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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 59,024

About Me

Retired Mental Health/Sub. Abuse therapist, happily moldering in "Maycomb", 2 notches from the buckle of the Bible Belt. One cat away from crazy.

Journal Archives

Educate me...post any good non-english(foreign) song or tune.

I just learned today that this guy is Italy's best-selling male singer.
After listening to few cuts, I find I like him.

New technology could eliminate retailers like Amazon..

mystery platform called PowaTag that will allow people to buy things by simply taking a photo of them with your phone."
is due for release at the end of October.


Using PowaTag will sidestep middlemen retailer sites and allow manufacturers to make direct sales. “Normally I’d look at that book and go to Amazon and buy it and they’d get 30% of the retail price,” said Wagner. “It’s a game-changer for manufacturers.”

In other words, PowaTag will be eating Amazon’s lunch, as well as that of any number of low-price online retailers. All manufacturers will have to do, it would seem, is lower their prices to match that competition.


The system will allow sellers to get your credit card info directly from your smart phone using thos or similar App,.

MAP: World Dictatorships according to USA:


So, new Iphone will have fingerprint scanning

The new iPhone 5C will have what they call a "Touch ID sensor " on the home button, requires your fingerprint (thumbprint?) to activate, instead of a password.
Another name for it... an embedded fingerprint scanner

Think about that for a minute......

ok...how do you like the idea?

How do you like the idea when it spreads to other ID required objects?
Car doors?



George Zimmerman in custody, police investigate 'possible domestic battery'---UPDATED

George Zimmerman, the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer acquitted of murder in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has been detained as authorities investigate a domestic incident in Lake Mary, police confirmed.

Police are investigating a "possible domestic battery" involving Zimmerman on Sprucewood Road, Lake Mary police Officer Zach Hudson said this afternoon. The police spokesman said it was his understanding that a gun was involved.

Hudson said the investigation is in its early stages, and it was unclear whether Zimmerman or anyone would be arrested. No significant injuries were suffered in the incident, Hudson said.


Link to wife's 911 call....very revealing.

This guy is going to be showing up as bad news for a long time..I am thnking of how OJ could not avoid the consequences of his true nature years after acquittal.

15 patients in 3 states possibly exposed to fatal brain disease

Fifteen people in three states now have been warned that they may have been exposed to a rare and fatal brain disease through potentially contaminated surgical equipment, health officials said Friday.

In addition to eight patients in New Hampshire, five in Massachusetts and two in Connecticut have received the news that they may have shared tainted equipment with a patient who died from apparent Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, an invariably fatal brain disorder, those states confirmed.


WTF????? Pentagon says it has all the money it needs to bomb Syria.

Here are head spinning snips, which give rise to even more questions..

1. The Pentagon has notified congressional appropriators that it won’t seek added funds to pay for a strike, said a Defense Department official and a Republican aide on the House Appropriations Committee.

2. the Pentagon can absorb it from existing funds, which include a wartime contingency budget of $93 billion this fiscal year.

3.estimated the total cost of the limited strike envisioned by Obama as between $300 million and $1 billion, depending on how many cruise missiles are launched and how long the attack lasts.

4.a strike the U.S. is contemplating is a “fraction of the magnitude” of past military actions in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here...read...my head is still spinning


People in this country are going homeless and hungry but the Pentagon has stash of 93 billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the Syria "war" is sorta a FREEBIE???????

The conflict in Syria is destroying some of the oldest relics of human civilization

Modern Syria is built layer-upon-layer over the ruins of these empires. Many—the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Crusaders, and Ottomans—are still widely known, while others are remembered only by historians and archaeologists. The cities they built still stand and are of World Heritage or Tentative World Heritage status.

The Ancient City of Aleppo, for example, is said to have been named by Abraham, father of the Jewish people, when he grazed his flock upon the hill. Dating back at least 7,000 years, it lays claim to be the oldest continuously occupied city in the world.
Damascus, which vies for the title, is where Saul had his Damascene conversion after seeing the light of God and was taken to the House of Ananias in the Christian New Testament, a building that still stands and in which religious services are still held.

Maaoula is one of the last places in the world where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken.
The Great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus reputedly contains the head of the Prophet John the Baptist, revered by both Christians and Muslims.
It is in Syria that some of the first mosques are found, containing tombs of the Prophet Mohammed’s family and companions, among the holiest places of Islam. Salah El-Din (Saladin), famous in England as the enemy of King Richard the Lionheart, is buried in Damascus. Crusader castles such as the Crac des Chevaliers litter rocky promontories, looking out over valleys which have been farmed for millennia.

Syria is a home of our stories, of our faiths, and of aspects of culture by which we define our civilization.


Text of Senate Draft Syria War Authorization

Too lomg to post..

Please Don’t Press Any Buttons When You Get A Scammy Robocall

I've sorta figured out that Do Not Call list doesn't work anymore
how about you???

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Do Not Call List,” Lois Greisman, associate director of marketing practices at the Federal Trade Commission, which investigates and takes action against illegal robocallers, tells the Wall Street Journal. “A lot of them are fraudulent calls and people who engage in fraud are not going to abide by the Do Not Call registry.”

If you receive one of these automated calls, especially one from a company you’ve never heard of or never done business with, you’re often presented with two options: press “1″ to speak to a customer service rep (though the people on the phone are usually doing you a disservice), or press “2″ to be removed from the caller’s list of customers.

Pressing “2″ may work, but more than likely it does nothing more than end the call; and you’ll probably continue receiving calls. In some cases, it may actually put you on additional scam-bait lists, because the caller at least knows that it reached an active line owned by someone willing to pick up when an unfamiliar number calls.

Some exasperated readers have told us they pressed “1″ because they knew they could at least then yell at a real person. Problem is, the simple act of pressing that “1″ puts you on a so-called “hot” list of consumers. This list will be sold and resold and resold and you will now continue to get calls from additional scammers.

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