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byronius's Journal
byronius's Journal
February 11, 2021

Randi Rhodes was suspended from YouTube for showing the Impeachment Manager's video.

For ninety days. No violation of any policy, just a rebroadcast of that excellent 13 minutes.

I have to say, this gives me pause. I don't watch Randi on YouTube, I just download the podcast everyday. She's my go-to for extraordinarily well-informed news analysis; there's a reason Walter Cronkite was one of her biggest fans.

As far as I know YouTube let the MagaNazis run rampant and allowed thousands of auto-registered Russian 'American Patriot' news channels broadcast bullshit every single day until they saw the political winds change and then did too little too late; but for them to shut down Randi like this is a bit of an act of darkness in my book. The 'algorithms' seem suspiciously un-American to me.

I don't have a great deal of trust in mass social media as it is -- haven't touched Facebook in a few years, and let my Twitter account go dormant. I stick to the mighty Democratic Underground, Randi Rhodes (who led me here in 2004), and the Majority Report with Sam Seder -- which means I'm more tuned in to hard fact than most people.

I'm going to write a little letter to [email protected] just because. One spark against the behemoth probably means nothing, but I'll do it anyway. I love Randi Rhodes, always have and always will. Sharpest knife in the drawer, that excellent human. She keeps my moral compass tuned up.

But this event makes me wonder who's home at YouTube. Algorithm Schmalgorithm, some human is picking and choosing, and this particular suspension is a bad sign that gives me a bad feeling.

There is no such thing as both sides. There's right and there's wrong, and it's pretty GODDAMNED OBVIOUS if you can think critically and have some decent history and a little solid science under your belt.

Hmmmmm. They've got me thinking things I don't think they want me thinking. Okay, YouTube. This was a mistake. I read about but didn't consume any of the Insurrectionist crap you let infect my nation, but now that you've messed with my media feed I see you a lot more clearly. This issue just jumped up a few notches on my list.

January 27, 2021

1/13/21 to 1/26/21.

tower power beezlebub
forward forward gutter dust
eels will slither over you
forward fire back nothing
forward beezly rock the world
forward falls into the loop
nothing stuns and nothing feels
no alter course on the remote
the singer roars the bass to max
forward dust and nothing back

shepherd's day
mweevil sweet people
take the time away
why for the typeville slot fear
sacrifice their better parts
for the long view streets
of endless Mephistophopolis

o gobbish fee for alls
draggy bean faced
less-than warriors
families or
tribes all
the inner
pics are fuzzed

topographically inverse
gimme dat old planck time
when things were simpler
everyone the same with all
the other energy bois
trouble! there's trouble
ahead and behind which
i apparently chose?

beeves fles the building so
ashamed! and caught red
bad history for the end
sloppy overturns and jail time
it's a hard winter for overtones
'so wee kilt a cupla beeves'
sno whut they's a thousand
tiktok beeves here comes J.

banners in eldeveldt
county the sweeps are coming
the air is green and soon no other
one feels the swelling terracotta
ray guns out and up boys weeer goin

codified flower light
swells singing breeze
elevant washed clean
held high and happy
a never dream at last

wrong to wildly right
wind rocks with
nevilledog sideswipes
seeps spring from
softball lives
handmarks and
smooches last
to the one who
lives the story
ultra glory
it is those
eyes that
in the

January 15, 2021

How does he get away with it? None of us have seen anything like this during our lifetimes.

The common responses are: Shock. Dismay. Loud sounds. Threats! Then either the offender backs down or they don't. And he who does not back down generally wins. Depending on skin color and socioeconomic status, or course.

Think of prehuman tribal behavior -- lots of kabuki, not so much killing. Apparently nature rewards spectacle but not so much the act of violence, especially within a basic tribal unit. In our case it's a massive tribal unit, at least in theory -- and just like with the small tribe it all comes down to the combined emotional makeup and behavior of individual members, the sounds they make, the choices they make.

Every once in awhile a guy comes along who has an ability to do the kabuki better than anyone. He can stomp and shout, churn and burn, glower and take power beyond all other members of his tribe. Many submit to his kabuki -- it's just too impressive, too loud -- and over time, they become mildly programmed to hear his voice above all others.

And if that guy is a ultra-narcisisstic child-raping bloodthirsty beast, well -- the programmed just hear the voice, and see the stomping and churning.

But when that comes crashing down as rotted human structures often do, the survivors tend to mark that particular guy's type of kabuki as fricking dangerous and we gotta never do that. Mostly. A small percentage always loves bad kabuki, it's just genetic.

So they live long and prosper. But a couple of generations down the line everyone living has never seen such a thing and would never believe it could happen to them -- they are the futuristics, after all -- and when it does everyone steps back and displays shock and dismay, then loud sounds and threats. And if that doesn't work -- well, it happens all over again but in a different way.

Humans! Gotta love that million-year old subroutine stuff. If you don't read enough, you're doomed to repeat it.

January 10, 2021

I thought '10 years each'. I watched this and now I think 30 to life.

You have to sign in and accept to watch. It's quite brutal.

Every. Single. One. Goes to prison. Hunt them down. Try and convict and incarcerate for the fullest possible sentence -- charges should include murder, attempted kidnapping, and rebellion against the United States.

If we don't stand up now this Planet of the Apes mob will come back stronger. End them.
January 10, 2021

It will be a very different world when these primates get out of prison.

Presumably it will be no paradise, and I'm certain we have a long and difficult climb to sensible, sustainable civilization ahead of us, but when the Trump Terrorists emerge they will be relics.

There will have been no picnics in the park for them. No beer on a Saturday. No hunting, no driving around in the sticks, no camping.

Concrete walls, regimented life. Time. A lot of time. Time to watch as the world goes by without them outside those walls.

When Richard Barnett completes his sentence for stealing the Speaker's mail and stumbles out of the prison gates into the sunshine again he's likely going to be in his seventies.

I wonder if he'll still think it was worth it --

Let's make sure the answer is no. Let's make sure it's a legacy of shame.

December 12, 2020

This day is the twentieth anniversary of Bush v. Gore.


I remember it like it was yesterday. There have been bad days in US history, but I count 12/12/00 as one of the darkest.

And yet it seems the current court has turned away from finishing the fall. For now. I take heart from this. Somewhat.

Shall we overcome?
November 25, 2020

"Emily Murphy to Discuss the Future of the Federal Workplace at FedTalks - Register Now!"

-- read the title of the email from FedScoop Events I got at work.

Honestly, there's a few cool people mixed in with the Kid Cagers and the Proud Atomwaffen.

But if your headliner is the Trump stooge who has American blood on her hands because she sat on the keys to the castle and pouted when her dear Prince Orange Frog told her to --

Ya got nothin' fer me. Zero. Not interested in a mix of Tech Leaders and Assorted Nazi Psychopaths. Better things to do with my time.

Here's the blurb:

FedTalks, the largest annual gathering of C-suite leaders from tech, gov and academia is turning 11 this year and will be bigger than ever. This year FedTalks will be a digital experience featuring talks from the biggest names in tech around the country for daily lightning talks, keynotes, and fireside chats exploring ways we can use technology to transform government and overcome the biggest challenges facing our nation.

Maybe we could get some tips on the surveillance network technology they use to remotely monitor the crying infants?

I'd go if there was a way to throw a virtual pie -- that could be worth it.

Just Bleah. God damn it.
November 22, 2020

They're so twisted up in their own gambit they can't shoot straight.

I do believe over the next few weeks we're going to see them turn on each other in the worst way. The Nazis and the Religiously Insane versus the Corporate Greedheads, I suppose, is how this will splinter.

They're desperately trying to hold the coalition of Evil together here in the face of loss, something that I think was easier for them before they went full death-cult in the last four years.

The combination of mounting deaths during the holidays, especially centered in their hometowns -- along with the continuing economic freefall as their own party stalls any attempt to relieve the nation in a sort of a combination burn-it-all-down and self-flagellative frustration -- is going to increase the stress daily as Dear Leader continues his personal meltdown. His stress is their stress, his weakness is their weakness, his loss is their ultra-loss because he has painted it as the End of the World and they believe him.

They've talked each other into standing up in public and threatening a hot civil war, but the truth is deep down 1) they know this is all sick and 2) they are primarily mentally ill and/or cowards, and the inability to push past their fear and actually attack any liberals they can identify who are certified as defenseless enough to pick on (usually three large men with AR-15's to one grandmother with a pink hat is the required ratio) is going to burn their internal world to the ground. These people aren't resilient anymore. They're brittle, hysterical, and dimly aware their lives have gone over a cliff.

Mark my words, Mitt Romney and Pat Toomey are going to spark their rage first. These primates are going to turn in on themselves, beat their wives and kids, drink heavily, commit random acts of violence in their own red districts, and hunt down the suits they think of as the Betrayers of the Cause.

Any of the quasi-normal conservatives (the few, the only mildly evil) who won't instantly join in the attempt to seize power in the name of the Proud Boys are in real trouble.

Howard Bloom wrote about this stuff in The Lucifer Principle. The closer to primate you are, the more the logic of the pecking order rules you. And there are very specific reflexes and outcomes in the event of Great Loss.

Any sane Republican is going to pay a price. Unless they're out there in the street alongside the Oathkeepers threatening to put an end to this horrifying assault on whiteness (that's how they view it), they'll be pegged as Enemies even more then we are.

And if we stay strong with each other, each of us taking a deep breath and standing up to give what we have to offer this nation -- sensible, American strength and love, honor, intellect and skill -- we'll win. Let's treat each other with the civility and respect that has no home in conservatism. We'll make everything better.

November 13, 2020

Remember when an old enemy talked the rich people of a country into giving up democracy for power?

Everyone lost everything to a nation of enslavers.

And the four hundred wealthy betrayers of a century-old democracy, what happened to them?

Oh, they got theirs in the end, lemmetellya. Not so smart after all.

And this is exactly where I'm at in Thucydides' history of the Peloponnesian War -- Persia talks the wealthy of Athens into overthrowing the democracy and installing an oligarchy by promising military aid; but Tissaphernes is just playing the Spartans off against the Athenians as a tactic.

They both lost in the end.

Something seems so familiar about this...

November 6, 2020

Liberal Democracy Is The Dominant Force Of Nature.

How do I know? Draw the human line from thirty thousand years ago to now and it goes up. Spiky, to be sure, and sometimes whole generations live on a downslope and view life as hell and other generations bissfully skip about in the happy valley -- but steadily, always up.

'Up' as in: cooperative, thoughtful, fair, honest democracy informed by history and science and the empowerment of each citizen defeats the ancient ways of primal rule by fear-and-cunning culture over and over and over and over. Not always, but more often than not. Enough so that the lesser ways cannot compete over time.

It's a hard truth of nature. Liberal democracy is a ruthless engine of power. It will eventually evolve to utterly dominate any other less-developed system. Like molecular fact.

We have a long way to go. But we should all be mindful: we have the power. We win. Slowly, steadily, painfully -- inevitably.

Representative democracy. Those words. Rule the future.

'Be courageous and kind.' More good words.

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