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Ikonoklast's Journal
Ikonoklast's Journal
December 12, 2011

Picture of my maternal Grandfather from France, 1918.

Look at all the handsome young men...all gone now, all gone.

He is the second man from the right, in the rear.

My grandfather Peter came to this country from Naples, Italy in 1895, and became a citizen of this country in 1908.

When WWI broke out, he joined the Army out of patriotism for his new country and proudly served as a cook in Belgium and France, where he got gassed in 1918 and was invalided back home.

He was never a healthy man after that; the gas took forty years but it finally killed him.

I vaguely remember him as a kindly, very infirm old man in a wheelchair, outside on a sunny day at the Veteran's Hospital...he passed away soon after that day

I was not quite four years old, it is one of my earliest memories.

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