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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 02:27 AM
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I Wish Pelosi Could be Speaker Forever!

I can respect the fact that people have differing opinions of her. What I don't respect is the spineless moderates who have opposed her out of fear that the Gross Offensive Pigs will use her as an lightning rod. Any powerful person who takes a side will be used as a lightning rod in spite of their gender, but it makes me puke how when progressive women are used as lightning rods, so-called progressives and liberals (men and women) run for cover instead of standing up for them regardless of how extraordinary they may be.

Nancy Pelosi is probably the most successful House speaker in modern history. She will never have to apologize for any of her decisions. She will never suddenly resign because her caucus has become unmanageable. She will not spend her retirement in prison. I only hope the next Democratic leader in the House has a fraction of her discipline.

Ooops. I think I ranted.

Gym Jordan Seated on GOP Terror Probe? Win-Win!

One of many downfalls of the goppers is their inability to know their limits. Tonight, there is sure to be a cheer or two from MAGA Hat Nation with the appointment of Gym Jordan to the select committee charged with investigating the gopper siege on the capitol on January 6. They know that a semi-suited Jordan will dress down a bunch of liberal witnesses called to make Trump look bad with his Rand Paulian perspective distortions and injections of Fox News talking points. At least that's how they see it. What they don't realize is how ugly that kind of crap plays to everyone else who happens NOT to live on Planet Idiot. Every time Jordan mentions Black Lives Matter or Antifa, it will give a member of the majority a chance to remind him that the January 6 Parade of Filth arrived at the capitol from a MAGA rally and not a BLM protest. Gym can very possibly inspire sympathy for Black Lives Matter by failing to get anywhere with his attempts to smear them.

Further, the list of witnesses to be called are bound to be credible and respectable figures here in this galaxy. If you saw the fail of Matt "Indict Me" Gaetz trying give General Mark Milley the Fox News treatment in a lesser House hearing recently, multiply that times the number of witnesses in this terror inquiry. The math is not good for the White Nationalist Caucus.

Their problem is their sclerotic strategy of dominate, humiliate, distort. The problem is the attack to which Jordan was a party was an attack against the very Establishment a great number of people respect. Will it endear goppers to white suburban women when Gymmy shouts down uniformed police who were under attack on 1/6? The answer is no, but he'll give it his best shot. He's essentially there to serve as the attorney to the guy who is having trouble selling out his red state talking tour with Bill O'Reilly. Good luck to him.

With so much bleak news threatening the sky on the horizon with gopper attacks on the Democratic voting process, normal people will have to hope Team Trump pins themselves to the mat as many times as possible. Placing jordan on the 1/6 select committee promises to be just that.

What a Guru Would Tell Democrats on How to Use Power

1. Stop referring to your majority as "slim."
2. Give yourself a week to find bipartisanship on any issue. After that, you're just being trapped into running out the clock.
3. Keep traitors on defense. Call Kevin McCarthy a "Failed Deli Manager." Call the Insurrection "The Republican Insurrection," etc.
4. Resist criticizing members of your own caucus, regardless of how much they irk you (Joe Sinema).
5. Stop letting opportunities to capitalize slide by.
6. Don't let six-plus months go by before investigating an attempted coup.
7. Your opposition is a dwindling sliver of Americans. Republicans can't win the popular vote. Act like it.
8. Act like you WILL expand your majorities in Congress.
9. Keep showing suburban white women pictures of capitol terrorists in Lansing and D.C.
10. Repeat the narrative you want to hear voters repeat. That narrative should declare Democrats as the only legitimate party in existence.

goppers: A Drain on American Society

It's not enough that Republican-led states take money from economically successful blue states in order to keep their ramshackle jurisdictions afloat. Now, their latest campaign of White Spite finds them hogging hospital beds because the South lost the Civil War (I can hear it now: "What's the Civil War got to do with it?" It'll become clear to you soon enough). The anti-vax movement is itself a pandemic and as a result, hard-working tax-paying Democrats are footing the bill for insurrectionists and their sympathizers. It's time to squash whatever notion they hold that they are patriots and remind them what they really are... A DRAIN ON AMERICAN SOCIETY!

More Bad News for goppers

Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, suburban white women aren't afraid of critical race theory. They're afraid of REPUBLICANS.


Help Spread the Word!

If Kevin McCarthy seems out of his depth, rudderless, and incompetent in government leadership it's because his heart is still at his failed Bakersfield deli stand. We can't trust Kevin McCarthy to remember what meat goes on a baloney sandwich. We should not trust him with the legislative agenda of the strongest nation on Earth. Every chance McCarthy was given to demonstrate leadership resulted in failure and if the Insurrection Party takes control of the House of Representatives in 2022, We are doomed! If Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House, the insurrectionists will have won. We need to send Kevin McCarthy back to Bakersfield where he can be speaker of the deli.

If your concerns are public health, education, the economy, confronting our enemies, the safety of our children, etc., look into the eyes of Kevin McCarthy and you can almost hear him responding "do you want chips with that."

Help spread this message and messages like this - the same way the White Male Nationalist Party has tried to use Nancy Pelosi as their bogeywoman. Kevin McCarthy is an incompetent deli manager taking orders from insurrectionist traitors, not the American People.

NOTE: This is not a slight to deli managers. There are thousands of deli workers who are more capable than Kevin McCarthy.
Posted by BaronChocula | Thu Jul 8, 2021, 02:30 PM (2 replies)
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