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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 11:27 AM
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gop actually makes an honest statement

they said "Tennessee: What America should look like." Well, that reveals the truth of their agenda, right there. Favor the rich, keep the working people in low paying jobs, and forget about quality of life, health care, and education.

Tennessee: What America Should Look Like.

High school graduation rate 42
college graduation rate 42
cancer deaths 45
cardiovascular deaths 44
children in poverty 32
diabetes 44
infant mortality 45
low birthweight 42
preterm birth 40
obesity 35
occupational fatalities 36
physical inactivity 48
poor phys. Health days 42
premature death 43
preventable hospitlizations 46
violent crime 47
heart disease 41
high blood pressure 48
income disparity 41
stroke 43
teen birth rate 41
underemployment rate 32
unemployment rate 34

From a state with one of the most regressive sales taxes in the country, that lost 16.5K jobs in June, that burned through 5.2 billion dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

But some crazy right wing think tank voted us the "3rd freest state," whatever that means.

Donut shop hopes to get President Obama's attention


One local baker is thrilled about President Obama's visit, so much that she's named a donut after him.

"I did a little Google research and found out that he enjoys salted caramel milk chocolate candies. So, we created a chocolate donut that has a salted caramel icing on it in his honor. It's called the Obama," said Julie Davis, Julie Darling Donuts.


Julie Darling donuts are absolutely incredible - if you are ever in Chattanooga you should go by and have one. They are the best ever.

Hey Bro's, a cool story

my mother in law lives south of Clermont, near walt disney world. If you know the area, we often take a "back road" to the parks, well, its not so back roads anymore as gps has figured it out, down sherberth road. One day in May, we were driving back and around the corner in front of me an SUV flipped over - it was light rain, but the SUV was going to fast. I pulled over immediately, my wife and I hopped out and called 911. The SUV was up on a bank on its side so I was worried it would flip back down if the kids (they looked like teeangers) tried to climb out. So I talked to them through the window and got them to stay calm and still until the police arrived and could help stabilize it. They were really freaked out but held my eye contact and listened to me as we talked and they stayed calm. The police got there very quickly and emergency crews just a minute later. We got the kids out and everybody was OK.

I haven't seen this on the news yet so I thought I should let you all know about it.
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