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Member since: Tue Jul 15, 2008, 03:38 PM
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Question about jury duty responses.

When completing jury duty, there is a section after choosing, "Clearly doesn't break the rule" where it asks whether the person who alerted, did so in good faith, for an honest misunderstanding, or in bad faith.

That is difficult to determine when the identity of the person alerting is not known, nor any information regarding the alert provided. I know that asking the identity of the person alerting is a no go and I totally understand why. Perhaps some snippet from the alert might help clarify though.

I tend to think that people alert in good faith or with an honest misunderstanding, but I've also been around, and have gotten in enough scraps to know that there are some members who like to threaten to ignore or alert on posts to intimidate other members.

Long story short, my question is two fold: Can a snippet of any text from the person alerting be included in for the jury? Also, can you guys make a line for the jury to include a brief explanation of our vote?

Sometimes the choices aren't crystal clear and I like to explain myself.
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