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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Can anyone find the cache of these page from a post from 2005 about the Nation Right to Work

organization? It was posted by EC and the links and what the links say are:

" It was a "Rovian" organization started back in the 50's to break the Unions. It told employers how to "save money" by hiring part-time employees, no benefits or unions. ( http://www.nrtwc.org/home.php3 http://www.nrtwc.org/whoweare.php3 http://www.nrtwc.org/officers_board.php3 )"


I tried to access the 3 links but of course they were taken down. I then put the links into Google search and tried to find the cached versions but I couldn't find them.

Does anyone know how to find this information? It would be wonderful to share with all the people who are workers and think this organization is about choice.

Also does someone know how to find out who started this organization and who funds it, (and can you share how you found out. I want to learn how to sleuth these organizations. Thanks!)

Nancy Pelosi on how GOP is failing women



Please read this and then sign this....


New study shows link between asthma and black carbon

A new study in this week's Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology has exposed another pitfall for children growing up in urban areas. Comparing conditions in the homes of 240 children in New York City, scientists found a strong correlation between high exposure to black carbon and the prevalence of asthma.

Black carbon forms from the incomplete burning of fossil fuels and wood, and is prevalent in urban areas because of the density of commercial and industrial buildings using low-quality fossil fuels. Supporting a previous study published in the Journal, these findings also alluded to living near busy truck routes, as the vehicles produce high levels of exhaust fumes.

The substance is categorized as fine particulate matter, or very small particles that can easily get into the air, cause significant pollution and penetrate deeply into the respiratory system, the latter of which can lead to significant damage.

This study was the first to link the presence of black carbon in the home with heavy air pollution outside, though it has long been assumed by scientists that emissions from burning fossil fuels contribute to respiratory damage, the report acknowledged.

MORE at link.

And then this petition

Kids Don't Deserve Asthma: Take Action for Cleaner Tailpipes!

(ME - I had asthma as a child and still today but not as bad. It is a scary and horrible disease and too many of our children have it!)

Target: EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe
Sponsored by: Sierra Club

When a child walks to the bus stop, she should be worried about turning in her library book before the bell rings, or if she'll get a swing at recess -- not about whether she forgot her inhaler again. Unfortunately, too many of us have to live near major roads, and all that vehicle pollution can lead to asthma and other health problems.

There is a solution. The EPA has proposed cleaner tailpipe standards that would lower the sulfur content in gasoline, reduce air pollution, save lives, and create jobs through new technology. But Big Oil doesn't want to spend that extra penny per gallon, and is putting their private profit ahead of our public health.

Stand up for children and clean air -- and against Big Oil -- and submit your official comment for cleaner tailpipe standards today!


Please "like" this FB page to help stop animal control from killing this little dog.

Some people in the animal control or humane societies end up being sadists who like to put down animals. I know because I have volunteered and seen it. I also went to the Naples FL animal control several years ago and saw a sign on the cage of a tiny blind Yorkie that said, "danger, do not touch". Well of course I didn't listen and went in and she was the most docile little thing. I clipped her toenails and gave her a badly needed bath and told the manager that she was no danger to anyone. I even stuck my hand inside of her mouth which she just let me do. The manager was a complete ass and said, "that dog went flying all over the place when she was let out of her cage, (well fucking of course, her toenails were so long she couldn't balance herself on a tile floor). So I thought I made my point and because I was just visiting my Mom at the time I put an add in the paper for her and a couple days later a woman called wanting to adopt her. So I called the animal control and was told that she was already euthanized. I was sick over the whole thing.

So please read this.

Here is the story: http://beagledaily.com/family-reaching-through-facebook-to-save-their-rufus-beagle-from-death/

One year Old Rufus the beagle is under
quarantine. The beagle’s former owner is fighting to keep him, from being put to sleep.

On April 9th, Nicole West, was filling his
food dish. Her four year old son came up
behind the beagle and startled him. So the
dog bit the little boy on the lip.

The little boy was taken to the emergency room, where he received stitches. The incident had to be reported to animal control, from the hospital.

CF News13.com Reports

West says she was told the beagle would be “tested for aggression,” and if he was found not to be aggressive, Rufus would be put up for adoption. But last week, West learned that her former pet was scheduled to be euthanized because of the severity of the bite.

Orange County Animal Control, has a different statement about the incident. They state that the little boy needed surgery to reattach his lip, not stitches. Read their Report below. The beagle’s owner says that none of their report is true.

More at the link above and below is the FB page


Check out this battle of the church signs.


Help! I spilled coffee on my laptop and now besides having trouble with the keyboard I am having

trouble getting the thing to turn on. When I push the "turn on" button I end up with a loud beeping noise. Sometimes I end up at "Startup repair" but then when it goes to restart I end up with the beeping, (also when it is loading the files it beeps throughout the whole process.)

I bought a cheap keyboard and attached it with to the laptop but it doesn't automatically override and that may still be a problem; I don't know.

I was told by one computer repair person over the phone that it was a hardware problem and probably not worth the money to fix it - about $400.00. So I started looking at new laptops today but before I go buy one I figured I'd ask some of you experts here.

Is there anyway I can open up the back and see if there is corroded material that I can dust off or a short that I can just hook up again? I figure the computer is going down anyway so I'm not going to do much damage at this point, or at least nothing that will inevitably matter.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Also if I do have to get a new one ideas about where I can get the best deal would be appreciated too. I just had to shell out money for my teeth and this is not a good money time.

I have a whole new respect for sex workers after reading on this website.


It is set up in in England for the disabled and after reading 3/4 of this page I am in tears and really appreciate what some of these people do. I have a lot of things to be grateful for and one of them is being able to take care of my own sexual needs; something I had never ever thought about before.

(I hope this does not get locked. This is a serious subject that I believe needs to be out in the open)

OK so a Fox news voyeur told me that between the President and his family

and the Bidens; they have taken 5 vacations since January.

I did find out that the President played golf with Tiger Woods down in FL. (I think it was FL)

Anyone know anything else. I would love to tell her that this is just another one of their lies.

Can't remember if I got this here or somewhere else.

If it's a dupe, sorry. But hopefully some new people will see it.

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