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Member since: Sat Dec 30, 2006, 01:56 PM
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Nicky Minaj upset that museum visitors disrespect her wax figure,museum adding guard

The famed wax museum blamed the decision on just one bad egg, without naming the particular incident, but social media images show a baker's dozen of pranksters posing in naughty ways.

In the most obvious example, a man posed as though having sex with Minaj from behind. Other visitors posed grabbing or licking the figure's buttocks.

"Why must yall b this way," Minaj wrote on Twitter with a sad face emoji about a picture of a woman with her mouth to the figure's behind.

When another woman posed with her tongue on the figure, Minaj commented, "naw b---- hold on."
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sat Aug 29, 2015, 03:10 PM (14 replies)

A Modern Day Genius Invented a Lock for Your Nutella Stash


Don't like sharing your Nutella? (Who does?) Here is some good news for you: Daniel Schlobloch, a German furniture designer, has come up with a clever way to prevent people from dipping into your prized chocolate-hazelnut spread. "It started out as a joke... One of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella," Schlobloch tells The Local. " So he created an acrylic lock that his friend could fasten over the Nutella jar that requires two keys to unlock. It may have started as a joke, but 279 of the Nutella locks — which are currently available for pre-order — have already been purchased.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sat Aug 29, 2015, 02:44 PM (0 replies)

Indian sisters to be raped as 'punishment' for brother eloping

Source: telegraph

Two sisters in India - one aged only 15-years - are to be raped as "punishment" for their brother running away with a married woman from a higher caste in the latest caste to shock the country.
Meenakshi Kumari, who is 23, and her younger sister, will then be paraded naked with their faces blackened through the streets, according to a ruling from the all-male village council.
The sisters have petitioned the country's Supreme Court to be protected from the so-called "eye-for-an-eye" ruling from the village council in Uttar Pradesh state, 30 miles from the capital Delhi.
The family are from the Dalit caste, historically known as "untouchables". However, the brother fell in love with a woman from the higher, Jat, caste.

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/11832399/Indian-sisters-to-be-raped-as-punishment-for-brother-eloping.html

"These Khap courts routinely order vile sexually violent punishments against women. India's supreme court has rightly declared such orders illegal.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 10:24 PM (63 replies)

Lack of sex education & the unenlightened stance of the Catholic church = pregnant at age 11

Lack of sex education and the unenlightened stance of the Catholic church have left young girls in Guatemala vulnerable to rape, abuse and early pregnancy

At a hospital in northern Guatemala, Alicia is being prepped for a caesarean. She doesn’t know how old she is, and neither she nor her waiting parents have any idea what a C-section involves. Public records say she is 13. If that is correct, at 12 she became pregnant by a 22-year-old man.

Inside the operating room, the doctors play Christian music on a mobile phone. An hour later, a baby boy weighing roughly four and a half pounds is born and hurried into an incubator. The next few days will be critical.

Last year, 5,100 girls under 15 became pregnant in Guatemala. Between 2010 and 2012, the number of 10- to 15-year-olds who gave birth increased by almost 25%. According to the UN population fund (UNFPA), Latin America and the Caribbean is the only region in the world where births to girls under 15 are on the rise. The agency predicts the increase will continue.


Cultural practices, endemic violence and the hold of the Catholic church over decisions on reproductive health make girls in Guatemala easy prey for abuse and vulnerable to early pregnancy.

In 2009, Guatemala introduced the sexual exploitation and human trafficking law, which defines sex with a girl under 14 as rape in all circumstances and includes strict directives for sentencing and how to assist victims of sexual violence. In 2012, every hospital and maternity ward became obliged to report births by girls under 15. Initially, the legislation led to a sharp increase in reported deliveries among young girls, but this has since subsided.

“Families now know that the man will be reported if the girl delivers in a hospital, so they give birth at home instead,” says Helen Leiva, who works for Tan Ux’il, an organisation in Petén that champions young people’s reproductive rights.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 10:17 PM (7 replies)

cop makes call to reporter. gets voicemail. thinks he's hung up. describes her "solid set of Ds"

Chase Olivarius-McAllister is a reporter with The Durango Herald in Colorado. A sheriff’s deputy left her a voicemail, then went on to comment about the size of her breasts, not realizing he hadn’t hung up the phone.
If you're going to talk trash about someone, it's probably best to make sure you're not being recorded on their voicemail.

A La Plata County Sheriff's deputy in Colorado was making a routine call back to a local reporter. Apparently thinking he had hung up the phone, the deputy then goes on to discuss the journalist's breast size and her looks, according to audio uploaded to YouTube.

The cop, identified as Deputy Sergeant Zach Farnam, leaves a voicemail for Chase Olivarius-McAllister of the The Durango Herald.

It's all polite until Farnam then begins discussing her, um, boobs.

Unidentied officer: "She hot?"

Farnam: "Not hot. I mean, she's got an OK body. I mean …"

Unidentified officer: "Giant boobs."

Farnam: "F---ing giant, dude. I mean, not like quadruple Ds or anything. But at least a solid set of Ds, probably double Ds.


La Plata County Sheriff Sean Smith has apologized to a Durango Herald reporter after three deputies made disparaging remarks about her in a voicemail.

Smith called reporter Chase Olivarius-McAllister on Thursday to tell her that the behavior of his personnel was inappropriate and that he was taking disciplinary action against them.

On Friday night, Smith said in a prepared statement to the Herald: “I would like to apologize to Miss McAllister, a reporter with The Durango Herald, and the citizens of La Plata County for this unprofessional incident involving inappropriate comments made by members of my staff. I do not condone this type of behavior as it is in direct conflict with the new culture I am trying to develop at the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

“When I first learned of this situation yesterday evening, three members of my leadership team and I conducted a conference call with Miss McAllister. I apologized and informed her that the leadership team would take immediate steps to deal with the deputies involved.

Farnam: My wife worked at the Herald. She fucking hated that bitch.
Officer 2: She hot?
Farnam: Not hot. I mean, she’s got an OK body. I mean…
Officer 1: Giant boobs.
Farnam: Fucking giant, dude. I mean, not like quadruple Ds or anything. But at least a solid set of Ds, probably double Ds.
Officer 1: You know what? It’s that UK fish and chips. UK women have big tits. It’s how they’re…how they’re grown over there. I don’t know why.
Officer 2: She is, uh…
Officer 1: Why do they have fucked up teeth? I dunno, but it happens.
Farnam: I didn’t look at her teeth. But she doesn’t have like a real pretty face at all.
Officer 1: She’s from the UK. She’s got huge tits.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 09:57 PM (3 replies)

boy with Teddy Bear in iconic award winning Katrina photo. where is he now

In the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina, this family has struggled, taking up residence in a trailer and then a mobile home, taking odd jobs, and making ends meet at times with the kindness of strangers and the generosity of one wealthy Pasadena man.

“If you can believe it, we’ve never really cried at any point” in the 10 years that have passed, Fairchild said. There was no room for that. “After making it through the storm itself, I figured there was a plan for me and I just had to take it a step at a time, a day at a time and get there.”

Fairchild, who made decent money as a dealer at a casino before Katrina, took jobs at a Dollar General, Hobby Lobby and Waffle House. The couple, who never married, tried to get ahead by starting a business rehabbing flea market furniture, but it went belly-up about a year later. Even so, Fairchild said, “We’ve managed day to day for our basic needs.”

“We came a long ways,” Dillion, now 17, said this week. “I didn’t even have no clothes after Katrina. I had the pair of shorts that I had in that picture, and that was it. I got clothes on my back now.”
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 09:32 PM (0 replies)

Trump doing well in national online poll

Hot Air and Townhall Media Group commissioned their first-ever scientific poll this month, partnering with Survey Monkey on the 2016 primary races. The online survey of 1,783 random registered voters across the United States took place among a potential audience of 45 million in the Survey Monkey response database, rather than just among readers of Hot Air and Townhall Media Group sites.

In the Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump has a large lead among Republicans, independents, and combined, whether likely voter controls are applied or not. Yet a majority of these voters believe that Trump does not have the temperament for the presidency, and Trump loses in head-to-head matches against some — but not all — of his GOP competitors for the nomination.

Among all combined Republican and independent voters, Trump (23.77%) leads by almost 3:1 over Ben Carson and Jeb Bush, who tied for second place at 8.13%. However, undecided voters (30.34%) still outstrip Trump:
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 03:32 PM (4 replies)

Prep school accused rapist Labrie - change in appearance from mugshot to trial

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 03:01 PM (19 replies)

A man asked police for help finding his illegal pet coyote. Now it’s dead, and he could be arrested.

When a Maryland man went to local police on Wednesday, he was just hoping to get his lost pet back.

Instead, animal control officers killed his pet, and the man is facing possible arrest.

His pet, you see, was this rather terrifying-looking coyote. And keeping a coyote as a pet, even one with a collar like this one had, is illegal in Maryland.

Capt. Todd Ireland of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office said the coyote, which he described as about the size of a small German shepherd, got loose from his owner some time before 8 a.m. Wednesday.

A resident saw the coyote near Neptune’s Seafood Pub in North Beach and called police. An animal control officer captured the animal and brought it to the sheriff’s office — where a North Beach resident arrived, saying he was the owner.

The owner, whom police have not named, bought the coyote as a pup in Virginia, Ireland said.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Aug 27, 2015, 07:00 PM (2 replies)

Pine St. studio with tiniest kitchen ever lists for $395K

Witness 725 Pine St., #304, with a price tag of $395K. The square footage has been left off the official listing, but a tour through the gallery shows it’s tiny. Cute though, and centrally located. Per its website, the unit is in “The Lambourne Nob Hill, located just across from the Ritz Carlton” and features “a cozy bedroom area, deluxe bathroom with marble Carrera accents and fixtures from Danze-Parma Collection. Custom kitchen by Scavolini with micro-wave/convection oven, hardwood floors, and common storage, in-unit washer/dryer combo.” The HOA is $463 a month but does not include parking, though that can be leased “in the neighborhood.” There’s also an elevator, which is always a joy when moving into a 3rd-floor apartment.

But if you like to cook anything more complicated than microwave popcorn, this studio is not the answer to your home-ownership dreams. As Curbed SF puts it, “the kitchenette turns out to be squished into a far corner, and it’s even smaller than those in some of the city’s most depressing rentals. It is literally the width of a microwave [which double as convection oven] with a mini-fridge on the bottom.”

Given the age of the building and downtown location, this unit was clearly once just a room in a boarding house, later converted to something one could own and live in independently by cramming a kitchenette in what was likely a closet. Still, it wouldn’t be a terrible investment. A few blocks down on Pine, a studio is renting for $1,875 a month. If you could put enough down, that would be a nice return on your money. Or, as long as no one needs a home-cooked dinner, you could call it home.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Aug 27, 2015, 06:55 PM (2 replies)
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