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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Current location: Brunswick, ME
Member since: Sat Jun 25, 2005, 04:24 PM
Number of posts: 82

About Me

I teach biology and neuroscience at Bowdoin College. My first presidential vote was for George McGovern in 1972, who actually won in my voting state, Massachusetts. I abstained in 1976, thinking there was no difference between Ford and Carter. I have since learned the error of my ways. and now vote in every election both local and national. In one local election here in Brunswick, a reactionary right-wing long-term member of the town council was finally voted out by four votes. Talking with a colleague a couple of days later, we realized that if we and our spouses sat the election out, this much-needed change would never have happened. Now, if we could only get rid of our two "moderate" senators, Snowe and Collins. They're so moderate they voted with W almost every chance they had, and against Obama, again almost every chance they get. Why these two enjoy such popularity here is beyond me. Finally - this state did not vote for our governor Penguin LePage. 62% voted against him - seemingly, in our country, even a legitimate 3rd party candidate (who I voted for, because I thought he could win, and almost did) can result in a win for the right, with very serious and numerous policy consequences every Mainer now has to live with.

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