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Colgate 64

Colgate 64's Journal
Colgate 64's Journal
December 13, 2017

More deliciously bitter tears from Freeperville


The marxist news media, marxists/democrats and Soros did a coup . They framed an INNOCENT man .
Soros outspent Moore 14/1 .Arrest Soros now!
Thy fooled Alabama into electing a communist

This makes know sense. Trump won Alabama with 62%. Every Alabamian knows the yearbook was forged. And Trump endorsed Moore. Something doesn't smell right.

Believe me. I hate feeling that way cause in general I strongly support universal suffrage. But dang how many times has the so called women’s vote meant disaster for principles both fiscally and morally sound? I admit in days of yore when the female libido did not seem to govern women’s public policy decisions to such an extent the women’s vote was a positive thing. But now,when it is all about feeeelings and their hooha rights. I despair of women and ballots.

Trump should federalize the Alabama National Guard and send in some Marines to guard the ballot boxes. Martial law until this is figured out, that’s the only way.
50,000 missing Moore votes from Jefferson county

I've also seen reports of massive voter fraud.
Plus in Alabama blacks are 25% and i don't know how many hispanics or other immigrants or minorities.
All these minorities and immigrants have bought the media lie that Republicans are racists so Alabama was starting off with I estimate at least a 30% handicap.
This is the problem the democrats and media have been importing immigrants ,hispanics, muslims and other minorities by the 10s of millions who all vote for democrats/socialism

What kind of a Christian voter would stay home and a baby killer to the senate to represent them for the next three years? It boggles the imagination. And I guarantee you massive election fraud was involved. And I guarantee that there’s a recount. Not a one of the military absentee ballots have came in yet. 95% will go to Moore,

December 2, 2017

This is the mentality we're up against in Alabama

12/2/2017, 7:27:21 AM · by x1stcav · 26 replies
World Net Daily | 12/1/17 | Scott Morefield
If you’re an Alabama voter to the right of Bill Ayers with a desire to do what’s right by your state and the rest of the country, the choice between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is an easy one. You vote for Roy Moore, walk out of that polling place with your head held high – and then sleep like a baby that night. But but but, you ask, what about all the accusations against Moore? Here’s your answer – I don’t care, and neither should you.
October 4, 2017

A Presidential comparison

Lyndon Johnson went to a flood ravaged area immediately after a major hurricane hit. He met with the victims in a pitch dark unlighted room where all were huddled. Taking a flashlight he illuminated his face and told them "My name is Lyndon Baines Johnson and I am the President of the United States. We will bring the full force of the national government to aid you", which he did.

Donald Trump paraded and preened in Puerto Rico long after a hurricane hit. He met with Puerto Ricans in the Calvary Chapel with full TV and Press coverage. He told the crowd that Puerto Rico had thrown his budget out of whack, that their catastrophe was NOTHING like Katrina and then proceeded to throw 3 point shots with paper towels to the crowd.

June 17, 2017

Need some tech help re Microsoft Office

I'm using an older version of Microsoft Office and have never had a problem before. However, while I was trying to do something else I obviously screwed it up. Now, the default blank sheet (when you start a new document) has content from a prior document I sent some time ago. I've done everything I can think of to 'erase' it, delete it, whatever but it's still there. The worst part is if I go to print anything the first page that prints is the screwed=up default page.

Any suggestions as to how to clear my default blank page will be most gratefully received!!!!!!

June 14, 2017

Let's cut to the chase - what these Republican bastards in the

Trump administration have decided on is simply a policy of not answering questions posed by any Congressional oversight committee that they don't want to. They have gotten together and figured out that "if you don't answer, what can they do you?". Sessions was the clearest purveyor of this cynicism today and, unfortunately, it seems that they have got it right. Democrats are neutered in all three branches of the government today and Trump's tactic of pushing way beyond any established lines or limits seems to be being enthusiastically adopted by the Rethugs. I don't know what the answer is - the courts might be able to eventually provide some redress but 1) with the Rethug monopoly on power the probability of it ever getting to the courts for some decision is remote and 2) there's nothing to indicate that the Trumpian response to a court's finding might not be "Let them try and enforce it. What can they do"? And I am afraid that there is no apparent good answer to that question.

May 16, 2017

So let me see if I've got this right -

They pilloried Hillary without mercy for not noticing a small c in parenthesis &quot c)" which supposedly indicated that a few e-mails were 'confidential' (the lowest security designation) but Trump devulgeing super-classified security information from a foreign source to Russians on the spur of the moment is a 'no, never mind'.

May 4, 2017

This isn't a case of "don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining"

No - it's a case of "We're going to piss in your face and you'll goddamned well like it. Get over it. We won." Courtesy of the most incredible collection of troglodytes and knuckle-dragging evolutionary throwbacks that has ever profaned the halls of what used to be called the United States Congress. Why, it's almost enough to make little Jimmy Comey slightly nauseaous.

No. I'm not pissed. I'm fucking batshit white-hot raging, burning like that of 1000 suns at all these little weasels and the mess of Deplorables that foisted them on us.

April 22, 2017

Maduro propped up by armed gangs

The ever-growing popular demonstrations against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro are now being attacked by armed gangs (colectivos) created by the government. They are increasingly using firearms to disperse the demonstrations with the resulting casualties and now, even fatalities.

Maduro knows he's swirling the bowl and will now resort to any means at his disposal to avoid the inevitable. Democracy, Bolivarian Revolution style.


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