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Member since: Sat Sep 13, 2008, 10:29 AM
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Yep. She voted to invade Iraq for no legitimate reason. That is war crime of 'aggression'.

So far she has waffled and tried to avoid answering the question.

Given that Bush admin was obviously lying, she was either:
a) part of conspiracy to take us to war
b) to craven to resist war fever (leadership and backbone failure)
c) corrupt - bought and paid for, or in her case I suspect a calculated effort to look tough to aid her ambition - costing the country trillions, our service people their lives, the lives of the Iraqi people, political stability in the region which we are still paying for. Just so she could get ahead at the expense of others.
d) conned. She was suckered by Bush and his cronies. Her judgement seriously called into question, she is not fit to lead nation.

Anyone of these disqualifies her from office in my book, but she had better give an honest answer, especially if it is not a,b,c,d.
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