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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,676

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I just got my computer back from a guy who fixed

it. It is refurbished so the problems came with the computer.

Anyway I just looked and the "Teamviewer" was downloaded onto my desktop.

I didn't download it.

So I think he did. But why?

I am bisexual and I want to come out to my hating fundamentalist

Christian family. I can't stand their bullshit anymore. Both my brother and sister in law posted pro-those people who discriminated against making a cake and flowers for 2 lesbians and 2 gay men's weddings.

I've ranted about why they are so obsessed about homosexuals, why they follow THAT ONE RULE in the Old Testament and other things that I'm sure people are aware of.

They saying fucking nothing! Zero! I've had discussions with my brother over email though.

He is a Presbyterian minister and so is she.

I had a relationship with a woman for 8 years when I was in my 30's and she died. I was so devastated that night that I called my brother thinking that he might be of help, (dumb) My sister in law got on the phone and was nice to me but then after we got off the phone my brother called back and yelled at me for walking them up!!!!!!!!

But a few years after she died I started feeling myself going back the straight zone again which I actually found upsetting. But I have not had to deal with personal things with them since. And my brother and I have a better relationship now since out mom had a stroke and we had to start talking and we both have been trying to be nice to each other.

But I have fucking had it. Maybe my brother made a mistake by posting the first one about the cake fiasco but the sister in law should have known better because of the ranting I went on about the one my brother posted. Hers is from yesterday.

So how do I do this? I'm scared.

[email protected]())(($&@. How do I get this thing on the left hand to go the fuck away? IPad

It's almost always there. First it comes up with bookmarks. Itry to hiy the littlt blue back button and no. I do other thigs and NO NO NO

I would like to share an amazing thing that happened to me

I have had horrible stomach pain on and off for years. I'been to many doctors and they haven't helped. It is something about the stomach not contracting

So i read something about saurkraut and started eating it. I am amazed at how well it works! I woke up tonight because of the pain and I ate about 3 big tablespoons

Just wanted to share in case anyone would like to try it

Forgive my gramatical and spelling mistake. Just got this I Pad and keyboard sucks for me

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