course, this is known as a *cough* blue area. Other than I love it here, what can I say?
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