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csziggy's Journal
csziggy's Journal
April 23, 2014

UPDATED: Problems with my SATA DVD burner - it is not burning!

UPDATE: It seems to be fixed. I think it was a combination of bad media (the decade old cheap CompUSA DVDs) and a messed up installation of the DVD burner.

Got home with the new DVDs, test burned with IMG Burn, and it failed. But then I realized I had "woken" the computer up and not given it any time to finish it's process, so I tried again with Windows burning program - it worked and at the speed of the DVDs (previously nothing would burn faster than 4x). I had uninstalled CDburnerXP so I re-installed it and tried again. No problem.

The only annoying part is that the verification part is still very slow, especially now that I'm actually filling DVDs with data!

Original Post:
Windows 7 64 bit, LG GH24NSB0 DVDRAM on SATA bus.

I had always used CDburnerXP and installed it on this computer, but hadn't needed to burn anything. since I got the new computer.

At first I thought the problem was the old DVD-R discs I have, but then it wouldn't burn CDRs and those are brand new.

So I went to the forum on the CDburnerXP site - there was discussion the program doesn't work with SATA drives. Then one thread said they updated the firmware for their burner (not a LG) and it worked. Off to the LG site, downloaded the firmware released in the last month, flashed it successfully. Tried again, CDburnerXP failed again.

Then I tested it with Windows 7 built in burning software. After one false start, I did some more research and found that Windows has to have the SATA bus set to EIDE mode in the BIOS. Once that was done I managed to make the four copies of DVDs of family photos to share. I thought the problem was solved.

No such luck. Tonight I tried to back up a collection of downloaded data with the Windows burner program. Failure.

Tomorrow I will get some new DVD discs, but since I have managed to burn a number of good copies with those older discs, I am not sure they are the problem.

Anybody have any suggestions for what to try next?

April 19, 2014

One of my crowns fell off while I was eating dinner!

It's weird - it doesn't hurt at all. The only reason I knew it came off was that I bit down on it.

Of course, it wouldn't happen on a weekday so I can get into the dentist fast. The most annoying part is what's left of the tooth is really, really ragged.


April 1, 2014

So now that Obamacare is a sucess, can we force the House to vote

50+ times to re-authorize unemployment benefits for those who have been out of work for extended periods?

Or 50+ times to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 or better?

I'd be happy if the Democrats would force the Republicans in the House to vote over and over and over on really NEEDED things rather than trying to take good stuff away from the American people!

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