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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 11:27 AM
Number of posts: 5,163

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Halloween is coming #XYZ

in honor of Mr.Scorpio, this is Bauhaus' Bela Lagosi's Dead set to the film White Zombie

It is on rutube for copy right reasons


It is not triple X, I just didn't want to put a number and mess up the system

Short documentary about Koch bros and climate change

I don't think I can embed the video but here is the link:

TRNN SPECIAL: Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science


A part of support

The email says this is part of Russian government support for Mr. Trump.

Everyone is reading that as a tip off that jr should know better than to meet.

But is says "a part of"

I think this is not sign first contact, I think he is identifying the meeting as part of an ongoing thing so jr will know what it is.

Heres how little the meeting meant to them

I'm going off the emails as shown on CNN on tv, tapping on phone.

When the contact wants to change the time of the meeting from 3 to 4 the following day, jr. First suggests today at 3, and when reply is she hasn't landed yet he says OK, 4:00.

Then he emails kushner and managers "meetings been changed to 4:00"

Think about this. This is busy time right after they wrapped up Nomination. He doesn't say what meeting it is. he doesn't ask if they are available.

What if she just jumped the gun

and announced the Bowling Green massacre they were planning before it happened?

Capitalism vs Communism

If you ever need to demonstrate that capitalism is superior to communism, consider this.
The Soviet Union engage in espionage against the US for decades.
It took the Russian mafia only a few years to run a candidate for US president.

Enjoy The Silence Music Video top of World Trade Center

Judge's ruling is a blow to Florida's third-grade testing rules

Source: Tampa Bay Times

A Leon County circuit court judge has come down in favor of families challenging Florida's third-grade retention practices, ruling that school districts ignored the children's right to alternative forms of promotion and the state Department of Education allowed that to happen.

A group of parents from six counties, including Hernando and Pasco, challenged the state law that requires third-graders to pass a state reading test or be held back a year. They also alleged that officials weren't properly following the law anyway.

The law offers alternative ways for third-graders to be promoted, including a portfolio of their work over the school year. But the parents alleged that their school districts, on the state's advice, denied their children that opportunity.

"From what I have seen and understand of the ruling at this point, I couldn't be happier," said Michelle Rhea, an Orange County parent who is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit. "Feels great to have such a big victory against such an overwhelming system."

Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/testing/judges-ruling-is-a-blow-to-floridas-third-grade-testing-rules/2291158

I think this is wonderful news, supporting the rights of parents who have become concerned about the dramatic increases is high stakes standardized testing.

The thing that bothered me the most

with the social media specialists, was the race thing. That was all just so disingenuous.

Primary story from friend in Tennessee

Woman behind me at polling place: I don't know what to put here.
Pollster: you just need to circle democrat or republican to get the right ballot
Woman behind me: but I don't know!
Pollster: well, you know who you are voting for, right?
Woman: Yes! TRUMP! But is he a democrat or republican?
Pollster: he's a republican. Check republican if you want to have the ballot with Trump.
Woman: oh, he IS? Ok. I didn't know.
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