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panfluteman's Journal
panfluteman's Journal
August 19, 2023

An Astrological Analysis and Takedown of Donald Trump

The natal astrology chart of Donald Trump reveals, in a very clear and graphic way, the overall spirit, personality and character of the man, and especially his many flaws and shortcomings. It's a portrait of his whole life, actually. In this article, I will proceed to analyze and interpret the natal chart of Donald Trump, starting with what I think to be the most important planetary configurations in his chart, and working my way down from there. The link to Donald Trump's natal chart is as follows:


Donald Trump has his natal Ascendant in Leo. Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac, and it is ruled by the Sun. People born with their Ascendant in Leo tend to be egotistical and autocratic, as well as generous, magnanimous, and charismatic. But Trump's Ascendant is at 29 degrees of Leo - the final degree, also called the Anaretic degree, which highlights the more problematic aspects of the sign. Not only that, but Trump's Ascendant is conjunct, within a degree, of the Royal Fixed Star Regulus, which is also called Cor Leonis, or the Heart of the Lion in Latin. And so, you get Don Corleone, the mob boss president. With his Ascendant, which represents one's basic approach to life, conjunct the Royal Star Regulus, Trump has always thought of himself as a king, and hence all the gold and royal trappings he likes to surround himself with. Also, Trump is incapable of being a president, who should be an elected servant of the American people - he thinks of himself as King. Being the sign of the star, the celebrity, everything tends to be personal for those with Ascendants in Leo - and especially for Donald Trump, for whom personal loyalty to himself is paramount for all he has dealings with. Not too long ago, Regulus went into Virgo, the sign of the Virgin, due to the precession of the vernal equinox point of the tropical zodiac, and this pretty much coincided with the "Me Too" movement of women coming out of the closet about rape - and this also put Donald Trump into the spotlight for his many sexual assaults on women at this time.

With his Ascendant in Leo, the next most important planet to look at in Donald Trump's chart is his Sun, since the Sun is the planetary ruler of Trump's Leo Ascendant. Being born on June 14, Donald Trump's Sun is at 22 degrees and 55 minutes of Gemini, the sign of the Twins, and also the sign of the sophist and con man for whom there is no fixed or absolute ethics or morality. Trump's Gemini Sun sits right on the cusp of his Eleventh House, and one of the things that this house is associated with is income, which he inherited from his father Fred - and the Sun represents the father in astrology. Wherever the Sun is, there is the center of the person's life, and definitely, Trump's life revolved around the generous financial support and inheritance from his father. And daddy Fred Trump was definitely the embodiment of the Gemini wheeler dealer and crooked businessman; Trump learned his crooked business ways from his father.

In a very tight opposition to Trump's Gemini Sun is his Moon in Sagittarius, with the Moon representing the mother in astrology. The exact opposition between the Sun and the Moon, which happens once a month, is the Full Moon, and Trump's natal Moon, the faster planet, being only a little more than one and a half degrees away from the full opposition of the Full Moon, was quickly closing in on the opposition - Trump was born only about 3 hours before the exact Full Moon. In contrast to Gemini, the sign of moral relativism and anything goes, Sagittarius, its opposing sign, is a sign of strong moral principles, to guide one in one's search for the Truth in life. Wrapped up in this very tight opposition between the Sun and the Moon in Trump's chart is a lot of dynamic tension, and even the possibility for conflict or dilemma - and with Gemini / Sagittarius, it is the tension between the moral relativism and sophistry of Gemini versus the moral principles and truthfulness of Sagittarius. Of his two parents, I feel that it was primarily his mother who tried to drum some moral principles and a sense of right and wrong into him - Trump was sent off to a military school to get "straightened out" when he was an adolescent, and probably it was mainly his mother who was behind this. But as it turned out, Donald wound up taking after his dad, who valued a winner with killer instincts above all else, and crooked businessman Fred wound up being Trump's role model.

Another very interesting feature of Trump's natal chart is that his Full Moon solar / lunar opposition is fairly tightly conjunct the axis of his lunar nodes, which delineates one's karmic trajectory through life. It may be this close paralleling of the axis of his lunar nodes to his core solar / lunar opposition that explains why Trump has so far been able to skirt the law and how he was constantly enabled, mainly by his dad Fred. and why the law has been so slow in catching up with him so far.

Trump has Mars, the planet of libido, in a fairly tight conjunction with his Leo Ascendant, on the twelfth house side. This explains his tendency towards infidelity and romantic escapades and affairs. With Mars on his Ascendant, Trump sees life as a big battle, basically, and he learned the art of fighting it from prominent mentors in his life (the Eleventh House, where he has his Sun, is also the house of mentors and role models) like dad Fred and mob lawyer Roy Cohn.

Also important is the conjunction of Trump's Sun with Uranus. And so, Trump had an image of himself as being the rebel and renegade, and had a predilection for creating instability and chaos. Aspects between the Sun and Uranus, including the conjunction, can also lead to mood instability and bipolarity. With his natal chart being centered around his solar / lunar opposition, his basic modus operandi accoriding to Mary Trump, was to created chaos and division, and then exploit it for his own gain. Let's face it - Trump's a divider, not a uniter. With Uranus so close to his natal Sun, Trump tends to be haphazard, having poor impulse control, and is definitely not much of a planner.

And one more thing to mention in this astrological takedown of Donald Trump: He has Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasy and deception, in his Second House of material resources, as well as Jupiter, the Major Benefic planet that brings all the goodies. Jupiter represents dad Fred's generosity towards him, whereas Neptune his tendency to lie and exaggerate about his material resources, and maybe also to "cook the books" on his financial statements. Trump is always bragging about his wealth, but a writer challenged him, saying that he wasn't really a billionaire, Trump sued him, but he won his case in court, because he was able to prove it. Having Neptune in his Second house also indicates that a lot of his real estate projects were long on the dreams and vision of it all, but when it came to reality, Trump fell flat on his face and had to declare bankruptcy many times.

So these are the basics of Donald Trump's natal astrology chart, which explain most of the stuff you see going on with him. I'm interested in receiving your opinion and feedback.

January 27, 2022

The United States Is Having Its First Pluto Return!

Pluto has a 248 year orbital cycle around the Sun, and in 2024, Pluto will have come back to its natal position - the zodiacal position it occupied in the US natal chart, once the 3.3 degree correction for equinoctial precession since our country's founding is factored into the equation. If you are not making the three degree plus correction, we are in the initial stages of that Pluto return already, and the midterm elections will be a real harbinger of what is to come. And of course, the dark or shadow side of Pluto is autocracy, totalitarianism and fascism. And of course, that means Donald Trump.

In fact, Pluto has played an important role in many important electoral events in our nation's recent history - and making the adjustment for equinoctial precession since our country's founding is essential to getting an accurate reading on them. The main events have been / will be as follows:

1) The 2000 presidential election and SCOTUS giving the presidency to George W. Bush: This coincided with Pluto crossing over the natal Ascendant of the United States.

2) The 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump: This coincided with transiting Pluto's opposition to the natal Sun of the USA.

3) The 2022 Midterm elections: This will coincide with the US Pluto return before the three degree plus adjustment for equinoctial precession is made.

4) The 2024 Presidential Election: This will coincide with the precession corrected US Pluto return.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it does seem like the writing is on the wall for our country taking a hard right turn towards fascism and Trumpism. We here at DU may know better, but we constitute a small minority; the masses - and Pluto does indeed have a correlation with mass consciousness and mass movements - are still ignorant and unenlightened, and may not be able to resist the siren call of Trumpism and fascism.

June 13, 2019

The Electoral College: America's Karmic Weak Spot, or Achilles' Heel

When I was just a little boy, my father used to tell me Greek myths as bedtime stories. One of the myths I remember very well is the myth about the great warrior Achilles and his vulnerable heel. I have a website on Greek Medicine, and on it, I use the myth of Achilles and his vulnerable heel as an allegory or metaphor to describe the nature of chronic pathological and immune vulnerabilities, and how they originate, grow and develop. In so many ways, the story of the Electoral College, which I consider to be America's great karmic weak spot, parallels the story of Achilles and his vulnerable heel.

When he was just an infant, Achilles' mother, who wanted his infant son to grow up to be a great warrior who would be invincible in battle, immersed the infant Achilles in the river Styx, which separates the world of the living from the world of the dead; this, she was told, would confer on him invincibility in battle. But she held Achilles by the heel, and forgot to immerse that part as well. Achilles went on to become the great warrior hero of the Trojan war. but he met his end, his fatal demise, when a poisoned arrow hit him squarely in his vulnerable heel. And so it is with individuals, and even nation states, as they go forth to fight the battles of life; they are perfectly fine until they meet up with a threat or challenge that precisely targets or exploits their particular vulnerabilities.

Similarly, the Electoral College is America's great karmic weak spot, its vulnerable Achilles heel. Like Achilles' vulnerable heel, this karmic weak spot of our nation had its origin or inception early on, in the infancy of our great nation. The slave states were hesitant to join the Union unless they were given special incentives to do so. The main population centers were up in the North, and the southern slave states felt that they would be insufficiently represented if the president were elected by means of the popular vote alone. And so, the Electoral College system was devised, which gave these underpopulated slave states more of a say by giving more power to the states; this was all part and parcel of what was called states' rights.

However, the Electoral College proved to be an ineffective, or only partially effective, method for providing electoral balance between the North and the South; for some eighty years, tensions between the North and the South continued to fester, until finally these festering tensions erupted in the Civil War. The North won the war, but still, the Electoral College lingered on, its legacy closely associated with slavery and the dark underbelly of racism that is associated with it. And this dark legacy of slavery and racism continues to haunt us to this very day - especially today, in the Trump era (in case you haven't noticed).

For the longest time, for over a hundred and fifty years since the end of the Civil War, the Electoral College remained nothing more than a quaint curiosity, an odd and unusual way in which Americans elected their presidents. Sure, it had its down sides, and many also felt that it was archaic and outdated as well, and didn't really serve the needs of modern America. Many even filed motions in Congress in an effort to eliminate the Electoral College - including, ironically enough, Senator Hillary Clinton, who went on to suffer what was probably the most tragic, unexpected and humiliating defeat ever dealt out by this peculiar American institution.

But with the rise and increasing sophistication of modern computer technology came those who developed the cyber-capability to specifically target and exploit this vulnerable Achilles' heel of our nation. Enter the Russians, and their systematic, sweeping cyber-attack on the 2016 presidential election. If we elected our president like every other major nation on earth, by the popular vote, Hillary Clinton would be president right now - she received almost three million more votes nationwide than Donald Trump. But Donald Trump, with the help of the Russians and their influence / meddling in the 2016 election, was able to pull off a stunning upset, with just 70 to 80 thousand votes, spread out among three crucial states in the Rust Belt. Just think - Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million votes, but Donald Trump pulled off his Electoral College upset with only 70 to 80 thousand votes! Michael Cohen, in his testimony before Congress, said that he didn't think Donald Trump expected to win - and probably even the Russians were just as surprised as he was.

The Russians were very clever in their cyberattack on our 2016 presidential election: Like any great general or strategist, they struck our country at its weakest spot - the Electoral College. They had taken the time and done their homework to study up on the intricacies of the Electoral College process, and how state by state polling and projections are used to forecast who would be the likely winner. The world was stunned by this unexpected upset, but the Russians, with their stunning success, had let the cat out of the bag: the great vulnerable Achilles' heel of America was its Electoral College, and by just flipping a few key votes in the right states, you could flip the whole election. Sure, the Russians will be back to meddle in the 2020 election, I fear - and perhaps they are doing so already. But even worse, perhaps other rogue and opportunistic nations have been inspired by the Russian success, and aim to meddle in our upcoming presidential elections as well. If we elected our president by the popular vote, the Russians wouldn't have stood a chance - three million votes would have had to be flipped, and that's within the whole nation, not just in a few crucial states. I fear that the Electoral College, combined with modern cybertechnology, has made it open season on America.

So - what are the pros and cons of our Electoral College system? Its proponents claim that it gives all the various states and regions of our great nation more of an equal say in how we choose our president, who, they claim, is more likely to represent all regions of the country in a more fair and balanced manner than just the heavily populated urban areas on the coasts, which tend to be more liberal or progressive. Since the Democrats tend to be more liberal or progressive, and the Republicans more conservative, the Electoral College, by its very nature, tends to favor Republicans over Democrats - but the Electoral College pre-existed the Republican party.

Everything else about the Electoral College, as I see it, is a negative. With its state by state, winner-take-all approach, the Electoral College encourages an incredible amount of corruption in electoral politics on the state level. Everyone's familiar with all the vote purging, voter suppression and voter ID laws that are in operation in red states with Republican governors, not to mention all the ridiculous gerrymandering in red states as well. If we chose our presidents nationally by the popular vote, and abolished the Electoral College, then such electoral corruption and suppressive shenanigans at the state level would become meaningless, and would probably disappear within short order. The Electoral College also encourages a lot of voter apathy at the state level as well. If I am a Republican in a blue state like California, for example, I would be apathetic, thinking that my vote wouldn't really matter, since the state as a whole would go blue and vote Democratic anyway - and the reverse would apply for a Democrat voting in a red state like Texas. Voter apathy is a big, big problem in this country, and if we elected our presidents by the national popular vote, a lot of this voter apathy would disappear, because who knows where the winning votes would come from?

We like to say that it's one man, one vote in our democracy, but that's not exactly true. With the Electoral College system, the votes of those living in rural, less populated "flyover" states in the middle of the country count for a lot more than the votes of people living on the coasts, and in the great population centers. That's yet another injustice perpetrated by our Electoral College.

As you can see, the Electoral College favors conservatives and Republicans, not only by its very nature, but also in the corrupt, unfair electoral politics at the state level that it has engendered. I would even go so far as to say that it is impossible to elect a Republican president in America today without the help of the Electoral College. There has been a broad shift in demographics within the American electorate over the last few decades; we're now less white and more black, brown and ethnic - and that favors Democrats, not Republicans. To compensate for this broad shift in electoral demographics, the Republicans in recent years have had to rely increasingly on vote purging, voter suppression, ID laws, and the like - all of which find favor in red states due to the encouragement of the electoral environment engendered by the Electoral College. Of course, Republicans could have buckled down and done the hard work of reinventing or rebranding conservatism to make it more appealing to a more ethnically diverse electorate, but they took the easy way out, through voter suppression laws and the like. And when gerrymandering, voter purging, voter ID and suppression laws were no longer sufficient in their eyes, it was just the natural next step to accept Russian help in winning the 2016 presidential election. And the Russians wouldn't have stood a chance in flipping our election if it hadn't been for the Electoral College.

Our election laws cry out for reform. There are so many ways in which we could make our elections more secure, fair and just - paper ballots, overturning voter suppression and ID laws, increased early voting, and the list goes on and on. But when it comes to the security of our presidential elections, just one measure alone would be sufficient to make them much more secure - and that would be to abolish the Electoral College. Yet Republicans will fight this tooth and nail, because I feel that they know that they couldn't get a Republican president elected without it - and of course, that makes election meddling by the Russians and others possible. The Electoral College is indeed America's vulnerable Achilles' heel, which enables all kinds of chronic abuses of the system, and now even opportunistic infections in the form of foreign cyberattacks on our election system. It's high time to get rid of it.

October 3, 2018

A Look at Brett Kavanaugh's Natal Astrology Chart

Seeing how Brett Kavanaugh has been so much in the news lately, I thought it would be interesting to do a google search for Brett Kavanaugh's natal astrology chart online. This search led me to the following page:


According to the article and the natal data given, Brett Kavanaugh's birth time is unknown. Nevertheless, from the zodiacal positions and placements of the planets on the day of his birth, and from news about Brett Kavanaugh from the hearings, certain things suggested themselves quite strongly to me as to where his Ascendant might be. Judging from the way he held onto his 1982 calendar, and marked everything on it, it seems to me that he probably has a super organized, detail oriented Virgo Ascendant.

Brett has three planets in Virgo, all retrograde: Uranus, Pluto and Mars. Being born in 1965, or the counterculture explosion of the mid 60s, which was marked by the big Uranus / Pluto conjunction, Brett has these two planets conjunct in Virgo within two degrees of exact. I would venture that of these three planets, Brett probably has Mars retrograde nearest to his Ascendant. His Mars is at 26 degrees of Virgo, and I would put his Ascendant at 27 or 28 degrees of Virgo, putting his retrograde Mars on the twelfth house side of his Ascendant. Brett's Mars, with its rage, aggressiveness and anger, seemed to be front and center in the hearings, and generally what is on one's Ascendant is very prominently on display. Donald Trump also has Mars, the planet of libido, conjunct his own Ascendant, and this would make both men highly sexed. But with Mars retrograde (Trump's Mars is direct) Brett could have deep insecurities about his masculinity and a constant need to prove himself. With Mars on the twelfth house side, with the twelfth house dealing with hidden or repressed factors, this can be a real problem area for him.

Uranus retrograde and Pluto retrograde would also be in Brett's twelfth house, right behind Mars and deeper into the twelfth house. The combination of these two particular retrograde planets would denote a lot of repressed demons and a need for power, manipulation and control (Pluto) combined with the volatility of Uranus; with Uranus retrograde in the twelfth, there may be deep seated fears of being different, of being a misfit - thus exacerbating his need to prove himself with the in crowd. Pluto in the twelfth house is also connected with a persecution complex, like he felt like he was receiving the mark of fate. As I said previously, the Uranus / Pluto conjunction of the mid sixties was closely associated with the explosion of the hippie counterculture - and with this conjunction in his twelfth house of hidden or repressed factors, there is the possibility that Brett might actually be a closet liberal, or much more so than he lets on - or that his explosive, radical nature, as embodied in these two planets, has been carefully channeled or sublimated into his dedication to conservative politics to remake the country.

What does astrology have to say about Brett's drinking problem? Plenty! It jumps right out at you with the tight Jupiter / Neptune opposition aligning along the Taurus / Scorpio axis. People who have hard aspects, like a square or an opposition, between these two planets often have problems with drug, alcohol and substance abuse, in whatever house these planets should fall. Brett's Jupiter / Neptune opposition is quite strong, only three degrees away from exact on the day of his birth. And with these two planets aligning along the receptive Fixed signs of Taurus / Scorpio, there can also be a lot of deep seated subconscious issues bringing to bear on his drinking problem as well.

But what about his problems with women? Here again, Brett's planets have a lot to say. Most specifically, his Venus in Aquarius is tightly conjunct his Black Moon Lillith - only two degrees away from exact. In a man's chart, Venus tends to be associated with women found to be sexually "hot" or attractive, and with Brett's Venus in Aquarius, this type of woman would be the brainy intellectual or the libertine free spirit - real or perceived. Black Moon Lillith, especially in a man's chart, represents the dark side of the feminine, and can be that aspect of the feminine that the man most fears or resents. So, suffice it to say that, with this Venus / Lillith conjunction, Brett has a lot of deep seated issues with women. If Brett's Ascendant is in Virgo, then his Venus in Aquarius would probably be in his sixth house, which is a real problem placement for Venus, the house of its fall; chief issues here would be a deep lack of self esteem and feelings of personal unworthiness in love.

While Venus in a man's chart represents the woman who turns him on for a romantic fling, the Moon in a man's chart represents the woman he is most likely to marry. And Brett has his Moon in Cancer, which indicates that his marrying type is a very traditional, domestically oriented family loving supermom. The Moon is in her domicile sign in Cancer, and so, Brett has very strong and deep seated feelings, and really, a very sensitive, emotional nature deep down. But if Brett's Ascendant is in Virgo, as I believe it most probably is, then there is a good chance that his Moon might be in the tenth house, which is the house of the Moon's detriment or exile. The tenth house is the house of career, and corresponds naturally with Capricorn, the sign opposing Cancer, the Moon's domicile - and so the Moon is in exile in the tenth house. The situation with this placement of the Moon would be having a lot of deep, tender feelings inside, but having to sweep them all under the rug so he can push ahead with his career and climb to the top. Since the Moon also represents one's family tradition and the expectations of one's family for the individual, chances are that Brett's family and upbringing placed a high premium on career success - even at any cost.

So- there you have it. I am not absolutely positive about the Virgo Ascendant conjunct Mars, but it just so worked out in Brett's case that a lot of other things seem to fit if one works on the chart from this vantage point. This is not exactly standard technique for rectifying the birth time and Ascendant in astrology, but in Brett's case, a lot of things seem to fit and fall into place with this.

November 10, 2014

Vaccines and Autism - and Politics

I was very disappointed to find that the discussion thread about the anti-vaccination video, The Silent Epidemic, had been locked as being "off topic". This is a political website, and there is no part of the health and medicine field that is more inherently political than that of vaccinations. And the key political issue at stake is the right of the individual and/or his or her legal guardian to have control over what is put into their bodies. It's where the rights of the individual and the political will of the society interface, and where exactly one defines the boundaries over what is ethical and proper in a democracy. And, sad to say, this remains a very controversial, even explosively controversial, topic on this website. Therefore, I would not say that it is off topic; it is inherently very political, and hence very on topic for a political website that is interested in democracy, like this one. The only problem is its explosively controversial nature.

As someone who has an autism spectrum disorder who was finally diagnosed late in life, and also as someone who has had a serum antibody test for biocompatibility to dental materials that revealed an adverse immunoligical reaction to Thimerosal, a key additive / preservative used in vaccines, done on me prior to my autism spectrum diagnosis, I cannot help but believe from personal experience in the link between vaccines and autism. For goodness' sake, why couldn't a simple serum antibody screening test to common suspected ingredients in vaccines, like Thimerosal, be offered as an option for the children of concerned parents with the option to exempt their children from being vaccinated if the results came back positive? In a society that was truly democratic and politically sane and reasonable about this issue, the rights and prerogatives of the individual who tested positive would be honored above the profits of the drug companies that make the vaccines. And Democrats should stand up for democracy, and for individual rights.

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