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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,298

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Love to see Republicans finally admitting their party has lost its mind nt


pretty good article on voting irregularities



Hey there you handsome superdelegate....

You probably remember that I called the Democratic party corrupt

And you might remember that I called almost all superdelegates shills
I complained that you supported the oligarchy instead of the will of the people.

Most of that was silly ranting from my youthful days...last month.

But here's the thing...turns out I'm part of that oligarchy too.
And I expect you to vote for me..instead of the voters choice.
Why care what the voters want or believe, turns out the oligarchy is the way to go.
Vote for me because you know I'm more electable.

PS: ignore the fact that my staffers are planning on primarying you in the next election...its purely coincidental..


Governor Browns response to Governor Scott's attempts to poach business due to $15/hr min wage

Dear Governor Scott,

I’m writing to welcome you back to California – a state that in the last year has added more jobs than Florida and Texas combined. We’re home to Hollywood, Silicon Valley and more than 50 Fortune 500 companies. We attract more than half of the nation’s venture capital investment, win more than a quarter of the nation’s patents and grow much of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. Our budget is balanced. We’re paying down debt and building a solid rainy day fund.

Rick, a fact you’d like to ignore: California is the 7th largest economic power in the world. We’re competing with nations like Brazil and France, not states like Florida.

If you’re truly serious about Florida’s economic wellbeing, it’s time to stop the silly political stunts and start doing something about climate change – two words you won’t even let state officials say. The threat is real and so too will be the devastating impacts.

To help you get a better grasp on things, I’m enclosing a recent report authored by the Risky Business Project, a nonpartisan climate initiative led by Hank Paulson, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. It’s titled, “Come Heat and High Water: Climate Risk in the Southeastern U.S. and Texas,” and finds:

“Florida faces more risk than any other state that private, insurable property could be inundated by high tide, storm surge and sea level rise. By 2030 up to $69 billion in coastal property will likely be at risk of inundation at high tide that is not at risk today. By 2050, the value of property below local high tide levels will increase to up to about $152 billion.”

The report also notes that Florida’s economy could suffer billions of dollars in additional losses as labor productivity drops and storm damage mounts due to extreme weather events.

So, while you’re enjoying a stroll on one of California’s beautiful beaches this week, don’t stick your head in the sand. Take a few minutes to read the rest of this report. There’s no time to waste.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Poll: should some of the forums

be renamed "echo chambers"?

Humorous ways to convince disbelievers about global warming

1) Construct a very large ark (legal name change to Noah a plus)
2) Get Walmart to have an ark sale
3) teach animals to walk in pairs by species to a nearby dock
4) have polar bears walk into salons asking to have electrolysis to have their hair removed
5) have birds begin to construct boats instead of nests for their eggs
6) have amazon change amazon prime to include a flooding premium

Feel free to think outside the box and add your own suggestion

Clinton Foundation fact sheet


The South is holding America hostage


There is another thread about South homage to civil war and the "lost cause of the confederacy"...
which had a lot of interesting tangents including one on how the South viewed the loss of the civil war as punishment from God which increased the power of religion in the south...

following these links I found this article...which basically suggests that the southern elite (?) are one of the forces leading to the economic warfare in the US... It matches the pattern I recall where the rustbelts loss of jobs started with an exodus to the sunbelt..

thought it was an interesting perspective
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