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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 03:52 AM
Number of posts: 14,447

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If there are different planes of existence, where different

outcomes happen for similar actions, what happened when the Universe came into existence? Does it not exsist or not come into exsistence on a different plane?
When the concept of time no longer exists does it exsist on a different plane?
If the Big Bang happened on one plane, would it "not exist" on another? And if there is nothing, would there be something? It seems to me that there would just be "something".

Its a Pensive Christmas! The game everyone is playing! Are you smarter than Mike Pence?

Richard Engel has just done a major service with his report

on the Paradise Papers. He directly tied Wilbur Ross Commerce Secretary, Manafort, Kushner, Flint and his son, Sessions, Tillerson, Donald Jr and more to Russia. The Paradise Papers give direct evidence of money laundering. Also the fact that Russian criminal oligarchs invested in Facebook and Twitter. They did not just buy ads. The is big time shit!
I hope Engels report is online at MSNBC. I just saw it and still trying to pick my chin up off of the floor.

Why is the military of any kind associated with sports?

Sports is supposed to be a neutral place where people enjoy a game, not laud war or the war machine. The problem comes because we have gotten used to mixing so-called patriotism with sports. In fascist countries and dictatorships the military is present everywhere. The military does not run our country. It is a tool our nation uses to protect itself.

Having the military at these events is nothing more than a recruiting tool. That is how it started. Military recruiters also show up at high schools to sign up young men to go into the military. It is too pervasive in our society. That is the problem.

I think Society has created this monster by mixing things like this. There's a reason the military and politics should stay out of religion. There is also a good reason for the military to stay out of things that has a captive audience. All kinds of people attend sporting events. Different beliefs that people have should be taken into account as much as honoring a war machine.

OK now. God is punishing Texas and Florida because they voted for Trump in the election?

We hear evangelists opining about how hurricanes are just punishment from God because "That is a liberal progressive state". Or, "That homosexual lifestyle caused it".
Thought I'd throw the opposite at them. I'm not gonna ask them why God is punishing them. I'm going to tell them that God is punishing Texas and Florida because they voted for Trump in the election. Not because it's true. It's just that I like to fuck with right wing self absorbed religious fascists.


Right wing religious fanatics constantly talk about Prophets and their predictions.

But they ignore the predictions of science which constantly come true. I call it prediction hypocrisy.

Science and scientists have proven to be Prophets. The Bible talks about earthquakes and upheavals in the Earth which have been common around the world since the Earth existed. So it's not a stretch to predict an earthquake in some general sense. Science is specific about massive storms, flooding and destruction. Science talks about specific places where destruction can happen.

We live in a world of crazy ideas. That homosexuality can bring on a storm. A tornado. An earthquake. Apparently God's will ignores human beings killed by the storm. But God's will saved a family bible. Apparently paper is more important than a human being.

Science ignores nothing and accepts theories and theorems that are tested to prove a fact.

We are fighting conjecture when we argue with people who believe adamantly in a spirit that causes destruction. These people are still living, in their minds, during the time of multi gods. The sun god. The god of war. The god of the ocean. They are mixing the multi god concept with a single deity.

I see billboards that say, "Jesus Saves". We need billboards that says, "Humans Save Humans".

True empathy does not seem to exist in people who do not believe in science when we have conjecture electing a bigoted racist liar who loves the leader of a country who is a murderer. That's a fact.

Really. Most calls like that are recorded for prosperity . But prosperity

to Trump would be him living forever. Admiring himself in a cosmic mirror and eating the infinitely hot buffet while everyone else on the earth is dead but him. God to him is being one with himself. Only angelic navel gazers would be able to read his secret coded tongue.

We are in an emergency. We're dealing with someone who does not give

two shits about this country. I realize Mueller has more investigating to do but the investigation needs to be done while these criminals have been stopped in their tracks. We had one revolution that established this country. Do we need another one to save it? Donald Trump is pissing all over the revolutionists who came here to get away from tyranny. Now tyranny is on our shores and it is allowed to fester. We are living in an insane asylum. Actually it's a House of Horrors. One horror after another. And it goes on and on and on.
I hear jawboning of "Oh my! Oh my!"
We are witnessing the very collapse of democracy and any vestige of why the USA exist
It makes me wonder who the people are who "really" give two shits.

Russia is destroying our democracy as we speak. Saudi Arabia

cut ties to Qatar and now the Turks are sending troops there. This is exactly what the Russians want. There is a reason the Russians never really bombed Isis but bombed the Syrian resistance and innocent civilians. They do not want to destroy Isis. They have the same intentions as Isis period to destroy the United States. I have a better question.

Why did ISIS attack Tehran?

Another question that was not asked at the hearings today that should have been asked. "Did Trump ask you for your loyalty?"

A lying sack if shit is just that and bags of it were on display for all to see during today's hearing.

"Carelessly caring less with a passion. The void of eternal

nothingness is carried on the wings of a dark ether"
Les Ismore
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