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Member since: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 3,167

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Ok what things are coming due in June

1. Walker gets recalled ...

2. SC decision on HC law ...

anything else ...

Will Warren have to face a primary fight?

I thought Ms. Warren was a shoo in for the Senate nod
to face Scott Brown ... a cousin of mine called me to tell me
that she might have to face a primary fight?
someone called Marsia DeFranco ... this is the first I heard
of it .... does anyone else know anything about this ...

I did a search and she is trying to debate Elizabeth Warren
but so far no debates ...

If this goes to a primary fight there will not be a nominee until what
Sept. and then face the Republican in Nov .. WTH ???

is this true ... or is my cousin pulling my leg ... I can see where
DeFranco is a candidate but can she force a primary fight?

what do you guys think of BWW (buffalo wild wings)

I love em ...
my favs are
Honey BBQ
Chipotle BBQ
Spicy Garlic
Thai Curry
Asian Zing

(not that I get all of those at a time mind you )

next time I go I want to try the Buffalo dry rub ... the chipotle BBQ is good ...
I want to try the Buffalo ....

in WI the latest polls is from the 13th

is there anything newer ?

do you believe the numbers?

Marquette University 5/9 - 5/12 600 LV 50 44 Walker +6
WeAskAmerica 5/13 - 5/13 1219 LV 52 43 Walker +9
Daily Kos/PPP (D) 5/11 - 5/13 851 RV 49 45 Walker +4
Rasmussen Reports 5/9 - 5/9 500 LV 50 45 Walker +5

WI members is this actual ??
or is someone blowing smoke ???

OK I just don't understand ....

KY - running unopposed only 57.9 percent of the vote 42 percent UNCOMMITTED

The President of the United States .. running unopposed ... 42 percent uncommitted

in Ark. the President takes like 60 percent of the vote and some guy
names Wolfe get 40 percent ...

WV a convict gets about 40% ... NC 20 percent vote no preference ...
WTF ....

I am not buying racism not totally ....

the only thing I can think of is the people wanted to vote down ticket
knew President Obama was the only viable candidate
and just marked the box and got to the races were people were
in contests ...

what is the latest on the WI senate polls ...

we may or may not get Walker ... right now polls
do not look good ...


can we get at least one of the Senate seats ...

what is up with Ark?


President Obama's performance in next Tuesday's Arkansas primary won't be as embarrassing as what happened in West Virginia two weeks ago, when he gave up 41 percent of the vote to someone who happened to be sitting in a federal prison in Texas for embezzlement.
But it may well do more lasting damage to his party.

Obama lost Arkansas by 20 points in 2008 and has virtually no chance of carrying the state this year in the November general election. Even many Democrats, it seems, have never warmed to him.

Despite limited funds and in-state campaigning and robocalling, Wolfe appears poised to cut deeply into Obama's primary vote margin in Arkansas on Tuesday. One poll showed Obama up by only 7 percentage points in the state's conservative 4th congressional district.

Arkansas is the last Southern state remaining where Democrats have held onto their traditional majorities in the Legislature. But Republicans are now within striking distance there as well thanks, in part, to Obama.
"Republicans won a whole bunch of legislative seats they had never competed in before" in 2010, says Roby Brock, editor of TalkBusiness.net, which conducted the recent 4th District poll. "A lot of that was an anti-Obama vote they took out on people who were on the ballot as a whole."

lots more there .. goes on to say we could lose the legislature ...
but there is more here ... WV a convict gets 41% of the vote .. NC almost 200k
people voted no preference .... NO Freaking PREFERENCE!!!
this is the head of the party ... the President of the United States ...
and a convict gets 41% ... and 200K people in NC vote No preference
and now Ark may go to the GOP in NOV .... WTH ....

MORE NC silliness ...

President Obama 79%

No Preference 21%

WTF is up with THAT ??!

Who is Pat McCrory ?

He is the Republican Nominee for Gov.
Don't know anything about him ...

NC primary results ...

Voted for Bob Etheridge ...
but right now Walter Daltion is leading ..

Amendment 1 looks like it may pass ...

For 32,334 57%
Against 24,081 43%

but only 12% reporting ....
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