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Gender: Male
Hometown: Rio Rancho, NM
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Wed Feb 24, 2010, 04:04 PM
Number of posts: 37

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Navy Veteran...long time reader...very rare poster.

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My thoughts on Gun ControlÖ

My head hurts. I keep running into discussions on my facebook and its getting frustrating so I want to get DU's opinion on my arguments...

My arguments are these...why are we so afraid of other people?

Why in our day in age do we have to arm ourselves to the teeth (concealed fire arms, guns in schools, guns in churches, guns in bars, guns in movie theaters)?

Why in this day in age do you need AR-15's to "protect" yourself?

Why do you need a drum magazine able to hold 100 cartridges that you can get from stores and on the Internet?

Why in this day and age do I feel that if you have a gun you live more in fear than I do...someone who does not have a gun at all?

Why is it that I feel like this entire discussion about gun control is something that is actually GOOD for our country because people are actually talking about it and people are of course...dying?
What the hell?
I am absolutely astonished. I have said it time and time again.

#1. There are responsible gun owners out there this no question. I know many of my friends are responsible as well. I am not saying to take his guns away at all, but what I am saying is there needs to be more of a accountability of them and make it so that people are protecting themselves smartly and do it the correct ways.

#2. Itís not banning guns I am in favor of, I am in favor of making it a HELL OF A LOT MORE HARDER to get them.

#3. To my opponents...So...what would I do to help gun control and reduce the deaths of those who are dying?

Here is a check list in how to accomplish that:

#1. I would increase the cost of bullets.

#2. I would have a strenuous background check and a LONG AS HELL waiting period. If you REALLY want to shoot something you can wait.

#3. Provide more insight into modifications to weapons and find out what the society should have and determine what is best to make it so we can reduce deaths.

#4. Increase training in gun violence across the board. From little children to high schoolers, to college students as well as suicide awareness and implement more psychology into classrooms making it not as an elective, but more of a thing so kids can help recognize potential warning signs for those who might want to shoot something up.

#5. This one is something that was talked about in an earlier thread: Parenting. Parents need to be able to know to LOCK UP their damn guns and ammo. To know that a GUN HAS ONE PURPOSE: TO KILL. Itís not something that you "point" at your friends with or show off because its "cool". Itís a weapon.

#6. Make it so when you buy it online it has to be even HARDER than it is to buy it face to face. This was what led to many recent tragedies and at the same time...part of the problem recently is media coverage. That is why instances like this one mentioned is simply a copycat but on a way lower scale.

Letís face facts here: People are dying.
There is no way around that. So how do we make it so people can stop dying...add more guns to the streets?
Are you insane? That is like adding more gas to a fire.

No, what we need is more of a mixed approach and arming teachers which was mentioned by the NRA is not the answer. We do need more of a presence at schools yes, but it should be in the form of thinking we are a 1st world country...not the Wild West. There is my argument, yes; it is a long wall of text without any links. Enjoy.

Jon Tanta
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