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Something's happening here. What it is, is perfectly clear. There's a man with a gun over there...

"We have at most a year to defend the Republic"

In an interview with German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Yale University history professor Timothy Snyder said the threat posed by President Donald Trump means “we have at most a year to defend the Republic” and highlighted the role chief strategist Stephen Bannon is playing in that threat, including the administration’s interaction with the media.

The Trump presidency has created no shortage of concerns about the stability of the republic. Trump has waged an unrelenting war on the press for more than a year, personally attacking dozens of journalists, falsely decrying entire news organizations as “fake news,” and even going so far as to shout down CNN’s Jim Acosta for asking a question at a press conference. It’s not just Trump, either -- Bannon, formerly of Breitbart.com, attacked the mainstream media as “the opposition party,” demanding that media “keep its mouth shut” and listen to Trump. Bannon is also known for formerly running a website that pushes pro-white nationalist viewpoints, dog-whistling to neo-Nazis, and infecting the current administration with anti-immigrant policies.

In the February 7 interview, Snyder commented on Bannon’s interaction with the media specifically, noting that he “says in essence that he misleads the public and the media deliberately” and that Bannon’s goal is “the extinction of the whole political system.” Snyder also says the media is “worse” in America now than it was during Nazi Germany, because it is “very polarized and very concentrated.” In addition, Snyder explains that Bannon’s use of the term “opposition” when describing the media is an indicator of talk about an “authoritarian state” because it suggests some type of regime change. . .

When Bannon calls himself a „Leninist“, do Americans know what is he talking about?

No, they usually have no idea. It is a good question. Americans have this idea that comes from Jefferson and the American Revolution that you have to rebel every so often. And they sometimes don’t make the distinction between a rebellion against injustice and the extinction of the whole political system, which is what Bannon says that he is after. The American Revolution actually preserved ideas from Britain: the rule of law being the most important. The whole justification of the American Revolution was that the British were not living up to their own principles, were not including Americans in their own system. In a broad way that that was also the argument of the civil rights movement: the system fails itself when it does not extend equal rights to all citizens. So there can be resistance and even revolution which is about meeting standards rather than about simple destruction. What Bannon says correctly about the Bolsheviks was that they aimed to completely destroy an old regime. We can slip from one to the other very easily, from rebelliousness to a complete negation of the system. Most Americans had a rule of law state for most of their lives, African Americans are an exception, and so most Americans think this will be there forever. They don’t get that a “disruption” can actually destroy much of what they take for granted. They have no notion what it means to destroy the state and how their lives would look like if the rule of law would no longer exist. I find it frightening that people who talk about the destruction of the American state are now in charge of the American state.

When Bannon calls the press the main „opposition party“ that should make everyone concerned. This is not only intended to cheer up Trump supporters.

When you say that the press is the opposition, than you are advocating a regime change in the United States. When I am a Republican and say the Democrats are the opposition, we talk about our system. If I say the government is one party and the press is the opposition, then I talk about an authoritarian state. This is regime change.

Last week Trump called those who take part in demonstrations “thugs” and “paid protestors”. This doesn’t show respect for First Amendment right, it sounds more like Putin.

That is exactly what the Russian leadership does. The idea is to marginalize the people who actually represent the core values of the Republic. The point is to bring down the Republic. You can disagree with them. but once you say they have no right to protest or start lying about them, you are in effect saying: „We want a regime where this is not possible anymore.“ When the president says that it means that the executive branch is engaged in regime change towards an authoritarian regime without the rule of law. You are getting people used to this transition, you are inviting them into the process by asking them to have contempt for their fellow citizens who are defending the Republic. You are also seducing people into a world of permanent internet lying and [away] from their own experiences with other people. Getting out to protest, this is something real and I would say something patriotic. Part of the new authoritarianism is to get people to prefer fiction and inaction to reality and action. People sit in their chairs, read the tweet and repeat the clichés: “yes, they are thugs” instead of “it is normal to get out in the streets for what you believe.” He is trying to teach people a new behavior: You just sit right where you are, read what I say and nod your head. That is the psychology of regime change.

SOURCE: http://international.sueddeutsche.de/post/157058066625/we-have-at-most-a-year-to-defend-american

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's coup in the making

. . .

The onslaught of executive orders and threatening talk, while entirely in keeping with what Trump promised during the campaign, have left Americans of many political leanings feeling overwhelmed and fearful of what may come next.

The confusion and chaos generated at the bureaucratic and individual level by Trump's most spectacular executive order -- his ban of individuals from selected predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States -- came in part from its sudden announcement. From enforcers to the public, many were thrown off guard.

Welcome to the shock event, designed precisely to jar the political system and civil society, causing a disorientation and disruption among the public and the political class that aids the leader in consolidating his power.
Those who still refuse to take Trump seriously cite his incompetence for the rough start in office. Yet this blitzkrieg was intentional. "Get used to it. @POTUS is a man of action and impact ... Shock to the system. And he's just getting started" his counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted Saturday.

"Strike at the enemy at a time and place or in a manner for which he is unprepared," reads one US Air Force formulation of the old military doctrine of surprise. Trump has long been an advocate of this tactic and complained various times during the campaign that our armed forces were far too transparent about their planned operations.

Yet Bannon is the mastermind of this takeover strategy as it's been adapted to the domestic realm. Well-versed in military tactics and the history of the radical left and right, Bannon has repeatedly talked about "destroying the state" in the name of securing power for "an insurgent, center-right populist movement that is virulently anti-establishment."

Besieging your targets until nothing makes any sense -- giving them no time to absorb or recover from attacks -- is a time-tested strategy in the history of war and authoritarian takeovers. One might cite what's gone on in Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

It's now being employed at the pinnacle of American democracy. It's particularly useful in situations where the leader is vulnerable due to possible investigations, blackmails or other circumstances that close off gradualist approaches to implementing an agenda. With all the emergencies going on, who is bothered at the moment about those Trump tax returns, or even his ties to Russia?

SOURCE: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/01/opinions/bannon-trump-coup-opinion-ben-ghiat/

For What It's Worth - 2017:

On AMJoy in January, Former CIA Operative Malcom Nance Explains Why Stopping President Bannon is Imperative:


From the video:

The term "Drain the Swamp" - Comes from Alexander Dugin - who is part of the EU Anti-Democratic movement.

That movement has as its main feature a staunch belief in Eurasianism, which is the alignment of US and Russia together in a Christian War Against Islam.

Steve Bannon is the Commissar of the NSC. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA Director and Director of National Intelligence have all been supplanted by Steve Bannon - who is setting this strategy for the WH.

They hate gov't and especially ANY gov't program (no matter how successful or lifesaving)

Ayn Rand and the Koch Bros ARE running the US gov't (actually it's mostly owned and controlled by Wall St, billionaires and huge corporations such as Koch Industries, Goldman-Sachs, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, United Healthcare, Exxon-Mobil etc etc - Paul Ryan is just one of these corporate whores
numerous pimps) - "we the people" have NO voice in it at all. We're just the sitting ducks they scrape more flesh off of to further enrich themselves. Because having 99% of the nation's and the world's wealth isn't enough. THEY. WANT. ALL. OF. IT. And the rest of us get to live and die sick and destitute for it.

Paul Ryan, The Koch Bros, Pete Peterson (of the Peterson Institute) and other various Teabagger/AynRandian apes have successfully convinced people that "Social Security is Broke!" and "Medicare is bankrupt because of Obamacare!" while neither is remotely true. Obamacare in fact rendered Medicare fully solvent for another 10-12 years or -- so but The Idiot Brigade listens to Paul Ryan instead of looking for the truth. Facts are easily found but idiots can't find their own ass with both hands in broad daylight -- so there's that. Believe me I'm related to some of these idiots. They're dumb as a rock when it comes to this stuff.



And Democrats? Well.... perhaps they're just whistling past our collective graveyards. Perhaps they have big plans they're secretly hatching. Bottom line is that THEY WON'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS THEY HEAR A CONSISTENT LOUD ROAR FROM ALL OF US. So warm up your letter-writing and phone dialing fingers and GET CRACKIN!

Paul Ryan/Kochs plan a two-pronged attack on the ACA/Medicare:

1. Repeal ACA with no replacement - INCLUDING repealing the taxes that help fund it - virtually ENSURING there will be no money in the budget for any replacement - EVER.
2. ABOUT THOSE TAX CUTS/Repeals: these will totally EXHAUST the Medicare Trust Fund even more quickly than it would otherwise be depleted. IOW, Republicans will - over time - just DEFUND Medicare, then in 2024 or so if not sooner, simply claim there's no more money for it. Remember Obamacare made it solvent another 10 or so years. Paul Ryan and the greedy corprats & billionaires want to "FIX" that by moving money from ACA->Medicare into HUGE tax cuts for themselves instead.

...Reconciliation repeal bill from earlier this year eliminated $680 billion (over ten years) of taxes on high-income households and the health care industry (e.g., insurers, device manufactures, and drug companies). In addition to increasing deficits, by rescinding the 0.9% Hospital Insurance Trust Fund payroll tax on wages above $200,000, these tax cuts would also accelerate the exhaustion of Medicare’s Part A Trust Fund by four years, from 2028 to 2024
- https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2016/12/19/paying-for-an-aca-replacement-becomes-near-impossible-if-the-laws-tax-increases-are-repealed/

(these tax cuts will no doubt be re-introduced again since they now will pass under Trump)

REMEMBER the Republican M.O. for getting rid of "big government" they dislike: they simply find back-door ways to STARVE THEM OF ANY revenue. Like what they did to the USPS with their poison-pill bill "the US Postal Reform Act" - passed in 2006 wherein the USPS was required to PRE-FUND it's retirees benefits for SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS - something virtually unheard of anywhere else in the public or private sector. This effectively changed the USPS balance sheet from being fully in the black to being covered in RED. In case anyone believes the USPS isn't part of the government - it IS:

The USPS often is mischaracterized as a quasi governmental or private entity. It is neither. The USPS is a government agency that was created by Congress to achieve various public purposes. Federal law defines what products and services the Postal Service may offer. Additionally, the USPS’s employees are federal employees who participate in the Civil Service Retirement System, the Federal Employees Retirement System, and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
- http://postalnews.com/blog/2015/05/09/postal-myths-2-the-usps-is-not-a-government-agency/

USPS ALSO HAS A HUGE AND POWERFUL UNION - the Postal Workers Union - which the Ayn Randian/Koch/Ryan Republicans HATE - all the more reason they want this entity GONE and completely privatized so that workers are treated more like UPS and FedEx workers - fewer benefits, lower wages, longer work hours, less or no healthcare or retirement - certainly nothing as good as the Civil Service Retirement System or the FERC.

So what will Republicans do to the ACA? Look at the USPS and other VERY SUCCESSFULLY RUN Gov't programs they hate. They'll find sneaky back-door ways to DEFUND the program - strip it (and Medicare and Social Security) of REVENUE then they'll claim it "doesn't work" and thus needs to be abolished or privatized. ICING ON THE CAKE: they get to continue claiming that "government is inefficient and doesn't work and shouldn't run anything but the military" - when it's actually REPUBLICANS whose anti-gov't ideas and anti-gov't prejudices and destructive dirty trickery that destroys the most successful government programs like USPS, Medicare, Social Security, and now, ACA and the basis of this is PURE GREED.

And of course The Idiot Brigade like my dumb as rocks relatives will believe every word of it.
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