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Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 01:43 AM
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Please remember that at the same time Trump was paying off two of his extramarital Affair partners,

to keep them silenced, Trump had a press conference with a lineup of women who had accused Bill Clinton of anything untoward.

So this BS that this was only to 'protect' Melanoma's delicate sensibilities is just that, Bull Shit.

Trump was pushing hard in his campaign against Hillary, that somehow anyone who had accused Bill of something was a negative against Hillary. And at the same time paying hush money through his attorney to keep his own extramarital affairs on the down low.

This is a blatant campaign finance violation on top of tax fraud in claiming it as a business expense.

I think that every former government Official with access to Secret Documents needs to Review

every old box of papers the have. Especially if they ever had a document outside of a SCIF unit.

From Trump who is a total Scoff Law, to Biden who is a scrupulous Law follower, our government has an obvious problem with how secret documents are handled and tracked.

Every cabinet level office and anyone who worked with them that ever accessed secure documents should be going through their old files right now. And every individual page should be barcoded and tracked, just like in your local library.

This document trickle BINGO is an embarrassment and an actual threat to out national security.

We have to do better.

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