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Member since: Wed May 4, 2005, 01:01 PM
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Anyone else watching a PBS Frontline special on Poor Kids?

This is devastating.

They are following the lives of poor children in America who are are hungry, homeless, and really living on the edge. Giving up the family pet. Getting food at school. Eating canned vegetables for a snack. Living at a shelter or in a motel. Cutting lawns and turning the money over to mom. Losing possessions because they were in storage and their parents couldn't pay the bill. Sad stuff.

16 million children in America live in poverty.

I went to the pharmacy this afternoon

and presented my insurance card.

I've been uninsured for 18 months and I have migraines. So its been a matter of choosing between spending more than I can afford to be pain free or having nothing effective to take.

I've been employed for less than a month with my contract agency and its just amazing to me that they could offer low cost health insurance that went into effect immediately and actually gives me great coverage on the meds I need. So it is possible.

Its wonderful to have health insurance... makes a major difference in my quality of life
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