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jberryhill's Journal
jberryhill's Journal
May 23, 2020

They can pass a law to force me to wear a mask, but...

...there’s still no law that says I have to wear underwear.
May 18, 2020

Do you get Chinese voice mail spam?

Isn't it really inefficient to spam US cell phone numbers with some weird Chinese recording?
May 10, 2020

If you want to know how hard it is to have an attorney disbarred

This just in...


Michael John Avenatti #206929

5/4/2020 Not Eligible To Practice Law in California Interim suspension after conviction 20-C-30155
May 8, 2020

If a casualty is bad...

..then why isn’t a formality worse?

And if you get hurt bad enough to go to the hospital, why aren’t you a hospitality?

May 7, 2020

Chloroquine witchdoctor Didier Raoult: barking mad and dangerous

“Maybe I was capable of responding to this situation because I’m part African and part of my ancestry leave me with the idea that we should treat infectious diseases“


Tide is turning for the media-savvy French professor Didier Raoult and his chloroquine, even US President Donald Trump is suddenly barely even mentioning the miracle drug for COVID-19. Maybe this is because the only clinical data supporting the malaria drug chloroquine cure against coronavirus comes from Raoult himself. And only after Raoult denounced controls and other basics of clinical research as unethical. Outside of Raoult’s alternative reality, clinical data from France, Sweden, Brazil and USA already now shows that chloroquine not only does not work against COVID-19, it seems to even kill. Predictably so, since the drug’s side effects are well known.

This is why chloroquine proponents changed their stance and now scream that it is wrong to treat very sick COVID-19 patients with chloroquine. Instead, they insist that the drug must be given very early during infection or even prophylactically, i.e., to healthy and asymptomatic people only. Given the evidence that the coronavirus is apparently lethal for less than 1% of the infected, you can see where this is going. The safest way to successfully heal with witchdoctor magic is to treat those who are not really ill and recover anyway.

May 4, 2020

DU promoters of the Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough thing have a new ally!

If you conduct a search of DU for "dead intern"


You will get a hundreds of results suggesting that Joe Scarborough is culpable in the death of Lori Klausutis.

Ms. Klausitis was an intern who worked for then-Congressman Scarborough. She had a heart condition, had been complaining of not feeling well, and was found dead after working alone in his office. An investigation concluded that her condition caused her to lose consciouness, fall, and hit her head on a piece of furniture.

A number of DUers have steadfastly maintained for years - on the basis of no evidence whatsoever - that Ms. Klausutis was killed by Joe Scarborough, and that he managed to cover up her murder.

The remarkable part about the cover-up is that Ms. Klausutis' husband and parents were apparently in on it. Not once in the many years since her death have those closest to and most personally invested in Ms. Klausutis raised any suspicion whatsoever that her death was anything other than it was determined to be. Fortunately, total strangers on the internet care more about her than they do, and so they know "what really happened".

Nevertheless, the epithet "dead intern Joe" is a common one on DU, because for people who toss that around, she is not really a person, and her family and loved ones are not really people either. Her corpse is just a convenient prop to wave around when a person on TV says things we don't like.

And before someone starts with the "Oh, that never happened here" thing, here are search results specific to the phrase "dead intern Joe" on DU:


Take a look through there, and don't tell me "Oh, those were trolls who are all gone now."

Well, fear not, diehard "dead intern Joe" folks, you have a new friend in the White House:


Truth doesn't have an agenda.

Lies do.

May 4, 2020

Security guard arrested after man allegedly shot during altercation over face mask

From “Times Live” of South Africa


A Kimberley security guard has been arrested for attempted murder after a man was allegedly shot during an altercation after he was refused entry to a shop for not wearing a face mask.


Police said that a security guard manning access to a shop at a filling station on Friday afternoon had allegedly denied entry to a 36-year-old customer who was not wearing a face mask.

“It is alleged an argument ensued between the security guard and the customer. The customer was allegedly shot in the face.

April 29, 2020

"There's another story behind that Land O'Lakes butter box"


“My dad’s artwork has been out there for so long, and there's so many people that just don’t even know about his beautiful artwork,” DesJarlait’s daughter Charmaine Branchaud said. “There’s a story behind that man. It’s a part of history. Now, we are making history again with Mia. She’s disappeared, but that doesn’t mean my dad’s artwork is going to disappear. She was just a little bitty part of it. He had a lot of accomplishments in his life.”

DesJarlait’s son, Robert DesJarlait, 73, said he was initially glad that the stereotypical image was finally removed. Then, the power of social media reminded him of another side of the discussion that was overlooked.

On his Facebook page, Robert said many Ojibwe people shared their perspective of Mia while growing up Native. “Basically, it was giving the previous generation a sense of almost empowerment to see a Native woman on a box of butter. It gave them a sense of cultural pride,” he said. “After seeing those posts, I said, ‘that’s right, that’s why my dad created this image to begin with’.”

The design, besides Mia, shows a lake with two points of land that Robert DesJarlait said represented Red Lake and an area on the reservation known as the Narrows, where lower and upper Red Lake meet. Another homage, one that is hard to see on the products, on Mia’s dress are Ojibwe floral design patterns.

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