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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
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Hair help

I have hereditary thin hair. It's naturally curly, really African-American frizzy! But since chemo, the regrowth has been typical: very fine and softly curly. I completed full chemotherapy almost a year ago, but had to take Herceptin for a full year, which I completed in April. It's so sparse! I used to be able to disguise it with my curls, but not now. In fact, I'm using a keratin powder to hide my scalp.
Someone suggested I try taking Biotin. I've been reading about it and it does seem to help some people. Can anybody offer me advice? have you tried it and if so, did it help?

Mood and what affects it

You know I've been through a lot, thanks to many complications and side effects of treatment.
Well, I've been depressed and anxious for weeks...and then, suddenly, a few days ago, my sadness lifted. I could feel it happening -- just like a cloud lifting -- and I've been trying to peg it to something or other, but I can't. I felt so good that I almost started to cry!
And although I wouldn't say I'm singing all day long, the depression that I experienced is mostly gone.

It's been several months since I finished my year of Herceptin, and two months since I stopped taking Xarelto, but neither of those seems to point to depression. It could well be that I'm finally done with treatment (although I now have to deal with what seems to be some form of arthritis), except for reconstruction, and that I can do this fall or winter.

I'd appreciate any insights anyone can offer me, because I'd love to understand why I suddenly feel so much better, and how to KEEP feeling this way.

What do we feast upon, saturday July 1

I don't see Cher here, so I'll start:
we're having snacks for dinner. Fresh guacamole and blue corn chips, devilled eggs, cucumber-scallion salad, and I bought some teriyaki chicken salad at the Green Turtle market, and we're watching an episode of The Great Briitish Baking Show.
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