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Ecumenist's Journal
Ecumenist's Journal
April 13, 2012

WHAT THE??!! pappyzimmy needs to be charged with tampering, at the very least...

zimmy the giggling sociopath needs a bigger cell so that pappy has a place to stay and lay his corrupt head too.

April 9, 2012

MOTHER IS GRATEFUL FOR "OBAMACARE"; Says would have been dropped from insurance w/o it!

My 14 Year Old Son Has Brain Cancer -- Without Obamacare, We May Have Been Dropped By Our Insurance Company

Mason is my 14-year-old son, who is adorable and funny, and happens to have a very stubborn and large brain tumor. We discovered the tumor four years ago, and we have been monitoring and treating it with the help of some of the finest doctors around. Mason has lived a somewhat “normal” life, despite frequent MRIs and even chemotherapy. He did his homework and hung out with friends until the fall of 2010 when his headaches became debilitating. Scans revealed that Mason’s tumor had grown for the first time since we had discovered it. Then days before we were scheduled to meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss a surgery we had tried to avoid, Mason had a massive cerebral hemorrhage.


My boy spent 65 days in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at one of Northern California’s best hospitals; during that time he underwent two brain surgeries, along with operations to insert a tracheostomy and a feeding tube. We stayed with him 24 hours a day, my husband, Alan, and I, his grandparents, and his 16-year-old brother, watching his oxygen levels on a screen, tracking his heart rate in beats per minute. The doctors kept him sedated, but every morning they turned down the propofol (Michael Jackson’s drug of choice) when the neurosurgeons came to do their examination. Three to five doctors circled Mason’s bed, one of them yelled his name into his ear. When he didn’t wake up right away, they apologetically pinched him and yelled louder.



This is what we are fighting for. No AMERICAN, should ever have to worry about being able to get treated or receive treatment for their loved ones and losing insurance coverage, let alone insignificant things like oh, I don't know? HOUSES, FOOD, the basics of life. THIS IS THE KIND OF STORY THAT NEEDS TO GET OUT IN THE MAINSTREAM!

April 1, 2012

You know, Zimmy's chorus have been showing up on every show that will have them from

CNN to the Home shopping Network, trying to convince people of the fact that somehow zimmy had blood on his face, etc. After that police video came out showing him dressed as if he just got dressed in clothes he just picked up from the dry cleaners. Then we find out that any first Aid was given him the the back seat of the police cruiser.

Did anyone ever consider that the blood on his face wasn't zimmy's BUT Trayvons? After all, 3 eyewitnesses described him as placing his hands on his head and forehead. 2 of those 3 witnesses saw zimmy straddling with HIS HANDS ON HIS BACK. Now, considering that the cops said that they "cleaned him up", isn't it possible or perhaps, PROBABLE that the blood was transferred from Trayvon's dead body to zimmy's head? Wouldn't explain the fact that he had no blood on his shirt because he wasn't actively bleeding? I wonder if the blood that was "cleaned" off of zimmy was saved for forensic examination?

I think that that makes sense when you think about it.

March 29, 2012

The gun, which was in a holster on GZ' belt, was BEHIND Trayvon Martin. According to GZ

Trayvon had him pinned by his elbows using his knees. The lines that Trayvon supposedly used in reference to GZ seem to have come out of central casting. Why isn't GZ in jail?

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