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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 59,689

About Me

Long time political activist, working to tint my lil "Mayberry" more blue. Collector of strays of various species and minds.

Journal Archives

*&#!!*#!! ,,Walgreens just bought the 3rd pharmacy in town.

They just bought Fred's pharmacy stores, the lowest priced place to buy prescriptions.around here.

They now own all the pharmacies in our little town but 2...Wal-Mart and a private local drug store.
(Wal-Mart has reduced its cheap generic drug offerings by 2/3.)

Walgreens has faced numerous lawsuits for discrimination in hiring,
*and for violations of the federal Anti-Kickback Statute and the False Claims Act regarding Medicaid beneficiaries ,
*and for violating RICO laws re: price fixing.
* fined 80 million for dispensing massive amounts of oxycodone.

Wal-Greens charges more than twice the going price for drugs. .

Since we are 40 miles from the interstate on-ramp, then 90 minutes from any large city ( think Mobil, or Montgomery)
Walgreens has a captive customer population in all the small rural towns.

Anyone have good experiences with online drug stores?

Anyone here know WHICH hotels Memaie ran up bills at, despite no overnight stay???

During a day trip to Toronto last year, Melania Trump spent about $174,000 in hotel bills, Quartz reported.

Though the First Lady did not spend the night, federal spending records show six separate hotel charges that added up to eight times what it cost to house the team who traveled with her, the news source reported.

Trump’s schedule on Sept. 23, 2017, showed that the trip spanned about 12 hours: She arrived in Toronto around noon, met with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau around 6:30 p.m., and left just after midnight, Quartz reported.

Earlier this month, Quartz reported that during an October trip to Cairo, the first lady racked up $95,000 in hotel charges. She stayed for six hours and didn’t stay the night then, either, the news agency reports.


Lincoln foresaw a Trump:

“Whenever the vicious portion of (our) population shall be permitted to gather in bands of hundreds and thousands, and burn churches … throw printing-presses into rivers, shoot editors, and hang and burn obnoxious persons at pleasure and with impunity …this gov’t cannot last.”

Abraham Lincoln's Lyceum Address was delivered to the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois on January 27, 1838, titled "The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions".

Lincoln warned that mobs or people who disrespected U.S. laws and courts could destroy the United States.


THIS is how a REAL President handles rain.


Trump threatening to revoke more reporter's passes including April Ryan

"When you're in the White House this is a very sacred place for me."

Besides mangled syntax, do you see what he is doing? He wants only sycophants reporting on what he does.

to that end, Wiki sez, he created Trump TV last year, run by Lara Trump ( Erik's wife) , produced in Trump Tower and funded by.....the 2020 Campaign donations.
( that can't be legal, can it?)


Our red Alabama county went blue!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bigley !!!

...... ............

Just got the results from the weekly paper. First female Circuit Judge, a Dem, with 98% votes.

The only Republicans that won were unopposed. The whole county went to Dems, and with very high % of the total votes.
Which means exactly like it sounds....Republicans voted Dem. This clearly a protest vote.
Other Dem. women won here too.

The rest of the state went as expected, but I'm gonna find a list to get more details.

Wow.....so jazzed and proud of the folks here.

Thank you, Dotard...what a joy to read.....best B-day present in a long time.

...... ......

Mueller Action alert...!!! from our friend Walter Shaub

for those who don't know, he worked as a Gov. Ethics watchdog, so Trump shit canned him fairly quickly upon stealing office.
Shaub now has his own resistance Twitter feed, here:


The Acosta microphone grab was staged.

It was a set up to get Acosta.
I have watched the video repeatedly.
Whoever the Trump bimbo was, she moved in with a single purpose, tried to grab the mike, actually SHE bumped Acosta's hand, and when she could not get the microphone, she suddenly dropped in to a chair and looked at Trump for a cue. like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

Watch the video a few times, try to see where she appeared from. I am convinced someone in the back cued her to storm in.
Look carefully at her body language and expression as she plopped down into the chair.

I want to go find a perhaps longer video of the press conference, but it sure looked stage to me.

As Session's career fades away into the sunset. a quick peek at yesteryear

when our dear Southern lad was so young, so earnest and so early on black of heart.
Let's listen in:

"I hold here in my hand a complete list of all black voters we have not yet dis-enfranchised.
But we are working on it, Mr. Speaker...we are certainly working on it"

Kim Davis, clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses for gay couples, loses to Democrat

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk made famous by her refusal to sign marriage licenses for gay couples, lost Tuesday in her reelection bid for the Rowan County clerkship.

Davis, a Republican, lost to Democratic challenger Elwood Caudill Jr. by about 700 votes.


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