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McCamy Taylor

McCamy Taylor's Journal
McCamy Taylor's Journal
October 31, 2018

Trump Fans Poor White Dreams of Owning Slaves

Anyone with an ounce of sense and a rudimentary understanding of the law knows that Trump can not take away the citizenship of those born in this country through an executive decree. Fellow Republicans have been quick to inform the literate members of their party--the ones who read the Washington Post and the New York Times--that no president can undo the Constitution unilaterally. Because Republicans who have educations and mortgages and careers and families rely upon the Constitution to protect their property and their jobs and their children's future.

However, those who have no jobs, no home, no education, no future---they have nothing to lose. Their lives are Tobacco Road. And now, suddenly, they have hope. For, if their Hispanic neighbor's citizen children and their Vietnamese neighbor's citizen children and their Indian neighbor''s citizen children are no longer citizens then the children will need American sponsors to remain in the only country they know. That means some American--some white American--will be able to acquire a maid, a concubine, a "boy" to cut the grass, a nanny to watch the kids so that both (white) parents can work. These sponsored aliens will speak perfect English. They will fit smoothly into American culture. And they will have no right to say "no" no matter what sick perversions their white masters practice. They will be the modern equivalent of slaves.

Trumps knows that he does not have the power to strip citizens of their citizenship and force them into serfdom. But he is counting upon some really dumb, really undereducated, really mean and nasty Americans believing that he does. He is peddling a lie in hopes that the desire to be "Massahs" will get them off their asses and into the voting booth--a place they have seldom visited before.

October 27, 2018

In Trump's Universe, Synagogues are Supposed to Have Armed Guards. Why?

Because Trump is pandering to a base which is fiercely antisemitic. To them, anyone who is not an Evangelical Christian is a threat. Meaning that when they see members of another religion who have made themselves "easy targets" they feel compelled to shoot to kill. To them it is self defense. And so, if you want to practice the freedom of religion which is your Constitutional right in this country, you had better carry a big weapon with you, because in Trump's America, antisemitism is absolutely inevitable. To have a synagogue without an armed guard is like an attractive young woman wearing a short skirt. Because rape is inevitable in Trump's America, too.

October 23, 2018

Trump's Middle Class Supporters Must Be Idiots

Why else would the GOP imagine that

1) promising to protect the no exclusion for pre-existing condition clause--even though the Trump administration is currently waging a court battle to allow insurers to discriminate against pre-existing conditions and

2) promising that after the election is over they will give Middle Class tax payers a 10% tax cut, even though they did not include the Middle Class in their tax cut for the wealthy

would encourage middle class voters to go to the poll to support Trump and the GOP?

Are the non-rich members of Trump's base really that stupid? We will see. But the level of idiocy required to believe either of these two promises strikes me as inconsistent with intelligent life.

October 7, 2018

The GOP stands for "Grabs Our Pussies". REPUBLICAN Stands for...

(R stands for) RAPE, no longer a crime for the new Republican Party. It is now a necessary rite of manhood. Just look at Trump, who bragged about being a pussy grabber and who thinks that (white) men who rape women are a credit to their race/gender because of their

(E stands for )ENTITLEMENT, the principle that if your gender/race/ethnicity/religion once committed brutal atrocities or even genocide on another group in the past on order to steal their wealth/land/labor, then your gender/race/ethnicity/religion are still entitled to steal that other group’s wealth/land/labor until the end of days, because it would be unfair to deprive you of your inherited

(P stands for) PRIVILEGE, the notion that Roland Barthes summed up nicely when he wrote that the right turns “history into nature”. If, once upon a time, your family owned slaves who picked your cotton and made it possible for you to live a life of luxury and leisure then it is the duty of the decedents of those slaves to take all the crap you throw at them so that you can continue to live a life of luxury and leisure, because obviously God and/or Darwin decreed that you and your ancestors were destined to profit from your crimes against humanity. Because people are

(U stands for) UNEQUAL in the eyes of God, who loves those who amass great fortunes, no matter how much blood they spill stealing their wealth. How do we know that Gods love successful criminals/con men/brutal military dictators? Because the successful criminals/con men/brutal criminals tell us that God loves them. And if we do not love them, they string us up on trees and set our bodies on fire or gang rape us or steal our children and give them over to pedophiles, because

(B stands for) BRUTALITY is such an admirable trait in a leader. Whenever possible, a Republican must compound the violence that is done to women/children/immigrants by blaming the victim for being born into a class that has historically been the victim of violence. And if you happen to be born into a privileged class and you do not brutalize whenever possible then there is something wrong with you to believes the

(L stands for) LIES of the victims of brutality. What is a lie? It is anything that would deprive the privileged/entitled classes of their privilege and entitlement. In other words, every accusation of rape against a Black man is true, because that accusation helps the rich get richer by making it easier to oppress all Blacks. And every accusation of rape against a wealthy white man is a lie, because it might cost white men their privilege. When any women accuses a wealth white man if rape, she

(I stands for) INSULTS him, and to today’s Republican, insults are the sole prerogative of those who have declared themselves “better” than others. Since the law of the land no longer allows them to lynch with impunity, they use words---insults----as weapons, denouncing the female victims of violence as “sluts”, the immigrant children victim of violence as “illegal”, the third world victims of colonial violence as words too ugly to repeat here. They use and abuse their Constitutional right to free speech to strip others of their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This holds doubly true for those Republicans who have given up their humanity and now consider themselves

(C stands for) CORPORATIONS, which are not bound by the usual social and moral laws. Corporations have only one imperative—turn a profit. If you can get away with tripling the cost of your drug, you triple it. If you can cut costs by hiring a mercenary army to brutalize workers in another country, you hand out rifles and machetes and pat yourself on the back when the soil in that country turns red with blood. You buy and sell Republican politicians the way that the wealthy of Europe once bought Papal pardons, and you cement your right to buy a government for the corporations by the corporations by installing your flunkies on the Supreme Court and having them declare that corporate money is better than all other money and therefore has a special right to make its demands heard. Remember when Jesus drove the moneylenders out of the Temple? Those days are over. The GOP now worships

(A is for) ANTICHRIST, the exact opposite of everything that Jesus ever did, said or stood for. Only a loser sacrifices himself to save another. The good Republican uses bones spurs as an excuse to escape the draft. The good Republican sets up his money making operation in the heart of mega-Churches, because what good is spirituality if it does not make someone money? The good Republican would never minister to the poor. The good Republican knows that it is better to steal the crust of bread from a poor man’s mouth—the starving are too weak to fight back, and anyone who does not pick a fight he knows that he can win is a pussy. The good Republican does not heal the sick----he drives the sick into bankruptcy and steals their homes and forces the sick and their families to live on the streets. The good Republican keeps a big stockpile of stones, because he knows that the first to start throwing stones is the one who is most likely to walk away with all the marbles. Of course, when the rich run amok, slashing wages, depriving children of food, hiring pedophiles to supervise incarcerated children and applauding rapists as gender heroes, then they turn our country into a

(N is for) NIGHTMARE of Apocalyptic proportions. The Four Horsemen, Famine, War, Pestilence and Death are members of the Republican Party, because there is so much money to be made from war, so much money to be made from disease, so much money to be made from food shortages, so much money to be made from being able to use the threat of death against those who only want to protect their homes, their families, their values, their freedom.

The modern Republican Party is the Beast.

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies”

Revelation 13

Don't get me wrong. Trump is not the Devil with a capital D. He is a devil against democracy, a political evil. The modern Republican Party is a criminal organization which openly denounces and violates the rules of our democratic form of government. It uses the Constitution to wipe its ass. It tells lies, each of them more obvious than the last and exults in its power to tell lies and break the law and rape, steal, kidnap and murder with immunity, because its power is all the justification that it needs. The Beast lives by no moral code. The Beast gains its power through the sheer bravado with which it violates the most basic morality. The Beast speaks to our darkest natures. The Beast is us, but we are so much more than the Beast.

Want to cast the Beast into “a lake of fire burning with brimstone”? Be glad that you live in a democracy and not in Ancient Rome.


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