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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 12:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,284

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A counter to the 'boss' threatening employees

Dear Businesspeople of America,
I am beyond angry with your interference in our democracy.
Its bad enough that you can buy legislators...but for you, that's not enough.
You have to threaten your employees.

Well here's the deal,
I'm in the 53% and if Romney is elected, don't count on me to spend to help consumer spending and your bottom line for Romney's term in office.

An angry citizen

Voting issue: In Cali, just checked and my husbands voters registration was cancelled.....

he just reregistered online.
He's voted at this same address for 10 years.
Better be safe and check if you are okay.
Final day to register is Monday so do it before then, please.

most important difference between Romney and Bush

Bush invaded IraQ
Romney wants to invaded IraN

funny thought

I checked open secrets - Mitt has not contributed to his own campaign this year.
strangely similar to mitts not risking any of his own money in the Bain adventures, he eviscerated the company's to pay for Bain's dance.
Maybe he'll eviscerate the GOP this year (and we can see it sink into oblivion in the next future) to pay for his dance with the ballot.

great retort to investing in China.....spread it around facebook to drown the RW BS

Yes, Mitt, I am sure the mutual funds in my IRA invest in Chinese companies, But you went China to personally purchase Chinese factories to outsource production to. See the difference?

I'm responsible versus I retired retroactively - is there any comparison? nt


I don't want to be in a binder, I want equal pay and equal opportunity nt


Romney leadership Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation, Obama's leadership

American the "Sole bright spot" in the world economy.

Should be part of the "debate".. along with Romney's fake claims of creating jobs: when you destroy 100,000 jobs and create 50,000 jobs, you are not a job creator. You are a net job destroyer.

if corporations are people (my friend) why do they have a different tax rate than people? nt


the best rebuttal to Ayn Rand is Ayn Rand herself

she used Social Security and Medicare benefits. So think of Atlas Shrugged and whatever as her science fiction...but in her real life, she was another government moocher.
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