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Gender: Female
Hometown: Coventry, Ct
Home country: USA
Current location: So California
Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2006, 03:38 AM
Number of posts: 13,849

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Your reply needs to be recommended!

Perhaps you could make it an OP so we can. Not to mention, for the exposure it deserves.

That's what I thought too.

For a moment there I thought he was trying to be clever. What was I thinking? He couldn't be clever if you paid him.

There has never been 100% turnout

in modern day elections. If there was equal turnout of both Democrats and Republicans republicans would still win. They cheat. We don't. Blaming Democrats for not winning under these conditions is ridiculous. First the public has to understand the odds. Blame the leaders for not educating the public. 20 years ago I had no understanding of the lengths these crooks would go to. Expecting 100% Democratic turnout? SMH.


This should have happened 10 years ago when we first realized we were losing bees. Better late than never - I hope.

Yeah. I did see him once on MTP. I wasn't aware that it has been more.

He seemed to disappear after the financial crisis. I thought he was gone for good. So he's back? Or maybe he never left.

This has been on my mind quite a bit today.

I don't like seeing pro-gun posts here. The attitude and arguments that go with most of them is infuriating.

I'm watching live, partial, So Cal, through my glasses.

I'm watching the CNN programming on my phone! It's been very exciting!!! The crowd's reaction in Oregon was something else when they got the total eclipse!

President Obama's mother

taught Michelle that trick. She did it with Barack's birth certificate after he was born in Kenya. Powerfully sneaky women. Witches, would be my bet. It is no wonder they are hated and feared.

You do know that she is not

a government employee, right? She doesn't get to write letters on senate or house stationary. She can't write bills. She's just an American citizen running for office at this point in time.
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