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McCamy Taylor

McCamy Taylor's Journal
McCamy Taylor's Journal
August 16, 2020

Those "Stand Against" Kamala Harris ads

that seem to be everywhere (one just popped up here at DU as a paid for ad) in which her eyes are covered and she is not smiling tell me that the Trump Campaign could not find a bad picture of our next VP so they had to create one. She has great eyes! When she smiles she looks completely sincere, just like Joe.

August 14, 2020

Trump under estimates the grit of American voters.

If he makes mail in voting impossible by gutting the post office, there will be big lines on election day. Huge lines. Like this

and this

And these will not be your daddy's long lines to vote. These will be angry people in masks who will be chanting as they wait. They will come equipped with food and water. Umbrellas in case it rains. Depends in case they can not "hold it" for six hours. Portable stools for those too old to stand for long. Wheelchairs for those who cannot stand at all. It will become a badge of honor to have endured in order to vote cast out the Russian supported fascist dictator who occupies the Oval Office.

And history will record it all and Trump will be remembered as the president who declared war on the US voter---and lost.

And "I voted in November, 2020" will be something that people tell their grandchildren in years to come.

August 14, 2020

It's official. Trump's "base" has crumbled. All That's Left is the Crazies.

Mika's rant proves it.


All that is left is a handful of crazies. The same people who will spit in your face claiming that the earth is flat and man never went to the moon, not because they believe what they are saying. No, they spew their craziness in order to get attention for themselves. They crave attention and the easiest way to get it is to go into Costco or Walmart without a mask. In their hearts they know that masks save lives and in their hearts they do not want their parents and children to get COVID and die. But they crave attention. And the only way they know how to get that attention is to go negative in a big way.

I feel for these people. They grew up never being told that they were valuable. They grew up unloved. The only attention they ever got was negative attention. Beatings. Groundings. Scoldings. They were told repeatedly that they were worthless. Scum. Would never amount to anything. They lack the most basic sense of shared humanity. They hate themselves and so they hate others.

The grown man who had to be carried out of a store by his own family member(possibly his son)

should be a warning to us all. If we do not nurture our children they will grow up to be this man----a man whose own children cannot respect him because he does not respect himself.

The "Karen" who deliberately coughed on another customer is a bagel shop

is a crazy pitching a temper tantrum. To her the entire world is "out to get her". How did she get this way? I don't know. Maybe the same way that gunmen who shoot up schools and churches get the way that they are.

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