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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,298

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Here's an idea

if we have to have armed security everywhere, the cost of the armed security comes from the existing defense budget. At least the money will stay in the communities instead of going to mercenaries overseas.

NRA and GOP have convinced me..the issue in not guns its mental illness, psych drugs and guns

so from now on to buy guns or ammo, you must submit to blood tests to determine if you are using any psych drugs and be screened for mental illness....everytime you buy guns or ammo.

10000 idiots waiting on line for gun show

at least when women mob to buy something, what they are standing in line to buy is on sale! Louboutin!!!!

being a hunter does not make any one a competent gun owner

it might be a slightly better excuse than "my precious" by itself.
But I suspect that most people who know a dozen hunters, know that at least a couple of them are irresponsible and that makes them dangerous.

My recollection from my teen years when I lived in the country was the hunters gathering for Morning Services before dawn.
I knew to stay out of the woods during hunting season because my neighborhood hunters were juiced before daybreak.

So instead of thinking of your own wonderful self when you think of the need to prevent gun control, think of the idiots you know who own guns. Because you are enabling the idiots as well as fine upstanding people like yourself.

If teachers have to be armed

families need to disclose whether they own weapons when they enroll their students.
And the teachers can verify which families own weapons so that they can better protect the class.

for gun fools claiming that their guns are to protect them from the government.

have you seen what an unmanned drone can do?
You are lying to yourself and everyone else....and we know it.

Remember the scout who was denied the opportunity for eagle advancement

because his scoutmaster wouldn't sign off on his eagle application....and then was later kicked out of scouting?

The district submitted his eagle application.

tax ammunition severely in order to pay for all the armed personnel

we will need to protect people from guns.

What tax rate is required to pay for 2 armed guards in every school in the USA?
Well it will be good for the unemployment rate.
But I can't see why the people who are causing the expense shouldn't be made to pay for it.

SS should be a progressive tax rate.

currently it is a regressive tax due to the cap.
But higher income is associated with longer longevity...since higher incomes will collect longer, they should contribute more.

Leave it to the people

in terms of what our national budget should be spent on.

We should be able to designate where we want our tax dollars to go.
If its added to tax returns, this is what I am willing to fund with my tax dollars, then the government would have a specific survey and initial budget based on the national priorities.

I'm willing to bet that the actual voice of the people would be greatly different than how it is currently being spent.

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