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My friend is in the hospital with Covid, on oxygen.

We were in high school together and she was my best friend. We kept in touch over the years, although not maybe as often as we could have.

I learned last night that her husband died a few days ago, from Covid. She's in pretty bad shape.

No, I don't know their vaccination status. However, I'm guessing that it would be pretty damn miraculous for both of them to have gotten this sick with breakthrough infections, at the same time. So I'll make a wild guess that they weren't vaccinated.

I'm mad as hell, sad, worried, and ... mad as hell! This could all have been prevented. I'm certain of it. If she pulls through, I want to call her and ask WTFFFF???!!!! But that wouldn't be very nice, I know.

FUCK all the Tucker Carlsons and other right-wing and evangelical fucking assholes who made getting vaccinated against a deadly virus something about God or politics or whatever. It's about staying well and keeping your fellow citizens well and ending the fucking pandemic!

Fuck. That's all. Thanks for listening. (FUCK!!!!)

One more time ...

Someone posted a link of people who refused vaccination and then died from Covid. I can't remember if it was famous people or just people who regretted not getting vaxxed. I should have bookmarked it, but I didn't.

Now my friend's 5-year-old grandson has Covid, her son (grandson's father) is a trumpet anti-mask/anti-vaxxer, as is the other man in the household. They won't even get tested to see if they're the ones carrying it. I told her I'd send her that link. She might be able to get through to her son.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
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