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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
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Are these people just fucking crazy???

While recently Roto-Rooter skindiving over at Jim-Bob's cesspool I came across this gem:

"Trump is a “giver”... he gets enjoyment out of sharing and doing for others. In a time when jobs are scarce, people are hurting and the left has gone so far into oblivion... to find a man who cares and will give his talent, money, time and ideas... it’s a good sign he’d do the country a heap of good."

What is it that they're smoking over there?????

Got to go now - take a long, hot shower after that.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Suspends the Opposition-Dominated Parliament

Source: Yahoo News

So much for Chavismo's 'belief in democracy':

Roughly a quarter of the way into a multi-hour speech last week, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro recalled a conversation he claimed to have had nine years ago with Hugo Chávez, his deceased predecessor. In Maduro’s telling, despite his electoral success, el Comandate had long harbored a secret desire to “break definitively” with the “old bourgeoisie structures of representation” that he felt distanced the government from the people. “This is a task we have still to carry out,” Maduro announced. Five days later, his government made good on that promise.

Over the past few days, tensions between the chavista government and the new opposition-dominated National Assembly, which was inaugurated last week after December’s landslide election, reached a fever pitch. On Monday, the constitutional chamber of Venezuela’s supreme court — which in over 45,000 decisions over the last dozen years has never ruled against the presidency — suspended the assembly and declared its leadership to be “in contempt” of the court’s authority.

It’s unclear what this determination means, since there is no constitutional basis for any of this. The supreme court claims that its ruling nullifies in advance any legislation the assembly might try to pass — unless the opposition acquiesces to the suspension of three of its legislators, whom the government accuses of buying votes in the remote state of Amazonas. The stakes are high, since the loss of even a single legislator could neutralize the opposition’s two-thirds supermajority, threatening its ability to reform the constitution or initiate a recall referendum against Maduro

Read more: Yahoo News

Best description of an open carry wherever advocate

*No link provided since this comes from the sewer over at FR, but when I read it it struck me as the best description of those who want to openly carry their firearms everywhere at any time.

"Situational awareness trumps all! I let nobody close to me and my head is on a swivel in bathrooms, parking lots, retail/restaurant lines, basically every where. Somebody wants mine they will get it business end first. Action beats reaction every time."

No paranoia here. Nope. None at all. (And he was specifically talking about being in a WalMart bathroom).
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