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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 12,251

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Keith Olberman's Talk today is great! We must continue to resist and resist

We need to start winning the next election now! And signing people up to vote and calling people on the phone is not enough. We, as Democrats need to consistently point out what and idiot Trump is and what idiot ideas the republicans have.

And add from me.....If you don't have a Twitter account please get one. You can Tweet directly from here but sometimes the length is to great. All you have to do is go to the page and then hope on Tinyurl.com and it will greatly shorten the url.

We need to flood social media with the damn truth for a change.

Sorry I went on.....Here's Keith

This has probably been posted before but it really helps me understand how republicans have become

so stupid. I am always posting links about the studies that show how conservatives and racists have lower IQ's but it seems like the GOP has used it and encouraged it. There is much more at the link and I have picked out various paragraphs


Of course, “stupid” is subjective. But by most standards, Republicans fit the bill. In September, Public Policy Polling found that “66% of Trump’s supporters believe that Obama is a Muslim... 61% think Obama was not born in the United States.” The same poll found that 54 percent of all Republicans believed the President to be a Muslim. (In September Donald Trump suggested Obama is a Muslim.)

It wasn’t always like this. Fifty years ago, Republicans seemed wrongheaded but intelligent. What has happened to the Grand Old Party? Its transition to the stupid party had four stages:

1. Republicans adopted an anti-intellectual strategy. Political historians have noted the long-term political consequences of Richard Nixon’s southern strategy which peeled Southern white voters — particularly evangelical Christians — away from the Democratic Party. What hasn’t received as much attention is the fact that southern evangelicals are not intellectual:..................................

In September, writing in the Daily Beast Ana Marie Cox observed, “Trump and Carson are winning a huge slice of the GOP base because of prideful ignorance, which to voters signifies not just a rejection of the establishment or elites but a release from the hard work of having to think.”


2. Republicans accepted racism. When the GOP adopted the southern strategy, they tacitly accepted racism. With Trump this racism has come out in the open.

Writing in Psychology Today, David Niose linked anti-intellectualism and racism:

Critically thinking individuals recognize racism as wrong and undesirable, even if they aren’t yet able to eliminate every morsel of bias from their own psyches or from social institutions. An anti-intellectual society, however, will have large swaths of people who are motivated by fear, susceptible to tribalism and simplistic explanations, incapable of emotional maturity, and prone to violent solutions.


Since 1874 an elephant has been the Republican symbol. A better symbol for the current Republican Party would be the mushroom: voters who are kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

The Daily Show - Trump Lets the Truth Come Out Post-Election


So I want to know if electors deem Trump incompetent or that the election was hacked how could they

vote for a third party in good conscience? Hillary won the election by almost 3 million votes! And some say they will vote for Kasich?

These electors that will do that are saying that they believe the republicans won legitimately and they get to pick who they want. It pisses me off.

The other thing is aren't there a lot of Democratic electors that will vote for Hillary? If Hillary got 38 more electoral votes , (from any state I am assuming) then should would win right?

Looking for some ideas about this... Thanks peeps!

Another reason so many people are filled with fake news is Fox is every damn where!

I get a new Roku TV and FOX is the first news show that I see.

No MSNBC. A couple others like CBS and maybe NBC show up later.

AND I remember when I was buying cable Fox news came with the basic, no frills option. To get MSNBC you had to pay extra.

Maybe they might make a little less money but DAMN. Fox is the number 1 news show for a reason; They shove themselves all over the place. They play the numbers games and it shows up on their bottom line.

Same thing with talk radio. It is all bullshit unless you want to pay for better channels.

Roger Ailes is a creep but he knew how to grow a TV station and radio stations.

I think the Democratic Party needs to learn a lesson from them and start flooding the truth around.

The Democratic Party has to create a BIG committee dedicated to stopping the r's from stealing


Republicans know that they cannot win without cheating. And this is becoming more so since our minority populations are growing and becoming a powerful voting block

It pisses me off that this election was hacked and stolen and that the Dems let it happen.

It pisses me off that the Dems did not stop the purge of minorities from voting rolls which gave the Republicans certain states and the electoral votes they needed to win.

It pisses me off that the Dems do not proactively create laws or do something that would counteract the continuous barrage of Republican laws whose only aim is to stop certain groups from voting.

We need to stop the current situation where Republicans do something evilly crafty to serve their own ends and only then some Dem lawyers file a suit to stop them. For them it is a law of averages. They enact unconstitutional laws continuously and they know that some of them are going to stick!

Where are our rules? What are we doing to make sure the elections are fair beyond fighting the unfair Republican rules AFTER THE FACT?

We need to start right now for the next election in 2 years. I don't know exactly what we need to do but there are people far more experienced and knowledgeable that can figure out how to stop those fuckers from cheating every damn elections!

If you don't think it is that important remember this.

The numbers of people who have DIED because of the theft of the 2000 election is way past several hundred thousand. That war also caused an untold number of dismembered, brain damaged, and mentally damaged people.

What is the next huge tragedy that will happen because the Dems did not proactively protect our democracy?

Seems small but in light of what has happened I'd like to know who Bret Baier works for

Fox News anchor apologizes for false report of 'likely' Clinton indictment


The man KNEW This was a lie. And I'm sure he knew it was wrong to say something so close to an election. Yet he reported it. And I know Fox does this shit all the time. But how do we know he and others weren't told to do so by the same Russian operatives that wer eresponsible for the hacks and the fake news, (hey "FAKE NEWS)

I want them all investigated! Every talking head who is making jokes about the Russian hack,

every pro Trump appeaser, all of them worked for Russian ends even if they did not purposely make that their aim. They need to be scrutinized.

What kind of news organization would try to divert information away from the fact that our country was just attacked?

Check out Fox new's page. Not a damn thing about the Russian hack! Were they part of the Russian hack? They know about the Russian hack and did not saying anything.

Or news person?

Who does Fox news work for?

I suspect every one who is trying to dismiss this. Everyone.

Call me McCarthy all you want. It doesn't mean the Russians didn't finally attack us.

How many Russian spies are in our congress and house? The r's certainly act like

they are trying to ruin the damn country.

And while I am at it I get this bad feeling that Trump is setting things up, with his billionaire friends from around the world....... to take over the world-financially, (and the power that entails)

He will be in a position where, like Carrier he can give tax breaks to companies that serve his interests and the interests of his friends. 50 billion from Softbank coming in? Does anything think that is just an altruistic offer from a soon to be president for his country?

Trump voters are starting to realize that he has no intention of helping them. He is a corrupt business man who has just gotten the deal of a lifetime.

I am starting to get real scared now.

A chrome extension that will turn all the pictures of Drump into kittens!

It is very cool although it didn't work for a while last night. Today everything seem to be working fine. Even posts on here with drump show little kittens instead

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