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Fuck DU, delete

Fuck DU, delete's Journal
Fuck DU, delete's Journal

Profile Information

Name: PURGED, but not silenced. Skinner is an ASSHOLE!!
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Thanks, my friends, miss you all
Current location: FUCK ALL of the admins been asking nice for months, JUST DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 10:16 PM
Number of posts: 16,974

About Fuck DU, delete

So on 7 Dec, I posted the following, ((("34. Yep, something really unhealthy with that hate sadly"))) and now I am being held in Permanent FFR status. This takes away every right on the board. I will keep this here until my status gets changed. I do not mind being on a time out even if I disagree with the jury result, at least there is a known date it is over. FFR status is generally after several hides in a short time, this was after a single hide in that month and was indeed number 5. "Typically, this account review occurs sometime over the next 24 hours" So how long will it be? The clock started Wednesday 7 December 2016. Since I am FFR, can't ask a question in ATA. Can't send the administrators a PM. So I have emailed all administrators several times, no response. I have tried to contact via Twitter, again ignored. They do not have the politeness to even respond. I have been a paying member for many years. They will not silence me. So far I email every possible address here at least weekly, so far nobody has even the common courtesy to even respond. I have also responded to tweets to try and get some kind of response, again not even the common courtesy of a response. I hope the administrators see this. I know I am not the only one they are just showing this disrespect to, sadly. See I am trying to follow the rules and not open another account but they do not even follow their own 24 hour rule ........UPDATE.......I will post my hidden posts for all to see... (((Sat Oct 15, 2016 1. Another one that will be locked, why do you insist on disrespecting the host? He has been eminently fair to you and very politely asked you several times to respect the group SOP. You have had several like this one locked for that reason.))) (((Sat Oct 15, 2016, 10:03 PM 6. Lol, the rules of a group on a private board, Control what is allowed. There is always ATA again. I do love those exchanges.))) ((( Mon Nov 21, 2016, 01:05 PM 22. I do not think so, she sunk herself with her selfish use of a personal server. He did not go there.))) If these hidden posts are so bad to get me permanently flagged, I hereby dare the administrators to answer and provide some kind of explanation!! ......UPDATE....So it has been another week and the nice administrators are still too scared to even acknowledge my emails, Tweets for some kind of explanation on my FFR. Look at the hidden posts above, I was supporting the administrators!!!! I really think the PURGE has begun even though they fail to acknowledge that fact!! ....UPDATE 13 Jan 17....So another week has come and gone. I have once again politely emailed all possible addresses to request any update on my FFR status. Of course, our nice administrators failed to give any common courtesy of even an acknowledgement. I will keep updating this and pointing out how the administrators are not even following their posted guidance of a 24 hour review of the FFR status. Just noticed my 5th hide has now dropped off so I should be able to post again. And like clockwork two more of my removed posts dropped off. Now only two hides and still being punished I assume because I supported Bernie and am part of the purge.....28 Jan 2017... Been another week and the administrators still fail to even acknowledge any of my emails to every available account and also my replies to their twitter account. Very sad... UPDATE 29 Jan 2017....I am getting tired of the administrators not being civil enough to even acknowledge or respond to my dozens of polite emails over the last two months. I have told them to delete my fucking account as part of their purge. Lets see if they have the balls to follow through. I have enjoyed my decade of civil and sometimes not so civil discussion. I have many friends here I will miss.....UPDATE 5 Feb 17......So another week goes by and I email all possible general and administrator addresses daily. So far still not even an acknowledgement or answer. I know they get them as Skinner adjusted my log in email within hours. Thanks for that by the way. I have also responded to the DU tweets with no response. Not very civil or polite in my opinion. I guess I am just part of the new purge, sadly they just do not want my input to the site.....UPDATE 7 Feb......Well it has been 60 days now and not even one response back from my dozens and dozens of emails to every administrator and general DU account, very FUCKED UP in my opinion. I have also kindly requested an update to every DU tweet, No response. The admins here are really FUCKED up and I hope people get to read this and see how members are being treated! I know I am not the only one. As far as I am concerned they all can get bent!!!! FUCK EM!!!!.... UPDATE 12 Feb......Continued daily emails to all administrator and general accounts. They do not even bother to acknowledge. I have also responded to twitter posts with no response. The purge is real and the ASSHOLE administrators are to yellow and scared to admit that fact, shame on them!! ....UPDATE 17 Feb....Emailed all available accounts again every day this week, the administrators still did not have the courtesy to acknowledge or answer. Responded to every Tweet, again they seem to be so scared of me they will not respond. Very sad the administrators are so fucking scared of dialog they have to purge a long term paying member that has contributed to this site for almost a decade. Whats the matter SKINNER, yes, I am calling your ass out for this bullshit!!!!!......UPDATE 25 Feb....Well another hide dropped. I am down to the last one which should drop in a week or so. Same crap from the cowardly administrators. They refuse to answer my daily emails to every account and respond to my tweets responding to theirs. Very sad. Like I say, the purge is real and they are to scared to admit it!!!...UPDATE 6 Mar...Well hitting 90 days in FFR status and once again the administrators failed to answer or even acknowledge my daily emails or Twitter responses. I am quickly coming to realize they are just a bunch of assholes that have small minds and hate certain people. I can only think it was because I supported Bernie in the primary and I am now part of the purge. They are just to fucking cowardly to admit it! My last hide should drop tomorrow....UPDATE...My last hide dropped.There is no excuse for this treatment by the administrators. They just show themselves to be out and out cowards. I have been more then fair in giving them 60 days before actually calling them out for what they are. SKINNER, EARLG and ELAD, YOU ARE A FUCKING COWARDS FOR NOT EVEN RESPONDING TO MY DOZENS OF INQUIRIES, TELL ME WHY I AM STILL FFR? I DARE YOU!!!!!!...UPDATE 9 Mar...Over 90 days now, still no response to my daily emails. I have requested that the administrators delete my account for the second time. THEY ARE SUCH COWARDS THEY WILL NOT AS THEN I MIGHT LEGALLY RETURN!!! FUCK ALL THREE OF THEM!!!!!!......To all who think I am just being an ass. I have very politely emailed every account daily for 60+ days with not so much as an acknowledgement from any of the administrators. Their treatment of a long term paying member that has been a supporter for almost a decade is beyond inexcusable. So they brought this on themselves and yes they are complete ASSHOLES!!!they even fail to delete my account after many requests now, SO FUCK THEM!!!!!!!! Delete my account, I dare you to do it!!!!!!!LOL, administrators too scared to delete my account as that would allow me to make another account without breaking the TOS. I think they are breaking their end of the bargain by accepting my years of membership fees and then keeping me in permanent FFR status. Bunch of fucking cowards. Maybe MIRT can kill my account as the administrators are too scared. I hope this profile is being read at least by them and others.....UPDATE 17 Mar.....Still the same sad treatment from the administrators. Daily emails to all of the accounts to at least delete my account. Same to entries in Twitter. They are still too cowardly to even respond. I say it again FUCK THEM, I have been very patient and fair, they have not and need to be called out on that bullshit! I am not scared like they are!.... UPDATE 25 Mar....Almost at 4 months since the administrators have put me in FFR limbo, can't even PM them. They ignore my email and tweet requests for a status update. The fail to abide by my request to at least delete my account since they are so scared of me posting. HAY SKINNER, YOU FRIGHTENED LITTLE SHIT! DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!WHAT ARE YOU SO SCARED OF!!!!!...UPDATE 4 Apr....Coming up on 120 days with no response from the admins via any available channel. Sad they are such cowards. Will continue daily requests and responding to their Tweets. So Skinner and the other Admins, why are you so scared of little old me?....UPDATE 9 Apr....Well now passed the 120 day mark of FFR!!!The cowards that administer the site are still too scared to respond to my email requests or Twitter responses. I have kindly requested they just delete my account since they are so scared to allow me to post here or even ask a question in ATA. Seems they are just such assholes they will not even perform that simple request. Hey Admins, FUCK YOU!!!!!, you read that right, FUCK YOU!!!! I HOPE YOUR SITE GETS HACKED AGAIN AND YOU NEVER GET IT BACK. Maybe they will delete my account now, lol!!!I will continue the daily emails but I think they have blocked me sadly.... UPDATE 11 Apr.....Thanks for reading Billh58, I appreciate the PM ((("You are seriously fucked up Dude. Let it go, and get on with your slimy little life."))) My answer, nope I will continue my daily requests for status until the admins respond or delete my account as I have requested for some time now. I have yet to figure out why they are so scared of me as I got hidden for defending them and was very polite for the first two months. For the decade of being a paying member it would be courteous to at least respond.....UPDATE 16 Apr.....Happy Easter everybody! Continued my polite requests to the administrators requesting an FFR status or just to go ahead and delete my account per my multiple requests. Not even the courtesy to respond, sadly. I have become so disappointed in how they treat decade long paying members....UPDATE 26 Apr.....Many requests to delete my account in the last two weeks. Again all of my requests and tweets have been met by silence. Very grown up attitude of the hosts. Just sickening and I still wonder why they are so afraid of little old me posting. Been a member for almost a decade and a paying star member for many years. They will never get another red cent from me and I hope this place closes down. I will continue to email and post here. I do miss some friends and continue to thing the administrators here are now just fucking cowards to not even respond or grant my request to fucking DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!....UPDATE 28 April...Still no answers from the administrators, Too bad the the administrators went pure Hillary and purged us. I received hides for defending them, I regret that now in hindsight. This place was enjoyable and had a big tent, not anymore. ADMINISTRATORS PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!!!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I ASK??????DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!!!!This site is unsecure and has been hacked, I do not want my information stolen, DELETE MY ACCOUNT PLEASE!!!!!!!...UPDATE 7 May....120 days, still not even a response from any administrator. All I request now is to DELETE my account, PLEASE!!!!! DU has changed and not in a good way. I used to believe the admins and defended them. NO MORE, You have to pass the purity test to belong anymore. So much for the big tent and accepting liberal independents. ONCE AGAIN, PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT, IT HAS MY PERSONNEL INFORMATION ON IT AND THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE. YOU WILL NOT LET ME POST OR EVEN DELETE MY OWN ACCOUNT. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE AND I WILL SUE IF MY INFORMATION FROM THIS INSECURE SITE IS COMPROMISED!!!!Lots of hacking going on, it would be a shame if this site was hacked again as you have my personal information. Please DELETE my account!!!!....UPDATE 25 May 17....Thanks billh58 for responding to my posts. The administrators here have not bothered to respond to just one of my hundreds of emails and tweets to them. I am asking again to PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!!! Your site was hacked again and I fear my personal information has been compromised again. I know you will be hacked again and you are just too scared of me to let me post or even IM you administrators. Just very sad after I defended your sorry asses and received hides for that. Well never again as I just wish you to keep the money I paid over these years and DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!!!! Hi billh58!!!!!.....UPDATE 22 Jun 17... Still continuing to email and Tweet administrators to delete my account due to the hacks and it being unsecured. They are still to cowardly to even respond. Very sad actually. I feel sorry at how shallow they are. ALL of them are just COWARDLY LITTLE ASSHOLES. FUCK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!....UPDATE 6 Jul 17...NO RESPONSES AGAIN, JUST DELETE MY ACCOUNT FROM YOUR HACKED SITE. YOU FUCKING COWARDS!!!!!!!....UPDATE 5 Aug 17....Still no answer from any of my requests to delete my account. Thanks for the kind words SQUEE, I fully agree. I am trying to open the account not to contact old friends but as of now, no confirmation email showed up. I am glad I am not a coward like the admins here.....UPDATE 17 Sep 17.....No change, still no answer from the ADMIN ASSHOLES. THEY HAVE PREVENTED ME FROM JOINING THE OTHER SITE THEY RUN ALSO, FUCKING COWARDS. STILL WON"T DELETE MY ACCOUNT EITHER!! I HOPE THEY GET HACKED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!5 Nov 17....Been almost a year and still not even one response from my requests. Too bad the administrators are so scared of little old me. I find it funny and actually very sad. I AM STILL HERE ASSHOLES!!! DELETE MY ACCOUNT, simple!!!!!!!!!25 Dec 17....Been over a year and the administrators still will not answer my emails or tweets. They even had the balls to ask me to renew my Star membership, WELL FUCK YOU!!!!!! is that plain enough for your coward asses? Don't even have the balls to delete my account per my request. Sad as it has been hacked several times and they have now gotten my credit card information. Good thing I canceled that card after the fraud charges were made and identified by the card issuer. ONCE AGAIN, DELETE MY FUCKING ACCOUNT, YOU COWARDS!!!!5 Mar 18----Thanks LanternWaste for the personal attack "Damn, boy. The melodramatic hysterics in your journal is some shrill, but weak-ass sauce. Is that whining typical of your temperament? Must suck to use dirty socks." I reported you to the administrators but I am sure they approve of it. Please delete my account!!!!!!!!! 3 Sep 18-----Still have not deleted my account as requested. AND NOW YOU ARE SO SCARED OF CRITICISM, YOU COWARDLY ADMINISTRATORS CLOSED DOWN ATA, LOL. WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF?????? DELETE THIS ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!
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