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McCamy Taylor

McCamy Taylor's Journal
McCamy Taylor's Journal
August 22, 2012

GOP Knows It's on the Ropes When It Comes to Choice

You can tell, because they are trying to justify their truly draconian "no abortion ever, not even if your daughter is raped by space aliens and giving birth will kill her" party platform by insisting that rape does not cause pregnancy (Akin) and statutory rape does not cause pregnancy (King).

If these guys were really devout Catholics or Fundies, they would not try to justify their beliefs. They would stand up and proclaim proudly "Even if your girl is gang banged by a bunch of bikers, she got pregnant because God is punishing her for being such a slut" (Fundies) or "God is trying to make it up to her by giving her a sweet little baby that she can sell to some rich infertile white family if it has all its fingers and toes" (Catholics).

Why is the right wing of the GOP resorting to subterfuge, like insisting that no woman or girl or child of ten ever got pregnant from rape, and therefore they do not need to provide an exemption from their no abortion legislation? They are scared. Scared of Republican women. Women who are much more likely to be pro-choice.

What appears to be mind boggling stupidity about basic human reproduction is actually a nudge and a wink to Republican women. What the right wing men are saying is "Ordinary girls, poor girls, girls of color can't get raped, because they are whores who keep their legs wide open all the time. They practically have the words 'Make a semen donation here' tattooed on their thighs. They were put on this earth to breed babies." The flip side of this message, what you will never hear is "We understand that if a good girl, a white girl of wealth and breeding is violated, her parents will fly her out of the country in their private jet to get her a 'therapeutic D&C'. We aren't trying to stop our own daughters and nieces and sisters from getting abortions. We just want those welfare sluts to give society something back---like unwanted babies that we can adopt."

Will Republican women get the message? Will they embrace a "choice is not free, it costs a whole load of money" attitude? Doubtful. I expect to see a bunch of them staying home this fall. Some will even cross over to vote for Obama.

We hold up half the sky. We also hold up almost half of the Republican Party. The GOP is going down this fall, and all the Kochs Brothers ill gotten tax payer funded corporate welfare will not save them.

August 16, 2012

Why Congressional Republicans are Sweating Over Ryan

Imagine that you are a U.S. citizen wearing a T-shirt to your local bar. One of those nasty ones that pictures a democratic politician such as Clinton or Obama in the crosshairs.

Good for a few laughs and a few scowls depending upon who else is standing at the bar, but no big deal. Right?

Now, imagine that suddenly, out of the blue, you get transported to DC across the street from the White House, wearing that same shirt, with a semi automatic rifle in your hands. Suddenly, the shirt is no longer a laughing (or scowling) matter. Suddenly, there are real consequences to wearing that shirt.

This is what has happened to Congressional Republicans. They thought they could get away with voting for Ryan's bill to destroy Medicare, because everyone knew it was a symbolic vote. With the Senate and the White House in Democratic hands, that bill was going nowhere except into the paper shredder. And the vote was a great way to pander to the banks and the health insurance industry and the Tea Party.

But now that Paul Ryan is on the Republican presidential ticket, the bill which every single House Republican (except four) supported is like an albatross around the party's neck. In case you missed the MSM coverage of the bill (because there was next to none) the Ryan Bill would eliminate Medicare and replace it with vouchers to allow us to buy health insurance on the "open market"---a market which has no interest in insuring seniors with health problems, meaning the vouchers would be worthless scraps of paper, and the nations elderly would go back to dying in the streets the way that the Christian Coalition God intended them to.

So, in effect, Congressional Republicans now find themselves standing on the White House lawn, armed with semi automatic rifles and wearing t-shirts with Medicare in the cross hairs. Right in time for this fall's election.

"It's not fair," thinks the freshman GOP congressman."We didn't come to Washington to write legislation. We came to get in Obama's way. We got in his way---and now they want to hold us accountable for the legislation we tried to pass. Is writing legislation even in our job description as Congressmen? Why the hell should we take responsibility for our actions. Everything is Obama's fault! He made Ryan write the bill. He made us vote for it. Blame Obama!"

Poor Congressional GOP.

August 13, 2012

An Open Letter to the Romney Campaign...

WTF, dude? Do you even have a political adviser? Or did you take bids from hedge fund managers? "I'll guarantee you 20 million in Super Pac money if you select the guy who wants to privatize Social Security. I stand to make a killing if they force people to give their retirement money to me, so I can embezzle it and stash it in a Swiss bank account where it will never be seen again"?

On the Democratic side, we have Axelrod and Clinton supporting a likable, eloquent candidate.

On the Republican side, we have a bunch of banksters shooting craps. Oh, and this crap shoot is going to alienate the independents while mobilizing the left wing base. You know, the folks who might have said to themselves "Romney isn't so bad. He gave Mass. Romneycare. I'll bet he's just pretending to be more right wing than he is so the Tea Party won't sink him."

Don't get me wrong. I think it will be good for the country if the GOP ticket pulls a McGovern/Shriver. But sometimes, I wonder if Big Oil is deliberately shooting Romney in both feet, because they have their hearts set on Brother Jeb in 2016. And I will be very annoyed if we get another Bush in the White House in 2017. The least Mittens could have done for this country is pick some viable candidate who could actually run again in 2016 and win the GOP nomination and save the country from the Bush family. I mean, being a tax dodger and all, Romney owes us.

August 12, 2012

With the Selection of Ryan, Voter ID Laws Just Assumed a New Importance in this Election

I'll bet you were surprised when Romney picked Ryan. You probably thought the GOP would not dare to antagonize its elderly voting block. But if you have been paying attention to the Voter ID Poll Tax laws that have been springing up around the country---and which the GOP admits have been put into place to help Romney win---you would have realized that the Republicans have nothing to fear from the elderly and the disabled. This election, they are not part of Karl Rove's "The Math", because this election that are not being invited to participate.

Paul Ryan wants to kill Medicare. He wants to dismantle the massively popular public health insurance program which insures tens of millions of seniors---seniors whom private health plans would not touch with a ten foot pole. He has told us so, and if you missed this threat, it is only because the corporate media has done its best to quash the story. Since Medicare also insures the nation’s permanently disabled, Ryan’s extreme right wing stance----Medicare is a government handout that must be trimmed so that the rich can pay less in taxes---amounts to a eugenics program targeting anyone with a serious medical condition.

Right now, the nation’s elderly and disabled must be worrying. Depending upon the whim of those who have programmed our nation’s (hackable) electronic voting systems, they could find themselves without heath care---and then, without a pulse---in the very near future. In the face of this threat, they have probably made up their mind to fight back in the only way that ordinary citizens without SuperPacs can---by voting in the fall election.

But wait! Many of the nation’s elderly do not drive. They do not have a driver’s license. They do not have the money to travel abroad so they don’t have passports either. Though they have lived in the same precinct for decades and voted in every election, this fall they will show up at the polls and be told

“Sorry, we don’t know who you are. Try again next election. If you’re still alive.”

It gets worse. Many of the nation’s disabled citizens do not drive either. They can’t. They are blind/paralyzed/too weak. Therefore, they don’t have driver’s licenses. They would just love to go to the polls this fall and tell Romney/Ryan “Keep your mitts off my Medicare that I paid into for thirty years.” But even if they can find someone to drive them to the polls, even if they manage to drag their oxygen cylinders with them, they are going to be told

“No. You can’t vote. You are too sick. We only want people who aren’t dependent upon their health insurance to vote this time around.”

Romney has dared to select Paul “I Wanna Kill Medicare” Ryan as his vice president, because he is counting upon the new Poll Tax---Voter ID Laws---to keep those Americans who need their health care from going to the polls. This time around, it’s going to be seniors and the disabled who are systematically disenfranchised.

So, next time someone you know defends Voting ID Poll Taxes, “Because they keep the wrong sort of people from voting” ask that person what he has against his grandma.

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